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Estimated Release Date: 10/31/2017
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Aliens [93]

Aeon Guard, Aeon Guard Specialist (Aeon Guard), AHAV, Anacite Laborer (Anacite), Anacite Wingbot (Anacite), Anhamut (Inevitable), Apari, Apari Constituent (Apari), Assembly Ooze, Asteray, Barachius (Angel), Barathu, Barathu (Early Stage) (Barathu), Bloodbrother, Bryrvath, Caypin, Contemplative, Contemplative Mentor (Contemplative), Crest-Eater, Cybernetic Zombie (Undead Minion), Damoritosh's Arm Host (Symbiend), Deh-Nolo, Draelik, Dragonkin, Drow Enforcer (Drow), Drow Noble Arms Dealer (Drow), Elder Elemental (Elemental), Electrovore, Ellicoth, Endbringer Devil (Dhalochar) (Devil), Formian Warrior (Formian), Formian Worker (Formian), Frujai Colony (Frujai), Frujai Soldier (Frujai), Gray, Greater Elemental (Elemental), Haan, Haan Combat Pilot (Haan), Hallajin, Hesper, Huge Elemental (Elemental), Ikeshti Brood-Minder (Ikeshti), Ikeshti Rivener (Ikeshti), Kalo Deepspeaker (Kalo), Kalo Sharkhunter (Kalo), Ksarik, Kyokor, Large Elemental (Elemental), Maraquoi Hunter (Maraquoi), Maraquoi Shaman (Maraquoi), Marooned One, Medium Elemental (Elemental), Mountain Eel, Necrovite, Nihili, Nihili Captain (Nihili), Novaspawn (Starship), Nuar Enforcer (Nuar), Nuar Specialist (Nuar), Observer-Class Security Robot (Robot (Security)), Occult Zombie (Undead Minion), Oma, Orocoran, Orocoran Ichor Lord (Orocoran), Patrol-Class Security Robot (Robot (Security)), Reptoid, Reptoid Master (Reptoid), Ryphorian Skyfire Pilot (Ryphorian), Ryphorian Technician (Ryphorian), Sarcesian Cybercommando (Sarcesian), Sarcesian Sniper (Sarcesian), Scavenger Slime, Sharpwing, Shobhad, Shobhad Warleader (Shobhad), Skeletal Undead (Undead Minion), Skittermander, Skittermander Whelp (Skittermander), Small Elemental (Elemental), Space Goblin Honchohead (Goblin (Space)), Space Goblin Zaperator (Goblin (Space)), Surnoch, Swarm Corrovox (The Swarm), Swarm Thresher Lord (The Swarm), Symbiend, Tiny Elemental (Elemental), Urog, Verthani Aether Pilot (Verthani), Verthani Pure One (Verthani), Void Hag (Hag), Witchwyrd, Wrikreechee, Young Adult Blue Dragon (Dragon (Chromatic))

Equipment - Armor [8]

Aeon Guard (Battle Dress (Command)), Aeon Guard (Battle Dress (Trooper)), Kyokor Plating (I), Kyokor Plating (II), Kyokor Plating (III), Kyokor Plating (IV), Aeon Guard (SpecOps Armor), Kyokor Plating (V)

Equipment - Biotech [1]

Ocucloak Processor

Equipment - Cybernetics [3]

Antitoxin Membrane, Shortwave Receiver-Transmitter, Voice Amplifier

Equipment - Hybrid Items [3]

Eoxian Wrackstaff, Shadowstaff (Lesser), Shadowstaff (Standard)

Equipment - Magic Items [10]

Aura Goggles, Barachius Helm, Bloodbrother Serum, Adaptive Serum (Mk 1), Adaptive Serum (Mk 2), Adaptive Serum (Mk 3), Aeon Stone (Purple Sphere), Reckless Gloves, Resilient Jacket, Trampling Boots

Equipment - Technological Items [1]

Memory Expunger

Equipment - Weapon Fusions [1]


Equipment - Weapons [25]

Aeon Guard (Accelerator Rifle), Diasporan Rifle (Advanced), Aeon Guard (Assault Rifle), Electrovore Glove (Aurora), Bone Cestus (Austere), Dragonglaive (Basic), Acid Lancer (Corroder-Class), Acid Lancer (Disintegrator-Class), Diasporan Rifle (Elite), Diasporan Rifle (Imperial), Bone Cestus (Imposing), Acid Lancer (Liquefier-Class), Bone Cestus (Measured), Acid Lancer (Melter-Class), Aeon Guard (RPPR), Bone Cestus (Severe), Dragonglaive (Skyshatter), Electrovore Glove (Static), Electrovore Glove (Storm), Dragonglaive (Stormstrike), Diasporan Rifle (Tactical), Electrovore Glove (Tempest), Dragonglaive (Thunderhead), Diasporan Rifle (Ultra), Dragonglaive (Wyrmlord)

Races [22]

Barathu (Early Stage), Contemplative, Draelik, Dragonkin, Drow, Formian, Goblin (Space), Gray, Haan, Ikeshti, Kalo, Maraquoi, Nuar, Reptoid, Ryphorian, Sarcesian, Shobhad, Skittermander, Urog, Verthani, Witchwyrd, Wrikreechee

Rules [31]

