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Longarms are handheld, long-ranged weapons that must be held and operated with two hands. Various rifles are the most common type, though many types of longarms exist. Some longarms support automatic fire as well. Longarms require a battery or ammunition of the proper size and type to function.

Two-Handed Weapons

Needler Rifle11101d6 P60 ft.injection DC +212 darts11analog, injection
Caustolance, Liquidator14001d6 A60 ft.Injection DC +220 charges11Injection
Needler Rifle, Tactical12001d6 P70 ft.Injection DC +214 darts11Analog, injection
Rackarack, Pulse12051d6 So60 ft.Nuisance20 charges21
Dusk Rifle, static29001d4 C & E60 ft.2022Hybrid, line, unwieldy
Meduza Rifle, Stinger 27201d8 A & S40 ft.Bind 20 charges 21Analog, living
Thasphalt Rifle, Light28801d10 B40 ft.Push (5 ft.) 80 thasphalt 12Analog, force
Formian Venomcaster, Tactical31,3251d8 P40 ft.Injection DC +26 darts11Analog, injection, unwieldy
Frost Maw, Growl-class31,3501d8 C15 ft.Bind 1d4 rounds2021Aurora, blast, living, unwieldy
Net Gun, Wireframe41,75030 ft.2 nets 11Entangle
Needler Rifle, Advanced53,0001d8 P70 ft.Injection DC +214 darts11Analog, injection
Caustolance, Decimator64,5002d6 A60 ft.Injection DC +220 charges11Injection
Electrosystem Rifle, Buzzing64,5002d10 E60 ft.Staggered40 charges41Blast, living, Swarm, unwieldy
Meduza Rifle, Blitz 63,9502d8 A & S60 ft.Bind 20 charges 41Analog, living
Rackarack, Surge64,4002d6 So60 ft.Nuisance20 charges21Boost 1d4
Chimera Graft, Growl-class76,2501d12 F40 ft.Burn 1d620 petrol11Automatic, integrated (1 slot), harrying, living, regrowth
Dusk Rifle, aurora76,5002d4 C & E60 ft.2022Hybrid, line, unwieldy
Net Gun, Bolt75,2503d4 E30 ft.Stunned 2 nets 11Entangle, stun
Recombinator Ray89,5002d10 A60 ft.Corrode 1d68081Antibiological
Culling Ray, Lesser88,8501d12 A & F30 ft.Irradiate20 charges12Blast, ignite 1d6
Digitizer Rifle, Silver 88,0002d8 So80 ft.digitize 1d8 40 charges 21Bright, professional (vidgamer), relic
Thasphalt Rifle, Tactical88,5002d10 B60 ft.Push (5 ft.) 80 thasphalt 42Analog, force
Formian Venomcaster, Advanced912,7503d8 P60 ft.Injection DC +212 darts11Analog, injection, unwieldy
Frost Maw, Snarl-class913,0002d8 C60 ft.Bind 1d4 rounds2021Aurora, blast, living, unwieldy
Nanite Thrower, Tactical913,30060 ft.wound10 nanites11deconstruct 2d6
Reality Rifle1019,5002d12 E80 ft.Confuse4082Mind-affecting, stun, subtle
Frost Maw, Roar-class1019,0004d8 C80 ft.Bind 1d4 rounds2021Aurora, blast, living, unwieldy
Meduza Rifle, Assault 1017,2003d8 A & S70 ft.Bind 40 charges 51Analog, living
Needler Rifle, Elite1018,0004d6 P70 ft.Injection DC +214 darts11Analog, injection
Chimera Graft, Snarl-class1124,0002d12 F40 ft.Burn 1d620 petrol11Automatic, integrated (1 slot), harrying, living, regrowth
Caustolance, Executioner1238,0005d6 A60 ft.Injection DC +220 charges11Injection
