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Aliens in the "Demon" Family

Prexian Mutantspawn11

Demon, Pluprex

Source Alien Archive 2 pg. 34

Pluprex CR 13

XP 25,600
CE Medium outsider (chaotic, demon, evil, extraplanar)
Init +4; Senses darkvision 60 ft.; Perception +23
Aura radiation (20 ft.)


HP 190
EAC 26; KAC 27
Fort +16; Ref +12; Will +14
DR 10/good; Immunities disease, electricity, poison; Resistances acid 10, cold 10, fire 10; SR 24


Speed 50 ft., fly 60 ft. (Su, average)
Melee bite +23 (6d4+19 S plus invoke mutation)
Multiattack bite +17 (3d4+19 P plus invoke mutation), 2 claws +17 (3d4+19 S), gore +17 (3d4+19 P)
Offensive Abilities invoke mutation
Spell-Like Abilities (CL 13th; ranged +21)
1/day—greater synaptic pulse (DC 24), summon allies (1 pluprex or 2 prexian mutantspawns, 35%), waves of fatigue
3/day—animate dead, confusion (DC 23), enervation, mind thrust (4th level, DC 23)
At will—irradiate (DC 22), ray of exhaustion (DC 22), teleport (self plus 5 bulk of gear only)


STR +6; DEX +4; CON +4; INT +3; WIS +2; CHA +8
Skills Acrobatics +23, Bluff +28, Intimidate +28, Life Science +23, Mysticism +23
Languages Abyssal, Celestial, Draconic; telepathy 100 ft.
Other Abilities irradiate dead


Environment any (Abyss)
Organization solitary, pair, blight (3–6), or invasion (2–4 pluprexes plus 3–6 prexian mutantspawns)

Special Abilities

Invoke Mutation (Su) A pluprex can wrack a living creature by biting it. The creature bitten must attempt a DC 21 Fortitude save. On a success, the creature is merely sickened for 1 round. On a failure, the victim’s body undergoes several swift and painful mutations that twist limbs, alter organs, and distort features into a hideous countenance, giving it the overburdened condition for 1 minute. After this minute elapses, the creature becomes accustomed to its twisted new body, but it gains the encumbered condition permanently. This is a curse effect; its effects do not stack.

Irradiate Dead (Su) Undead creatures created by a pluprex are radioactive, emitting low radiation in a 20-foot radius. Once per day as a standard action, a pluprex can touch an undead creature it has created to enhance that creature’s radioactive aura, permanently increasing that creature’s radioactivity to medium. A pluprex cannot enhance radiation in this way to a higher level. Alternatively, the pluprex can give any undead creature a medium radioactive aura by touching it, but such auras last for only 24 hours before fading.

Radiation Aura (Su) A pluprex emits medium radiation in a 20-foot radius. Once per day as a swift action, a pluprex can instead emit high radiation for 1 minute.


The Abyss is a warped mirror that reflects all sinful possibility in mortal life, and as mortals advance technologically, so too advances their capacity to sin. Pluprex demons are one such modern reflection—incarnations of the cruelties and devastation wrought by those who harness the power of radiation to do harm.

A pluprex forms from the sinful soul of a mortal who, in life, gloried in the use of radiation as a weapon or who used radiation to experiment on unwilling subjects or to poison the innocent. Many pluprexes died of radiation poisoning themselves in their mortal lives. A typical pluprex stands 7 feet tall but weighs only 100 pounds.

For some victims of a pluprex’s invoked mutation, death is only the beginning. When a victim of an invoked mutation perishes in the Abyss or in an area suffused with chaotic and evil energies, mutations in its flesh can sometimes animate into a horrific form of life known as a prexian mutantspawn. These deformed monstrosities claw their way loose from their hosts’ dead bodies as collections of misshapen bones, sinew, teeth, and tumors that shouldn’t be able to live, yet somehow do so with fervor.

A prexian mutantspawn’s shape may vaguely resemble that of its original host body, but it has none of the birth corpse’s memories, skills, or abilities. The transformation into a mutantspawn has no effect on a creature’s soul, and the mutantspawn is a new form of outsider life, not an undead—a creature that dies and then spawns a mutantspawn from their body can be brought back to life normally.

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