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Shard Diver

Source Starfinder #35: Merchants of the Void pg. 60

Shard Diver Tier 1

CN Small starship magical beast
Speed 10; Maneuverability good (turn 1); Drift
AC 16; TL 13
HP 32; DT —; CT 6
Shields x
Attack (Forward) horn (1d4 plus ramming and starmetal infusion; 1 hex)
Attack (Port) spine (1d4 plus starmetal infusion; 1 hex)

Other Abilities living starship, ride the lightning, spaceflight, starmetal infusion, stormborn, void adaptation


Engineer (1 action) Engineering +5 (1 rank)
Gunner (1 action) gunnery +5 (1 rank)
Pilot (1 action) Piloting +11 (1 rank)


Environment any gas giant (Vesk-5)
Organization solitary or pod (2-4)

Special Abilities

Living Starship A shard diver is a spacefaring magical beast that functions as a starship (and engages only in starship combat). It has no crew, but it can still take engineer, gunner, and pilot actions using the bonuses, level, and ranks listed above. Use the following table to determine the effects when a shard diver takes critical damage.
1–30Biometal protrusionsRandomly determine one arc containing weapons; condition applies to all gunner actions using weapons in that arc.
31–60Storm sacsCondition applies to pilot actions.
61–90HeartCondition applies to all engineer actions except patching or repairing the heart.
91–100Brain*During the next round, each of the creature’s actions has a 25% chance of failure.
* The brain doesn’t gain critical damage conditions. Ride the Lightning If the shard diver starts its piloting phase inside the hexes of a vortex storm hazard, the shard diver gains a +2 circumstance bonus to its Piloting checks and moves as if it had perfect maneuverability (turn 0) instead of good.
Starmetal Infusion When making a horn or spine attack, before the attack is rolled, the shard diver rolls 1d4 to determine the starmetal infusing the attack, applying the effect from the table below.
1AbysiumAttack gains the irradiate (low) weapon special property.
2AdamantineAttack deals an additional 1 damage if successful.
3DjezetAttack gains the teleportationSOM weapon special property.
4InubrixAttack ignores shields. Stormborn The shard diver is immune to damage and effects from weapons with the EMP or vortex weapon special properties as well as to vortex storm hazards.


Shard divers hunt in the swirling chaos of gas giants, feeding upon starmetals and precious minerals ejected from such planets’ cores. Extremely territorial, they attack competition on sight. The jagged biometal protrusions on their heads and necks serve as their primary methods of defense, and they propel themselves via bulbous storm sacs that radiate electromagnetic pulses along their elongated bodies. Shard drivers typically weigh 30 tons and measure 120 feet long.