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Flash Suppressor (Hybrid)

Source Starfinder Armory pg. 59
Level 3; Price 1,200; Bulk L
Weapon Types projectile


Modern projectile weapons have built-in flash and muzzle-blast suppression to protect a weapon’s user from flash blinding during firefights in low-light conditions, as well as to protect other high-tech devices from fouling due to residue from projectile accelerants. A hybrid flash suppressor can be added to any small arm, longarm, heavy weapon, or sniper weapon in the projectile category. It eliminates virtually all light and heat that your projectile weapon produces while firing, making you harder to spot in low-light conditions. This benefit reduces the penalty you take to Stealth checks for sniping in low-light conditions by 5.

You can combine a flash suppressor and silencer together by paying the combined price of both accessories. Their benefits stack.