Culling Ray, Standard1234,5002d12 A & F30 ft.Irradiate20 charges22Blast, ignite 3d6
Dusk Rifle, storm1236,5004d6 C & E60 ft.4042Hybrid, line, unwieldy
Electrosystem Rifle, Jolting1237,5004d10 E60 ft.Staggered40 charges51Blast, living, Swarm, unwieldy
Nanite Thrower, Advanced1235,40060 ft.wound10 nanites11deconstruct 3d6
Thasphalt Rifle, Advanced1235,1003d10 B80 ft.Push (10 ft.) 80 thasphalt 82Analog, force
Rackarack, Drum1346,1005d6 So60 ft.Nuisance20 charges21Boost 2d4
Digitizer Rifle, Gold 1465,0005d8 So80 ft.digitize 2d8 80 charges 41Bright, professional (vidgamer), relic
Formian Venomcaster, Elite1470,6007d8 P80 ft.Injection DC +212 darts11Analog, entangle, injection, unwieldy
Meduza Rifle, Commander 15100,0007d8 A & S80 ft.Bind 80 charges 51Analog, living
Nanite Thrower, Elite15110,00080 ft.severe wound10 nanites21deconstruct 4d6
Needler Rifle, Paragon15110,0008d6 P70 ft.Injection DC +214 darts11Analog, injection
Thasphalt Rifle, Elite16175,0004d10 B100 ft.Push (10 ft.) 80 thasphalt 102Analog, force
Chimera Graft, Roar-class17218,0004d12 F40 ft.Burn 1d620 petrol11Automatic, integrated (1 slot), harrying, living, regrowth
Dusk Rifle, tempest17260,0008d6 C & E60 ft.4042Hybrid, line, unwieldy
Caustolance, Eradicator18400,00012d6 A60 ft.Injection DC +220 charges11Injection
Culling Ray, Greater18350,0004d12 A & F30 ft.Irradiate40 charges42Blast, ignite 5d6
Electrosystem Rifle, Convulsion18400,0008d10 E60 ft.Stunned40 charges81Blast, living, Swarm, unwieldy
Formian Venomcaster, Paragon18398,00010d10 P80 ft.Injection DC +224 darts11Analog, entangle, injection, unwieldy
Rackarack, Hammer18371,0006d10 So60 ft.Nuisance40 charges21Boost 4d4
Meduza Rifle, Gorgon 19500,00011d8 A & S100 ft.Bind 80 charges 81Analog, living
Digitizer Rifle, Holofoil 20900,00010d8 So160 ft.digitize 4d8 100 charges 51Bright, professional (vidgamer), relic
Nanite Thrower, Paragon20830,00080 ft.severe wound10 nanites21deconstruct 5d6
Needler Rifle, Supreme20850,00016d6 P70 ft.Injection DC +214 darts11Analog, injection
Numbing Beam, TacticalCryo13701d6 C50 ft.staggered20 charges11nonlethal
Ice Carbine, SubzeroCryo25101d8 C & P60 ft.20 charges22automatic
Void Rifle, Grave-ClassCryo21,0201d6 C60 ft.suffocate20 charges11antibiological
Frailty Rifle, Atrophy-ClassCryo31,6501d6 C60 ft.20 charges21necrotic
Freeze Ray, HiemalCryo31,4201d4 C30 ft.staggered20 charges42line, unwieldy
Zero Rifle, Frostbite-ClassCryo42,3301d8 C60 ft.staggered40 charges21
Numbing Beam, AdvancedCryo53,0501d8 C50 ft.staggered20 charges11nonlethal
Frost Projector, Frostbite-ClassCryo65,1001d10 C30 ft.staggered40 charges21integrated (2 slots)
Void Rifle, Crypt-ClassCryo64,4001d8 C60 ft.suffocate20 charges11antibiological
Frailty Rifle, Rot-ClassCryo77,7002d6 C60 ft.20 charges22necrotic
Freeze Ray, AlgidCryo76,3002d4 C30 ft.staggered20 charges42line, unwieldy
Zero Rifle, Hailstorm-ClassCryo810,1002d8 C60 ft.staggered40 charges22
