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Earthhallowed Guardian

Source To Defy the Dragon pg. 62

Earthhallowed Guardian CR 10

XP 9,600
N Large construct (magical)
Init +3; Senses darkvision 60 ft., low-light vision; Perception +19


HP 165
EAC 23; KAC 25
Fort +10; Ref +7; Will +10
Defensive Abilities fast healing 5 (within 60 feet of a wellspring fissure); Immunities construct immunities; SR 21


Speed 30 ft.
Melee slam +23 (2d10+18 B; critical siphon charge [DC 17])
Ranged wellspring lance +20 (2d10+18 F; critical burn)
Space 10 ft.; Reach 10 ft.
Offensive Abilities radiant gaze (60 ft., DC 17)


STR +8; DEX +3; CON —; INT —; WIS +5; CHA +0
Skills Athletics +24, Intimidate +19
Other Abilities mindless, unliving


Environment any wellspring (Genrovis)
Organization solitary, pair, or brigade (3–6)

Special Abilities

Radiant Gaze (Su) The eyes of an earthhallowed guardian emit a bright glow from the wellspring energy infused within. A creature who can see an earthhallowed guardian must succeed at a DC 17 Fortitude saving throw against this ability, or it's blinded until the beginning of its next turn.
Siphon Charge (Ex) A creature who takes critical hit damage from an earthhallowed guardian must attempt a DC 17 Reflex save. On a failure, all charges are drained from the battery of a technological weapon the creature is wielding; if the creature is wielding more than one technological weapon, the weapon drained is determined randomly. If the earthhallowed guardian successfully siphons charges this way, it gains the benefits of haste until the end of its next turn.
Wellspring Lance (Ex) As a swift action, an earthhallowed guardian can form nearby wellspring energy into a superheated lance that functions as a thrown weapon with a range of 40 feet. The earthhallowed guardian must be within 60 feet of a wellspring fissure to use this ability.


Ancient Genrovians developed a technique to infuse wellspring energy into stone statues, magically animating them to act as fissure guardians. Though their method of creation has been lost to time, many of these constructs still exist, standing sentinel over the cracks from which Genrovis draws its power. Modern Genrovians respect the earthhallowed guardians for their history, but their task of defending the wellspring fissures—now at Ayleth's behest—in an environment where energy is scarce causes many citizens to view them with resentment. Legend says those who use energy wastefully draw the ire of the earthhallowed guardians, and egregious offenders might soon hear admonishing stone hands knocking at their doors—although as mindless constructs, the earthhallowed guardians are unlikely to be capable of sensing such activities.
An earthhallowed guardian's form can vary as much as the stone it was carved from. Most are large humanoid figures, standing about 15 feet tall and carved from marble or granite. Brilliant white light emitted by the wellspring energy encased within constantly glows from a guardian's eyes and seams. An earthhallowed guardian requires ambient energy from the wellspring to function and powers down completely if taken more than a mile or two away from a wellspring fissure.