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Source Starfinder #15: Sun Divers pg. 60
Wysps are tiny, spherical creatures native to the Elemental Planes and among the oldest of outsiders. They were formed by mystical vibrations between the Elemental and Ethereal Planes, coalescing pure ethereal energy into the first of these sentient beings. These tiny creatures gathered into nomadic groups that wandered the Elemental Planes. They approached their lives with joy and wonder, marveling at the spectacular beauty and vast bounty of new experiences that their home had to offer. They were sensitive to the subtle interactions and resonances between sources of elemental energy and perceived these resonances as a musical expression of the nature of reality. The wysps most skilled at reading and manipulating this music, called wysp conductors, rapidly rose to positions of leadership within their communities. These conductors largely operated independently from one another but occasionally collaborated on projects of a particularly grand scale. Perhaps the greatest of all of these endeavors was what wysps refer to as the “song of creation”—a performance in which a large group of wysps harmonizes with an Elemental Plane to give birth to new members of their kind.
As their numbers grew, the largely peaceful and curious wysps drew the attention of the elemental lords, demigods who inhabit the Elemental Planes. The elemental lords saw great value in the wysps’ understanding of elemental resonances, and sought to turn it toward their own ends. To make the wysps into better minions, the elemental lords revised their song of creation, producing new generations of wysps with innate tendencies toward service and self-sacrifice. Over time, these generations lost some of their connection to the music of the universe. These new wysps became specialized, turning into air, earth, fire, and water wysps as they were each attuned to a single Elemental Plane. Despite all these changes, these modified wysps retained the cheerful and curious disposition of their ancestors.
While most wysps lead lives dedicated to the service of other elemental beings, a few small groups of wysps have escaped the influence of the elemental lords and returned to lifestyles more akin to their ancestors. Led by wysp conductors who have regained their natural affinity for the music of creation, these bands of wysps rarely stay in one place for long. Free symphonies of wysps tend to be cautious around anyone they suspect may want to take away their independence, responding to potential dangers by fleeing across the planes rather than engaging in confrontation.

Aliens in the "Wysp" Family

Wysp Conductor8

Wysp, Wysp Conductor

Source Starfinder #15: Sun Divers pg. 60

Wysp Conductor CR 8

XP 4,800
Wysp envoy
N Tiny outsider (elemental, extraplanar)
Init +6; Senses darkvision 60 ft.; Perception +16
Aura resonance (30 ft.)


HP 115; RP 4
EAC 20; KAC 21
Fort +7; Ref +9; Will +11
Immunities elemental immunities


Speed 20 ft.
Melee tendril +15 (1d12+10 B)
Ranged elemental burst +17 (2d6+8 B)
Space 2-1/2 ft.; Reach 0 ft. (5 ft. with tendril)


STR +0; DEX +6; CON +2; INT +0; WIS +0; CHA +4
Skills Diplomacy +21, Mysticism +16, Profession (musician) +21, Sense Motive +21, Stealth +16
Other Abilities envoy improvisations (focus, improved get ’em, improved hurry), living battery


Environment any (Elemental Planes)
Organization solitary or symphony (one plus 5–20 wysps)

Special Abilities

Elemental Burst (Su) A wysp conductor can channel a fraction of its innate elemental energy into a ranged attack with a maximum range of 60 feet. A wysp conductor’s elemental type might change the damage type of this attack (see Wysp Template Grafts below).
Living Battery (Ex) As an immediate action, a wysp can kill itself to cause a creature benefiting from its resonance to regain a number of Hit Points equal to 3 times that creature’s CR. If the wysp does this, its death cannot be prevented, and it can be restored to life only by miracle or wish.
Resonance (Ex) The elemental energy of a wysp resonates with the bodies of creatures that share its elemental subtype. All such creatures within 30 feet gain a +1 morale bonus to damage rolls (or a +2 morale bonus if they also have the elemental subtype). The wysp is similarly affected, and this bonus is already included in its statistics.

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