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Mindshroud Ray Grafts


Source The Liberation of Locus-1 pg. 61
A creature melded with a mindshroud ray gains the shrouded template graft and enters an early stage of integration with the mindshroud ray, which lasts for 2d6 weeks. During this early stage, ability modifiers, languages, and skills might fluctuate. Once this early stage ends, the fully integrated creature regains its full ability modifiers, languages, and skills.
Required Creature Type: Aberration, animal, dragon, humanoid, magical beast, monstrous humanoid, or outsider with the native subtype..
Alignment: One step toward evil. If already evil, one step toward chaotic.
Traits: Blindsense (thought) 30 feet, darkvision 60 feet, shroud sense, ego crush (see above), melee attacks with natural weapons or unarmed strikes gain the staggered critical hit effect. If the attack already has a critical hit effect, the creature chooses which effect to use when it scores a critical hit.
Skills: during the early stage, eliminate Intelligence-, Wisdom-, and Charisma-based skills.
Languages: During the early stage, only one (usually Common).
Suggested Ability Scores: During the early stage, reduce Intelligence modifier by up to 3, to a minimum of –3 or the original creature’s Intelligence, whichever is lower.