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Source Alien Archive 4 pg. 24
Originating from the desolate plane of Abaddon, daemons strive to end all life in existence—even destroying themselves after snuffing out or consuming every other soul. A daemon’s favorite method of killing often shapes their form and abilities. Traditional daemons might embrace more conventional means of inflicting death, though newer daemons have adapted to the galaxy’s evolving technology. Both alucidaemons and alorbidaemons prey upon those who lose themselves in digital media. The former drain the life from those who grow obsessed with vidgames. Especially dangerous, alorbidaemons arise from the souls of wicked sensates who perish while engrossed in virtual reality as their bodies withered from neglect.

Alucidaemons take the form of gaunt, child-like figures, their eyes covered by a visor feeding them various realities while they watch in slack-jawed awe. Nearly all of them move with the help of a floating pod that serves as an extension of their bodies; they control its movements with the mechanical gauntlets permanently locked onto their withered hands. Alorbidaemons appear as horrible amalgams of several alucidaemons, joined together in a connected set of pods to form a single body. A typical alucidaemon is 3 to 4 feet tall but weighs 200 pounds due to their mechanical components. A typical alorbidaemon is 4–5 feet tall but can weigh 1,000 pounds

Aliens in the "Daemon" Family


Daemon, Adikodaemon

Source Starfinder #31: Waking the Worldseed pg. 56

Adikodaemon CR 18

XP 153,600
NE Medium outsider (daemon, evil, extraplanar)
Init +8; Senses darkvision 60 ft., true seeing; Perception +31


HP 315
EAC 31; KAC 32
Fort +16; Ref +16; Will +22
DR 10/good or silver; Immunities acid, death effects, disease, poison; Resistances cold 10, electricity 10, fire 10; SR 29


Speed 30 ft., fly 60 ft. (average)
Melee claw +27 (8d8+22 S)
Ranged executioner disintegrator pistol +29 (2d20+18 A; corrode 1d6)
Spell-Like Abilities (CL 18th)
1/day—summon allies (1 adikodaemon 35%)
Spells Known (CL 18th, ranged +29)
1/day—disintegrate (DC 27)
3/day—holographic image (5th level, DC 26), holographic terrain (DC 26), unwilling guardian (DC 26)
At will—destruction protocol, greater invisibility
Constant—true seeing


STR +4; DEX +8; CON +2; INT +6; WIS +4; CHA +11
Skills Bluff +36, Computers +31, Culture +31, Disguise +36, Mysticism +31
Languages Abyssal, Common, Infernal; telepathy 100 ft.
Other Abilities change shape (any Small, Medium, or Large creature), terms and conditions
Gear bespoke echelon fashion, executioner disintegrator pistol with 1 high-capacity battery (40 charges)


Environment any
Organization solitary, pair, or board (3–6)

Special Abilities

Terms and Conditions (Su) When a creature unwittingly allies with an adikodaemon, typically by accepting a boon or favor from the daemon in disguise, they must succeed at a DC 25 Will save or succumb to the curse of planned obsolescence (see below).

Curse of Planned Obsolescence

Type curse; Save Will DC 25
Effect Some of the victim’s gear seems to occasionally work better. The first three times per day that the victim attempts an equipment-based skill check (such as using a tool kit), the victim adds 1d6 as an insight bonus to that skill check as a reaction. However, for 1 minute afterward, all of the victim’s other gear becomes slightly corrupted. Skill checks using that other gear take a –4 circumstance penalty. Weapons have a 25% chance of targeting the nearest friendly target instead of the intended target. Any other piece of gear (such as activated armor upgrades) has a 50% chance of having its usage doubled for that time.
Cure The victim must spend 1 month abstaining from the use of mass-produced gear (which is most equipment available for purchase); this doesn’t include gear that the victim or one of the victim’s allies crafts.


Adikodaemons are shapeshifters and tricksters who personify the deaths caused by corporate malfeasance—from casualties brought about by lax safety regulations or by companies deciding not to recall a defective product because it would hurt the bottom line.

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