Adjustment Special Abilities, Appendix 1: Creating Monsters and Other NPCs, Assigning Skills, Creating New Abilities, Everything is Optional, Feats as Special Abilities, Free Special Abilities, Number of Spells, Other Statistics, Other Subtypes, Overview, Senses, Stamina and Resolve, Step 1: Array, Step 2: Creature Type Graft, Step 3: Creature Subtype Graft, Step 4: Class Graft, Step 5: Template Graft, Step 6: Special Abilities, Step 7: Skills, Step 8: Spells, Step 9: Final Check, Table 1: Combatant Array - Main Statistics, Table 2: Combatant Array - Attack Statistics, Table 3: Expert Array - Main Statistics, Table 4: Expert Array - Attack Statistics, Table 5: Spellcaster Array - Main Statistics, Table 6: Spellcaster Array - Attack Statistics, Table 7: Spells for NPCs, Universal Creature Rules as Special Abilities, Using an Array

Spells [1]

Summon Creature

Starship - Base Frames [1]


Starship - Examples [1]

Tetrad Caravel (Tetrad)

Template Grafts [110]

Aberration (Creature Type), Aeon (Summoning), Aeon (Creature Subtype), Aerial (Simple), Agathion (Creature Subtype), Agathion (Summoning), Air (Creature Subtype), Air Elemental (Elemental), Android (Creature Subtype), Angel (Creature Subtype), Angel (Summoning), Animal (Creature Type), Aquatic (Creature Subtype), Aqueous (Simple), Archon (Creature Subtype), Archon (Summoning), Astral (Simple), Azata (Summoning), Azata (Creature Subtype), Black Dragon (Dragon (Chromatic)), Blue Dragon (Dragon (Chromatic)), Celestial (Simple), Cold (Creature Subtype), Construct (Creature Type), Cthonic (Simple), Cybernetic (Simple), Cybernetic Zombie (Undead Minion), Daemon (Summoning), Daemon (Creature Subtype), Damoritosh's Arm (Symbiend), Demon (Summoning), Demon (Creature Subtype), Devil (Creature Subtype), Devil (Summoning), Dragon (Creature Type), Dream Peddler (Symbiend), Dwarf (Creature Subtype), Earth (Creature Subtype), Earth Elemental (Elemental), Elemental (Creature Subtype), Elf (Creature Subtype), Entropic (Simple), Envoy (Class), Fey (Creature Type), Fiendish (Simple), Fiery (Simple), Fire (Creature Subtype), Fire Elemental (Elemental), First World Beast (Summoning), Giant (Creature Subtype), Giant (Simple), Gnome (Creature Subtype), Goblinoid (Creature Subtype), Gray (Creature Subtype), Green Dragon (Dragon (Chromatic)), Halfling (Creature Subtype), Human (Creature Subtype), Humanoid (Creature Type), Ikeshti (Creature Subtype), Incorporeal (Creature Subtype), Inevitable (Creature Subtype), Inevitable (Summoning), Kasatha (Creature Subtype), Lashunta (Creature Subtype), Magical Beast (Creature Type), Maraquoi (Creature Subtype), Marooned One (Other), Mechanic (Class), Miniature (Simple), Monstrous Humanoid (Creature Type), Mystic (Class), Necrovite (Other), Nihili (Other), Occult Zombie (Undead Minion), Ooze (Creature Type), Operative (Class), Orc (Creature Subtype), Outsider (Creature Type), Paragon (Symbiend), Phrenic (Simple), Plant (Creature Type), Plantlike (Creature Subtype), Protean (Creature Subtype), Protean (Summoning), Red Dragon (Dragon (Chromatic)), Reptoid (Creature Subtype), Resolute (Simple), Robot (Summoning), Ryphorian (Creature Subtype), Sarcesian (Creature Subtype), Shadow Creature (Summoning), Shapechanger (Creature Subtype), Shirren (Creature Subtype), Skeletal Undead (Undead Minion), Skittermander (Creature Subtype), Solarian (Class), Soldier (Class), Swarm (Creature Subtype), Synthetic (Simple), Technomancer (Class), Two-Headed (Simple), Umbral (Simple), Undead (Creature Type), Vermin (Creature Type), Verthani (Creature Subtype), Vesk (Creature Subtype), Water (Creature Subtype), Water Elemental (Elemental), White Dragon (Dragon (Chromatic)), Ysoki (Creature Subtype)

Universal Monster Rules [58]

Amorphous, Amphibious, Attach, Aura, Blindsense, Blindsight, Breath Weapon, Change Shape, Compression, Construct Immunities, Create Darkness, Crush, Darkvision, Dependency, Detect Alignment, Distraction, Earth Glide, Elemental Immunities, Energy Drain, Fast Healing, Ferocity, Fly, Frightful Presence, Gaze, Grab, Immunity, Light Blindness, Limited Telepathy, Low-Light Vision, Mindless, Multiattack, Natural Weapons, No Breath, Ooze Immunities, Plant Immunities, Plantlike, Regeneration, Resistance, See in Darkness, Sense Through, Sightless, Spell Resistance, Stellar Alignment, Summon Allies, Swallow Whole, Swarm Attack, Swarm Defenses, Swarm Immunities, Tracking, Trample, Truespeech, Undead Immunities, Unflankable, Unliving, Vortex, Vulnerability, Water Breathing, Whirlwind