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Lacunal Collector Grafts


Source Alien Archive 4 pg. 67
An android with this template graft has rejected the cycle of renewal and transformed itself into an undead creature through a profane technomagical ritual.
Required Creature Type: Undead (android).
Suggested Array: Spellcaster.
Traits: regeneration 10 (CR 10+), spontaneous reincarnation (see below), undead immunities, collection dependency (CR 10+; see below), memory extraction (see below), augmented scavenger (see below), spells chosen from the mystic spell list, Engineering and Mysticism as master skills.
Abilities: Augmented Scavenger (Ex) A lacunal initiate can harvest a biotech or cybernetic augmentation already installed into a willing or unconscious creature and integrate it into their own body. This process takes 10 minutes per level of the augmentation; the lacunal initiate can have one such augmentation at a time.
Collection Dependency (Su) Each time a lacunal collector transfers their consciousness into a new body, their previous head sloughs off and is replaced by a new one. Lacunal collectors keep their decaying heads and often wear them as ornamentation. A lacunal collector has 1d6+1 additional heads. A creature can target one of these grisly trophies with a melee or ranged attack (with the same AC as the lacunal collector); if the attack hits, that head is destroyed. Destroying all of a lacunal collector’s heads ends the creature’s regeneration ability.
Memory Extraction (Su) As a standard action, a lacunal initiate can extract memories from an adjacent creature, causing the target to become fatigued unless it succeeds at a Will saving throw. Whether or not the creature succeeds at this saving throw, it can’t be affected by this ability again for 24 hours. This is a mind-affecting gaze attack.
Spontaneous Reincarnation (Su) A lacunal initiate carries a reminder of their prior incarnation in the form of a severed head. When a lacunal initiate is reduced to 0 Hit Points, instead of being destroyed, their consciousness is immediately transferred into this head. After 1d8 hours, the lacunal initiate’s body and former head awaken and can reunite to become a fully functional creature again. If all of their heads are destroyed, the lacunal initiate is also destroyed.