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Medical Staff

Source Interstellar Species pg. 172
In many societies, practicing medicine requires extensive (and often formal) education and even certification. Yet the galaxy is a big, dangerous place, and some of the best healers are self-taught, work outside of official networks, or both. Altruism, prestige, or profit motivate most medics to provide life-saving care. However, medics can be villains, with criminals, charlatans, and unethical innovators willing to provide risky surgeries, experimental drugs, or cure-all placebos for the right price.

Aliens in the "Medical Staff" Family

Psychic Healer9
Special Forces Medic13

Medical Staff, Psychic Healer

Source Interstellar Species pg. 172

Psychic Healer CR 9

XP 6,400
Uplifted bear
CG Large magical beast
Init +0; Senses low-light vision; Perception +22


HP 120
EAC 21; KAC 22
Fort +10; Ref +10; Will +12; +4 vs. curses


Speed 40 ft., climb 20 ft.
Melee claw +18 (3d4+13 S)
Ranged rime subduer +16 (1d12+9 C nonlethal; critical staggered) Space 10 ft.; Reach 5 ft.
Offensive Abilities ferocious charge
Spells Known (CL 9th)
3rd (3/day)—remove affliction (DC 20), synaptic pulse (DC 20)
2nd (6/day)—hold person (DC 19), lesser restoration (DC 19), mystic cure (DC 19), status (DC 19)
1st (at will)—command (DC 18), lesser remove condition, mystic cure (DC 18)


STR +4; DEX +0; CON +0; INT +2; WIS +6; CHA +2
Skills Bluff +22, Medicine +17, Mysticism +22
Languages Common; limited telepathy 30 ft.
Other Abilities soothing magic
Gear lashunta mind mail I, rime subduer with 2 batteries (20 charges each), mk 3 serum of healing, advanced medkit

Special Abilities

Soothing Magic (Su) When a psychic healer restores Hit Points to a creature, the target also gains a +2 morale bonus to their next saving throw against a curse, mind-affecting, or pain effect attempted in the next 10 minutes.


Psychic healers use magic to unravel curses, banish malevolent spirits, and burn away diseases. These miraculous remedies can make psychic healers into self-serving celebrities or cult leaders. Others are hermits or iconoclasts who disdain social obligations and demand potential clients prove their worth.