Ice Carbine, GelidCryo912,4003d8 C & P60 ft.40 charges22automatic
Numbing Beam, EliteCryo1018,0003d6 C80 ft.staggered20 charges11nonlethal
Freeze Ray, GlacialCryo1124,8005d4 C40 ft.staggered20 charges42line, unwieldy
Void Rifle, Tomb-ClassCryo1126,3002d10 C80 ft.suffocate40 charges21antibiological
Frost Projector, Hailstorm-ClassCryo1242,0002d10 C30 ft.staggered40 charges21integrated (2 slots)
Frailty Rifle, Blight-ClassCryo1357,2004d6 C60 ft.40 charges42necrotic
Ice Carbine, UltracoldCryo1347,1006d6 C & P80 ft.40 charges22automatic
Zero Rifle, Blizzard-ClassCryo1479,8004d8 C60 ft.staggered80 charges42
Numbing Beam, ParagonCryo15112,0006d6 C80 ft.staggered20 charges11nonlethal
Freeze Ray, IsothermalCryo16165,0005d8 C40 ft.staggered20 charges42line, unwieldy
Void Rifle, Ossuary-ClassCryo16182,0004d10 C100 ft.suffocate40 charges11antibiological
Frailty Rifle, Epidemic-ClassCryo17297,0007d6 C60 ft.50 charges52necrotic
Ice Carbine, Absolute-ZeroCryo17218,00011d6 C & P80 ft.40 charges22automatic
Zero Rifle, Avalanche-ClassCryo18410,2007d8 C60 ft.staggered100 charges52
Frost Projector, Blizzard-ClassCryo19680,0005d10 C30 ft.staggered40 charges21integrated (2 slots)
Void Rifle, Barrow-ClassCryo19606,0006d10 C100 ft.suffocate80 charges21antibiological
Freeze Ray, HypothermicCryo20818,0005d12 C50 ft.staggered20 charges42line, unwieldy
Degenerator Rifle, MilitaryDegenerator17242,0007d8 A & So50 ft.Degeneration 4d640 charges52Hybrid
Degenerator Rifle, DominionDegenerator20810,00010d8 A & So50 ft.Degeneration 5d680 charges52Hybrid
Disruption Rifle, MinorDimensional Disruption915,0003d8 So50 ft.staggered40 charges52boost 1d8, relic
Disruption Rifle, MajorDimensional Disruption1480,0006d8 So40 ft.staggered40 charges52boost 2d8, relic
Dross Gun, ScrapperDisintegrator27201d6 A15 ft.20 charges11penetrating
Dross Gun, ScoringDisintegrator53,3001d8 A20 ft.wound20 charges21penetrating
Disintegrator Rifle, LiquidatorDisintegrator64,7501d20 A30 ft.corrode 1d640 charges42
Dross Gun, FluxDisintegrator1019,2002d12 A20 ft.severe wound20 charges41penetrating
Disintegrator Rifle, DecimatorDisintegrator1129,0003d10 A30 ft.corrode 2d640 charges42
Disintegrator Rifle, ExecutionerDisintegrator16210,0005d10 A30 ft.corrode 3d680 charges82
Disintegrator Rifle, EradicatorDisintegrator20745,0005d20 A30 ft.corrode 4d680 charges82
GulchgunFlame1901d8 F20 ft.burn 1d64 shells11analog
Flame RifleFlame24901d6 F25 ft.burn 1d620 petrol51line, unwieldy
Flare Rifle, DazzlerFlame34452d4 F60 ft.burn 1d68 flares11analog, bright, harrying
Blaze Rifle, Ifrit-ClassFlame41,9001d10 F40 ft.burn 1d640 petrol21analog, unwieldy
Petrol Converter, LightFlame42,1501d8 F or A40 ft.40 petrol21analog, modal (disintegrator)
Dragon Rifle, WyrmlingFlame53,0201d8 F6 ft.burn 1d420 petrol11automatic
Flare Rifle, VivifierFlame63,6001d10 F80 ft.burn 2d48 flares11analog, bright, harrying
Blaze Rifle, Salamander-ClassFlame75,8002d8 F60 ft.burn 2d640 petrol21analog, unwieldy
