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Creature Subtype Grafts

A creature subtype graft gives a description of the subtype, followed by specific traits innate to that creature subtype.

Aanung-an (CR 4+)

Source Starfinder #25: The Chimera Mystery pg. 55
Any creature that dies while performing dark rituals for evil purposes risks rising again as one of the occult dead.
Required Creature Type: Undead.
Suggested Array: Spellcaster.
Traits: Blindsense (thought) 30 ft.; ritual scar; Mysticism as a master skill.
Abilities: Ritual Scar (Su) An aanung-an that starts its turn grappling a creature can attempt to carve a ritual scar into its victim’s body as a standard action, afflicting it with potent magic. The aanung-an attempts a Mysticism check (DC = 20 + target’s level or CR). On a success, the aanung-an renews the grapple, and the target takes 1d6+4 slashing damage as the aanung-an claws a symbol into its body. The target must then succeed at a DC 15 Will saving throw or suffer one of the following effects of the aanung-an’s choice: bestow curse, slow, or suggestion. These effects function at the aanung-an’s caster level. Certain aanung-ans might inflict different or unique effects with this ability, at the GM’s discretion.
Suggested Ability Scores: Intelligence, Wisdom, Charisma.