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Drift Crisis

Estimated Release Date: 5/25/2022
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Aliens [20]

Aegis Protocol, Azlanti Stellar Scout, Damiaran Maggot, Drift Saboteur, Excuba (Spectra), Eyeswide Headscanner, Gravite, Hymothoa, Immolsivix, Limbicate, Omduveng, Ossiworm Agent, Protomander, Rematern (The Swarm), Riftstalker, Skysail, Tetrakam, Undershrike, Void Devil (Volocoth) (Starship), Vorclash

Classes - Alternate Class Features [1]

Plunderer of Worlds (Witchwarper)

Classes - Anchors [1]

The Drift Crisis

Classes - Epiphanies [4]

Influence Tech (Ex), Limning Spell, Repairing Touch, Tripartite Mind

Classes - Magic Hacks [8]

Amplify Drift Engine, Degrade Handling, Extend Teleportation, Scramble Communications, Shrink Shot, Spell Glitch, Teleport Grenade, Tracking Beacon

Classes - Mystic Connections [1]

The Drift

Classes - Paradigm Shifts [1]

Alternate Entry

Classes - Stellar Revelations [6]

Celestial Aegis, Personal Orbit, Planar Penumbra, Planar Radiance, Tenebrous Bulwark, Vivacious Nimbus

Classes - Temporal Anomalies [3]

Release the Hounds, Time Pocket, Wait For It

Classes - Vanguard Aspects [1]


Classes - Vanguard Disciplines [5]

Navigational Drift, Remote Defense, Shield Snap, Technological Degradation, Transmute Wound

Equipment - Armor [18]

Abyssal Plate (Balor), Feyguard (Dryad), Feyguard (Erlking), Abyssal Plate (Glabrezu), Drift Shell (I), Autoencoded Veil (I), Autoencoded Veil (II), Drift Shell (II), Drift Shell (III), Autoencoded Veil (III), Drift Shell (IV), Abyssal Plate (Marilith), Feyguard (Nymph), Feyguard (Sprite), Autoencoded Veil (V), Drift Shell (V), Autoencoded Veil (VI), Abyssal Plate (Vrock)

Equipment - Armor Upgrades [3]

Burrowing Arms (Mk 1), Burrowing Arms (Mk 2), Burrowing Arms (Mk 3)

Equipment - Artifacts [4]

Glimpses of the Endless Horizon, Leng Luminary, Operator’s Shard, Shimmershield

Equipment - Biotech [4]

Probability Tendril (Mk 1), Probability Tendril (Mk 2), Probability Tendril (Mk 3), Stasis Gland

Equipment - Cybernetics [1]

Partitioned Personality Module

Equipment - Hybrid Items [19]

Alluvion Theodolite, Transplanar Gluon Blade (Astral), Besmaran Rose, Consciousness Transfer Unit, Transplanar Gluon Blade (Ethereal), Interplanar Comm Unit (Inner Sphere), Proton Snare (Mk I), Matter Converter (Mk I), Matter Converter (Mk II), Proton Snare (Mk II), Proton Snare (Mk III), Matter Converter (Mk III), Proton Snare (Mk IV), Proton Snare (Mk V), Proton Snare (Mk VI), Interplanar Comm Unit (Outer Sphere), Planar Flare, Transplanar Gluon Blade (Shadow), Void Projector

Equipment - Magic Items [23]

Aeon Stone (Banded Malachite Cabochon), Ring Of Genie Calling (Djinn), Ring Of Genie Calling (Efreeti), Aeon Stone (Kehtarite Oval), Aeon Stone (Lusinite Rose), Ring Of Genie Calling (Marid), Banishing Blade (Mk 1), Serum Of Fey’s Fickle Fancy (Mk 1), Serum Of Water’s Protection (Mk 1), Serum Of Water’s Protection (Mk 2), Serum Of Fey’s Fickle Fancy (Mk 2), Banishing Blade (Mk 2), Banishing Blade (Mk 3), Serum Of Water’s Protection (Mk 3), Banishing Blade (Mk 4), Planar Acclimation Serum, Serum Of Earthen Stature, Serum Of Fetid Verdancy, Serum Of Fiery Vengeance, Serum Of Infinite Air, Serum Of Long Shadows, Serum Of Shapelessness, Ring Of Genie Calling (Shaitan)