Petrol Converter, TacticalFlame76,7502d6 F or A80 ft.40 petrol41analog, modal (disintegrator)
Igniter, EmberFlame89,90080 ft.burn 2d640 charges41ignite 2d6
Dragon Rifle, DrakeFlame913,4003d6 F60 ft.burn 2d420 petrol11automatic
Flare Rifle, CoruscatorFlame1015,7005d4 F80 ft.burn 2d612 flares21analog, bright, harrying
Petrol Converter, AdvancedFlame1018,5003d6 F or A80 ft.40 petrol11analog, modal (disintegrator)
Blaze Rifle, Hellhound-ClassFlame1123,2003d10 F60 ft.burn 3d640 petrol21analog, unwieldy
Igniter, BlazeFlame1234,20080 ft.burn 3d640 charges41ignite 3d6
Flare Rifle, ScorcherFlame1343,8007d4 F80 ft.burn 3d612 flares31analog, bright, harrying
Dragon Rifle, WyvernFlame1472,2006d6 F80 ft.burn 3d420 petrol11automatic
Petrol Converter, EliteFlame1476,5005d6 F or A80 ft.40 petrol21analog, modal (disintegrator)
Igniter, InfernoFlame15108,00080 ft.burn 4d640 charges41ignite 4d6
Blaze Rifle, Firedrake-ClassFlame16153,0005d10 F60 ft.burn 4d640 petrol21analog, unwieldy
Flare Rifle, NovaFlame17201,00012d4 F100 ft.burn 4d612 flares41analog, bright, harrying
Igniter, Solar FlareFlame18360,00080 ft.burn 5d640 charges41ignite 5d6
Petrol Converter, ParagonFlame18385,0009d6 F or A80 ft.40 petrol21analog, modal (disintegrator)
Dragon Rifle, True Flame19559,00011d6 F100 ft.burn 4d420 petrol11automatic
Blaze Rifle, Pheonix-ClassFlame20765,0009d10 F80 ft.burn 5d640 petrol21analog, unwieldy
Laser Rifle, AzimuthLaser14251d8 F120 ft.burn 1d620 charges11
Serpent Laser, AzimuthLaser25002d4 F100 ft.burn 1d420 charges101
Infinity Rifle, TacticalLaser31,3001d6 F40 ft.20 charges11boost 1d6
Excavation Laser, LightLaser42,0501d10 F60 ft.40 charges22penetrating, professional (mining)
Serpent Laser, CoronaLaser52,7002d6 F100 ft.burn 2d440 charges201
Laser Rifle, CoronaLaser64,6502d6 F120 ft.burn 1d640 charges11
Infinity Rifle, AdvancedLaser76,1002d4 F60 ft.20 charges11boost 2d4
Serpent Laser, AphelionLaser88,8002d8 F120 ft.burn 3d440 charges201
Laser Rifle, AphelionLaser914,3003d6 F120 ft.burn 1d640 charges11
Infinity Rifle, EliteLaser1017,1002d6 F80 ft.20 charges11boost 2d6
Autobeam Rifle, TacticalLaser1126,9005d4 F60 ft.burn 2d440 charges42automatic
Excavation Laser, MediumLaser1236,0003d10 F60 ft.40 charges22penetrating, professional (mining)
Laser Rifle, PerihelionLaser1353,8005d6 F130 ft.burn 2d6100 charges21
Serpent Laser, PerihelionLaser1466,0003d12 F120 ft.burn 4d440 charges201
Autobeam Rifle, AdvancedLaser1595,5007d4 F60 ft.burn 3d4100 charges102automatic
Infinity Rifle, ParagonLaser16155,0004d6 F100 ft.20 charges11boost 4d6
Laser Rifle, ParallaxLaser17248,0008d6 F150 ft.burn 4d6100 charges21
Excavation Laser, HeavyLaser18380,0006d10 F60 ft.80 charges42penetrating, professional (mining)
Autobeam Rifle, EliteLaser19548,10012d4 F60 ft.burn 5d4100 charges52automatic
Laser Rifle, ZenithLaser20722,00011d6 F150 ft.burn 5d6100 charges21
