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Troop Attack (Ex)

Source Starfinder #21: Huskworld pg. 61
The creature doesn’t make standard melee attacks. Instead, it deals automatic damage to any creature within its reach or whose space it occupies at the end of its turn, with no attack roll needed. A troop threatens all creatures within its reach or within its area and resolves attacks of opportunity by dealing automatic troop damage to any foe in reach that provokes an attack of opportunity. A troop is still limited to making one such attack per round unless stated otherwise. A troop can perform grapple and sunder combat maneuvers, but no other combat maneuvers, unless the troop’s description states otherwise.

Format: Melee troop attack (1d4+10 P).
Guidelines: To determine the amount of damage a troop of CR 6 or lower deals with its troop attack, use the dice value listed for CR 6 in the Melee Damage, Three Attacks column on its appropriate array table (see pages 129–132 of Alien Archive), lowering the additional damage added to the dice value to match the additional damage of its actual CR and adding its Strength modifier as normal. For creatures of all other CRs, use the damage listed in the Melee Damage, Four Attacks entry for its CR in the corresponding array table.