Equipment - Magitech [1]

Planar Lenses

Equipment - Necrografts [3]

Hollowed Drums, Shuffling Feet, Withered Lungs

Equipment - Other Items [6]

Cosmetics, Jewelry (Couture), Clothing (Couture), Clothing (Designer), Jewelry (Designer), Perfume (Designer)

Equipment - Powered Armor [2]

Efreet Noble Regalia, Oblivion Chassis

Equipment - Special Materials [4]

Nyblantine (Nyblantine round (1 piece)), Nyblantine (Nyblantine armor), Nyblantine (Raw nyblantine, untreated (1 bulk)), Nyblantine (Raw nyblantine, treated (1 bulk))

Equipment - Technological Items [15]

Nano Gadget Loadout (Belt), Cartographer Boots, Drift Glass Goggles, Drift Harness, Nano Gadget Loadout (Duster), Echo Gloves, Enviro Mask, Machimind, Metaphysical Detector (Mk I), Metaphysical Detector (Mk II), Planar Spacesuit, Quantogram, Quantum Tunnelling Coverall, Snapshot Sphere, Nano Gadget Loadout (Wristband)

Equipment - Weapons [48]

Singing Star (Adept), Thasphalt Blaster (Advanced), Thasphalt Rifle (Advanced), Singing Star (Apprentice), Scrambler Rifle (Cockroach), Scrambler Pistol (Cockroach), Flare Pistol (Coruscator), Flare Pistol (Dazzler), Scrambler Pistol (Dragonfly), Scrambler Rifle (Dragonfly), Trenarii Singing Coil (Duet), Thasphalt Rifle (Elite), Thasphalt Blaster (Elite), Antimagic Grenade (I), Thasphalt Grenade (I), Thasteron Grenade (I), Thasphalt Grenade (II), Thasteron Grenade (II), Antimagic Grenade (II), Thasphalt Grenade (III), Thasteron Grenade (III), Thasphalt Grenade (IV), Thasteron Grenade (IV), Thasphalt Rifle (Light), Thasphalt Blaster (Light), Scrambler Rifle (Locust), Scrambler Pistol (Locust), Singing Star (Master), Mood Goo Emitter, Mood goo tank , Flare Pistol (Nova), Trenarii Singing Coil (Orchestra), Trenarii Singing Coil (Quartet), Singing Star (Sage), Flare Pistol (Scorcher), Trenarii Singing Coil (Solo), Thasphalt Blaster (Tactical), Thasphalt Rifle (Tactical), Scrambler Pistol (Termite), Scrambler Rifle (Termite), Thasphalt canister , Thasphalt Carronade , Thasphalt Deck Sweeper , Thasteron Blunderbuss, Thasteron pellets , Thasphalt Grenade (V), Thasteron Grenade (V), Flare Pistol (Vivifier)

Feats [5]

Conspiratorial Ally, Contrive, Grab and Go, Hide Sabotage, Reliable Connections

Manufacturers (Augmentations) [4]

CredenceCo, Emergence Cybernetics, Jarltech, Vellsencraft Ltd.

Spells [10]

Afterimage, Destructive Rebuke, Dimensional Crash, Drift Messenger, Drift Prediction, Obfuscate Drift Beacons, Planar Phase, Pocket Vacuum, Ride The Wave, Void Vessel

Starship - Base Frames [5]

Heavy Hauler, Light Hauler, Starship Drone, Supertanker, Tanker

Themes [4]

Crisis Refugee, Drift Crashed, Opportunist, Spectra Scion