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Immense Elemental

Source Alien Archive 4 pg. 30

Immense Elemental Tier 1/2

N Tiny starship outsider (elemental, extraplanar)
Speed 10; Maneuverability perfect (turn 0); Drift
AC 16; TL 16
HP 30; DT —; CT 6
Shields basic 20 (forward 5, port 5, starboard 5, aft 5)
Attack (Forward) gyrolaser (1d8; 5 hexes), light laser cannon (2d4; 5 hexes)
Power Core elemental core (70 PCU); Drift Engine none; Systems mk 3 armor, mk 3 defenses; Expansion Bays none
Other Abilities living starship, void adaptation


Engineer (1 action) Engineering +4 (1 rank)
Gunners (2 actions) gunnery +3 (1st level)
Pilot (1 action) Piloting +11 (1 rank)


Environment any sky or vacuum (Elemental Plane)
Organization solitary, pair, or squadron (3–5)

Special Abilities

Living Starship (Ex) An immense elemental is a living creature so immense that it functions as a starship (and thus engages only in starship combat). It has no crew, but it can still take engineer, gunner, and pilot actions using the skill bonuses, ranks, and level listed above. Modifiers for its size, speed, and maneuverability have already been factored into its statistics. Use the table below whenever the immense elemental takes critical damage. The immense elemental’s elemental cohesion can’t gain the wrecked condition.
1–30WeaponsCondition applies to all gunner actions.
31–60PropulsionCondition applies to all pilot actions.
61–90CoreCondition applies to all engineer actions, except when patching or repairing the core.
91–100ElementalCondition applies to all cohesion actions.


Some elementals are so large that they function as starships for the purposes of combat in Starfinder. Most commonly encountered on the Elemental Planes, these rare creatures tend to leave other natives of their elemental plane alone but sometimes strike out aggressively at manufactured starships they perceive as threats. Starship-sized elementals that are pulled into the Material Plane (often by accident) are equally as hostile and can be quite dangerous when they appear along heavily used travel routes. Usually, nothing short of a system’s entire standing fleet is enough to counter an assault from the largest of these elementals. There have even been rare instances of military forces conscripting a starship-scale elemental to join its forces, with devastating effect.

Starship-sized elementals come in many shapes, from an unformed mass of elemental material to a massive animal. Some even appear as popular models of manufactured starships, though scholars disagree on why—whether it’s an attempt to blend in, or to lure such vessels closer and ambush them. A starship-sized elemental’s weapons are magically infused with the elemental energy of its home plane, though this usually results in only cosmetic differences and has no effect within starship combat. Their scale and appearance can be so unexpected that inexperienced starship crews sometimes mistake them for stellar phenomena.

The statistics for a specific starship-sized elemental can be generated using one of the stat blocks above plus one of the four following grafts.

Elemental Starship Grafts

The four types of elemental starship grafts are listed below. These grafts function similarly to the simple template grafts used for non-starship creatures, providing minor changes to the main stat block as well as additional abilities.

Air Elemental Starship Graft

Despite being made of living wind, starship-sized elementals from the Elemental Plane of Air are surrounded by a mystical field of energy that keeps them from dissipating in a vacuum.
Traits: Air subtype; increase speed by 2; reduce distance between turns by 1 (if already 0, the elemental instead gains a +2 bonus to Piloting checks); reduce Piloting bonus by 1; whirlwind flyby (see below); Languages: Auran.
Whirlwind Flyby (Ex): When a starship-sized air elemental successfully performs the flyby stunt, in addition to it firing at a chosen quadrant of the enemy vessel at close range during the next gunnery phase, the enemy vessel takes a –2 penalty to AC and TL until the start of the next round and is turned to face the direction of the air elemental’s choosing.

Earth Elemental Starship Graft

Elementals from the Elemental Plane of Earth tend to be composed of dirt, stone, and crystal, and they are sometimes mistaken for asteroids and comets.
Traits: Earth subtype; increase AC by 2; increase distance between turns by 1 (maximum 4); earthen fortifications (see below); Languages: Terran.
Earthen Fortifications (Ex): Penalties from critical damage conditions for the starship-sized earth elemental are reduced by 1.

Fire Elemental Starship Graft

Burning nearly as hot as a star, spacebound elementals from the Elemental Plane of Fire speed through the inky darkness searching for ways to return to their home plane.
Traits: Fire subtype; increase speed by 4; reduce Piloting bonus by 2; +4 bonus to Piloting checks for determining when to act during the helm phase; burning blasts (see below); Languages: Ignan.
Burning Blasts (Ex): Attacks from a starship-sized fire elemental are hot enough to melt starship hulls. The fire elemental increases damage dealt to Hull Points (not damage that depletes Shield Points) by an amount equal to its tier (minimum 1).

Water Elemental Starship Graft

Starship-sized elementals from the Elemental Plane of Water retain their liquid forms even within the void of space.
Traits: Water subtype; increase TL by 2; –1 penalty to gunnery checks; slippery stunts (see below); Languages: Aquan.
Slippery Stunts (Ex): When a starship-sized water elemental successfully performs a back off, barrel roll, evade, or slide stunt, and the result of the check exceeds the DC by 5 or more, the elemental can turn to face any direction at the end of its movement.