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Astral Leviathan

Source Starfinder #47: Nightmare Scenario pg. 55

Astral Leviathan Tier 4

N Huge starship outsider
Speed 6; Maneuverability poor (turn 3); Drift
AC 16; TL 14
HP 130; DT 5; CT 22
Shields 80 (forward 15, port 25, starboard 25, aft 15)
Attack (Forward) astral tide (special; 15 hexes)
Attack (Port) tentacle (3d4; 3 hexes)
Attack (Starboard) tentacle (3d4; 3 hexes)
Attack (Turret) tail lash (4d6; 2 hexes)

Other Abilities astral tide, improved shields, living starship, swallow starship, void adaptation


Engineer (1 action) Engineering +10 (4 ranks)
Gunners (3 actions) gunnery +9 (4th level)
Pilot (1 action) Piloting +9 (4 ranks)
Science Officer (1 action) Computers +15 (4 ranks)


Environment any (Astral Plane)
Organization solitary or pod (2-6)

Special Abilities

Astral Tide (Ex) Once per starship combat, during the gunnery phase, an astral leviathan can create a cone of roiling astral material in its forward arc, sucking a single Large or smaller starship within 15 hexes into its mouth to be swallowed. The pilot of the target ship must attempt a DC 21 Piloting check; on a failure, the ship is swallowed. On a success, the ship moves 10 hexes closer to the astral leviathan instead.

Living Starship (Ex) An astral leviathan is a living creature so immense that it functions as a starship (and thus engages only in starship combat). It has no crew but can take engineer, gunner, pilot, and science officer actions using the bonuses, level, and ranks listed above. Modifiers for its size, speed, and maneuverability have already been factored into its statistics. Use the following table to determine the effects when an astral leviathan takes critical damage.

1-30TentaclesCondition applies to tentacle attacks in a random arc.
31-60TailCondition applies to all pilot actions and all gunner actions using the tail lash.
61-90HeartCondition applies to all engineer actions, except when patching or repairing the heart.
91-100BrainDuring the next round, each of the leviathan’s actions has a 25% chance of failure.

Swallow Starship (Ex) A starship sucked in by the astral leviathan’s astral tide ability can be swallowed. A astral leviathan’s gullet can hold one Large ship, two Medium ships, four Small ships, or eight Tiny ships. An astral leviathan can take an action during the gunnery phase to crush and digest starships inside it, dealing 2d6 damage (divide this damage equally across all arcs, starting with the forward arc and proceeding clockwise). A swallowed vessel can still attack. The astral leviathan’s interior has AC 12, TL 9, and DT 5. However, starship weapons deal half damage to the firing ship through a combination of blowback and the leviathan’s physical reactions. If a swallowed starship deals 22 damage to the leviathan’s interior, the ship blows a hole in the creature big enough to attempt to fly through. During the helm phase, the pilot of a swallowed starship can attempt to fly free with a DC 16 Piloting check, or DC 21 if the leviathan has no hole in it. On a failure, the starship remains within the leviathan.


Astral leviathans skim the Astral Plane, feeding on planar energies and currents of invisible astral dust. They attack viciously if provoked and hold long grudges.