Plasma Bolter, TacticalPlasma12601d10 E & F40 ft.20 charges42unwieldy
Nova Rifle, Red StarPlasma29401d6 E & F30 ft.blind20 charges21line, unwieldy
Plasma Fork, 12-NotchPlasma31,2901d8 E & F60 ft.knockdown20 charges11boost 1d4
Microfusion Rifle, LightPlasma42,3501d8 E & F15 ft.irradiate40 charges41blast, radioactive, unwieldy
Plasma Bolter, AdvancedPlasma53,0102d8 E & F60 ft.wound40 charges82unwieldy
Plasma Rifle, Red StarPlasma64,6001d10 E & F40 ft.burn 1d440 charges42line, unwieldy
Nova Rifle, Yellow StarPlasma76,8002d6 E & F60 ft.blind40 charges41line, unwieldy
Plasma Fork, 15-NotchPlasma88,8501d10 E & F80 ft.knockdown20 charges11boost 1d10
Plasma Bolter, ElitePlasma914,0003d10 E & F60 ft.wound40 charges42unwieldy
Plasma Rifle, Yellow StarPlasma1016,8002d10 E & F40 ft.burn 1d840 charges42line, unwieldy
Nova Rifle, White StarPlasma1125,3003d6 E & F80 ft.blind40 charges41line, unwieldy
Microfusion Rifle, MediumPlasma1240,8003d8 E & F30 ft.irradiate40 charges41blast, radioactive, unwieldy
Plasma Caster, White StarPlasma1349,1003d10 E & F80 ft.burn 1d10100 charges52boost 1d10
Plasma Fork, 19-NotchPlasma1464,8003d10 E & F80 ft.knockdown40 charges21boost 2d10
Plasma Rifle, White StarPlasma15126,6004d10 E & F60 ft.burn 2d840 charges42line, unwieldy
Plasma Bolter, ParagonPlasma16170,0009d8 E & F60 ft.wound80 charges42unwieldy
Plasma Caster, Blue StarPlasma17275,0005d10 E & F80 ft.burn 2d10200 charges102boost 2d10
Microfusion Rifle, HeavyPlasma18410,0005d8 E & F40 ft.irradiate40 charges41blast, radioactive, unwieldy
Plasma Fork, 22-NotchPlasma19750,0006d10 E & F100 ft.knockdown40 charges21boost 3d10
Plasma Rifle, Blue StarPlasma20935,0008d10 E & F100 ft.burn 4d8100 charges102line, unwieldy
Hunting RifleProjectile12401d8 P90 ft.6 rounds11analog
Scattergun, UtilityProjectile12351d4 P15 ft.4 shells11analog, blast
Autotarget RifleProjectile27551d6 P60 ft.10 rounds12analog, automatic
Acid Dart Rifle, TacticalProjectile24851d8 A & P80 ft.corrode 1d410 darts11analog
Cinder Rifle, Truth-SequenceProjectile27001d8 P60 ft.burn 1d610 rounds12
Crossbolter, TacticalProjectile24751d10 P70 ft.1 arrow12Analog, unwieldy
Shield Rifle, TacticalProjectile29001d8 E & P80 ft.Arc 1d4 12 rounds 12Buttressing
Huchket RifleProjectile31,4001d10 P80 ft.wound6 rounds11analog
Aeon Guard, Assault RifleProjectile31,4001d8 P80 ft.12 rounds11automatic
Kalo Shredder, Slipstream-ClassProjectile31,6101d6 S30 ft.bleed 1d48 flechettes11analog, automatic, underwater
Rail Gun, TacticalProjectile31,1501d8 P60 ft.12 rounds11automatic
Breaching Gun, UtilityProjectile42,3501d10 P20 ft.knockdown4 shells11analog, breach, penetrating
Vivara Rifle, Low-FluxProjectile42,1001d8 P50 ft.611Breakdown
Rocket RifleProjectile53,0101d12 B80 ft.5 mini-rockets11analog, unwieldy
Rail Gun, AdvancedProjectile63,7701d10 P60 ft.15 rounds11automatic
Acid Dart Rifle, DualProjectile76,9002d8 A & P90 ft.corrode 2d424 darts21analog
