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Summoning Grafts

Summoning grafts are applied to the base elemental stat blocks listed on pages 46–47 to create statistics for summoned creatures. Creatures with summoning grafts lose elemental immunities and do not gain an elemental graft. The various summoning grafts represent a small subset of the creatures of the listed type that exist. For example, there are many different kinds of angels in existence, but those summoned by the summon creature spell have the same basically humanoid shape. With your GM’s permission, you might be able to summon creatures whose appearances differ from those listed below, using the same stat blocks and summoning grafts.

Type and Subtype: The creature’s type and subtype change to match the summoning graft. Do not apply creature type or subtype grafts to the summoned creatures; all the required changes are listed with the summoning graft.

Alignment: The creature’s alignment changes to match the summoning graft, if noted.

Traits: The traits listed follow the universal creature rules (beginning on page 152) as normal unless they state otherwise.

Skills: The skills noted in a summoning graft are in addition to the skills listed with the base elemental stat block, and they have the same total skill bonus as the base stat block’s existing skills.

Languages: The summoning graft lists all the languages spoken by summoned creatures of that description.

Attack: The summoning grafts might also change the elemental stat block’s listed slam attack. If only a type of attack and damage are listed, the attack bonus and damage dealt do not change. For example, a CR 1/3 angel summoned from the 1st-level summoning list has a natural sword of light, which deals slashing damage but is still a melee attack with a +5 attack bonus that deals 1d6+3 damage. Some grafts add a new form of attack, which is detailed according to the CR of the summoned creature.


Source Alien Archive pg. 148
Summoned daemons come from Abaddon to spread disaster and ruin with the desire to extinguish all mortal life and feast on the resulting soul energy. Their monstrous forms are covered in vicious-looking spikes, and they have long, lean limbs that bend at odd angles.
Required Creature Type: Outsider (daemon, evil, extraplanar).
Alignment: Change to NE.
Traits: Base speed increases to 30 ft.; immunity to acid, death effects, disease, and poison; resistance equal to creature’s CR to cold, electricity, and fire; if base stat block has DR, change to DR/good.
Skills: Add Intimidate and Mysticism.
Languages: Abyssal, Common, and Infernal.
Attack: The summoned creature gains a spike ranged attack, which has a range of 30 ft.

CR 1/3: Add Ranged spike +2 (1d4 P).
CR 1: Add Ranged spike +6 (1d6+1 P).
CR 3: Add Ranged spike +9 (1d6+3 P).
CR 5: Add Ranged spike +12 (1d8+5 P).
CR 7: Add Ranged spike +15 (2d8+7 P).
CR 11: Add Ranged spike +21 (3d10+11 P).