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Aliens in the "Archon" Family

Power Archon5

Archon, Power Archon

Source Starfinder #9: The Rune Drive Gambit pg. 55

Power Archon CR 5

XP 1,600
LG Medium outsider (archon, extraplanar, good, lawful)
Init +5; Senses darkvision 60 ft., low-light vision; Perception +11
Aura aura of menace (20 ft., DC 15)


HP 65; RP 1
EAC 17; KAC 18
Fort +4; Ref +8; Will +6; +4 vs. poison
Immunities electricity, petrification


Speed 30 ft., fly 30 ft. (Su, perfect)
Melee electric bolt +13 (1d4+5 E; critical arc 1d4)
Ranged electric bolt +13 (1d4+5 E; critical arc 1d4)
Spell-Like Abilities (CL 5th; melee +13)
1/day—discharge (DC 15), recharge (DC 15)
3/day—jolting surge, supercharge weapon
At will—detect tech, teleport (self only), transfer charge (DC 13)


STR +0; DEX +5; CON +0; INT +3; WIS +2; CHA +2
Skills Acrobatics +11 (+19 to fly), Computers +16, Diplomacy +11, Engineering +16, Intimidate +11
Languages Celestial, Common; truespeech
Other Abilities remote operations


Environment any (Heaven)
Organization solitary, pair, or team (3–5)

Special Abilities

Aura of Menace (Su) Any creature hostile to the power archon within its aura of menace must attempt a Will saving throw. A creature that fails the save takes a –2 penalty to AC, attack rolls, and saving throws for 24 hours or until it deals damage to the archon. When the effect ends for a creature, that creature can’t be affected again by the same archon’s aura for 24 hours.

Electric Bolt (Su) The power archon can unleash an electric bolt as a melee attack or ranged attack. Both versions can be used to deal nonlethal damage without penalty. The ranged attack has a range increment of 30 feet.

Remote Operations (Su) A power archon can attempt Computers and Engineering checks at a range of 30 feet. A creature targeted by the archon or a creature attending or observing the archon’s target can discern what the archon is doing with a successful DC 15 Perception check.


The powers of Heaven have watched technological and magical progress in the mortal realm with skeptical eyes. Knowledge is power, after all, and power corrupts. In this age of advanced science and technomagical prowess, that corrupting influence is more threatening than ever.

Power archons are servitors of the Outer Planes tasked with tempering mortals’ obsession with technology. These virtuous engineers travel to the Material Plane to disable or destroy technology their celestial masters consider to be too corrupting to leave in the hands of mortals. What warrants such intervention is as mysterious as any other instance of celestial meddling. Once power archons are set on a mission, though little can dissuade them, but they talk first and fight only when they must.

Power archons can control the energy that powers technological devices, leading some to refer to them as “battery archons.” They are skilled techs and hackers who lend their skills to good causes, including missions led by barachius angels.

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