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Alien Presence (Ex or Su)

Source Alien Archive 2 pg. 148
The creature’s mere presence can have deleterious effects for those nearby. It can activate this ability as part of the action of making an attack or as a move action, but it can activate it only once per round. It usually has a range of 30 feet. This aura functions as frightful presence, but instead of imposing the shaken condition on creatures that fail their Will saves, it imposes the listed condition. The duration is 5d6 rounds unless the ability says otherwise. Once an opponent has been exposed to a creature’s alien presence (whether or not the opponent succeeds at its saving throw), it cannot be affected by the same creature’s alien presence for 24 hours. This is an emotion, fear, mind-affecting, and sensedependent effect.

Format: Aura alien presence (240 ft., DC 25, sickened 2d4 rounds).