Aeon Guard, Accelerator RifleProjectile77,5003d4 P60 ft.16 rounds12automatic
Breaching Gun, SnubProjectile76,8002d10 P20 ft.knockdown8 shells21analog, breach, penetrating
Cinder Rifle, Salvation-SequenceProjectile76,0002d8 P60 ft.burn 1d614 rounds12
Kalo Shredder, Cascade-ClassProjectile76,6302d6 S40 ft.bleed 1d616 flechettes11analog, automatic, underwater
Seeker Rifle, TacticalProjectile76,0302d8 P100 ft.8 rounds11analog
Shield Rifle, AdvancedProjectile76,8202d8 E & P80 ft.Arc 2d4 12 rounds 12Buttressing
Crossbolter, DualProjectile88,2502d10 P70 ft.4 arrows22Analog, unwieldy
Scattergun, SnubProjectile88,3001d12 P15 ft.8 shells11analog, blast
Vivara Rifle, Mid-FluxProjectile87,5002d8 P60 ft.611Breakdown
Magnetar Rifle, TacticalProjectile911,8002d8 P60 ft.18 rounds12analog, automatic
Combat RifleProjectile1016,5003d8 P90 ft.12 rounds11analog
Aeon Guard, RPPRProjectile1021,0002d12 B100 ft.knockdown12 mini-rockets12
Breaching Gun, ImpactProjectile1125,3003d10 P30 ft.knockdown12 shells21analog, breach, penetrating
Cinder Rifle, Valor-SequenceProjectile1123,7003d8 P80 ft.burn 2d620 rounds12
Kalo Shredder, Torrent-ClassProjectile1126,7004d6 S40 ft.bleed 3d424 flechettes11analog, automatic, underwater
Acid Dart Rifle, ComplexProjectile1239,2004d8 A & P90 ft.corrode 4d448 darts42analog
Scattergun, ImpactProjectile1230,4002d12 P15 ft.12 shells12analog, blast
Shield Rifle, EliteProjectile1237,0004d8 E & P80 ft.Arc 4d4 15 rounds 12Buttressing
Vivara Rifle, High-FluxProjectile1227,6004d8 P70 ft.611Breakdown
Gyrojet Rifle, TacticalProjectile1354,0003d12 B100 ft.knockdown12 mini-rockets12analog
Magnetar Rifle, AdvancedProjectile1353,7004d8 P60 ft.24 rounds12analog, automatic
Kalo Shredder, Deluge-ClassProjectile1474,3006d6 S60 ft.bleed 4d436 flechettes11analog, automatic, underwater
Seeker Rifle, AdvancedProjectile1472,3006d8 P100 ft.18 rounds11analog
Breaching Gun, VortexProjectile15119,0006d10 P30 ft.knockdown16 shells21analog, breach, penetrating
Cinder Rifle, Glory-SequenceProjectile15102,2006d8 P80 ft.burn 2d624 rounds12
Gyrojet Rifle, AdvancedProjectile15122,8005d12 B120 ft.knockdown12 mini-rockets12analog
Scattergun, VortexProjectile1591,9003d12 P30 ft.12 shells12analog, blast
Magnetar Rifle, EliteProjectile16185,1006d8 P120 ft.36 rounds12analog, automatic
Gyrojet Rifle, EliteProjectile17245,6006d12 B120 ft.knockdown12 mini-rockets12analog
Kalo Shredder, Monsoon-ClassProjectile17784,00012d6 S60 ft.bleed 4d648 flechettes11analog, automatic, underwater
Seeker Rifle, EliteProjectile17242,5009d8 P100 ft.18 rounds11analog
Shield Rifle, ParagonProjectile17264,0008d8 E & P80 ft.Arc 4d8 18 rounds 12Buttressing
Scattergun, GrapeshotProjectile18331,0004d12 P30 ft.12 shells12analog, blast
Breaching Gun, GrapeshotProjectile19509,00010d10 P30 ft.knockdown20 shells21analog, breach, penetrating
Magnetar Rifle, ParagonProjectile19612,6008d8 P120 ft.48 rounds12analog, automatic
Gyrojet Rifle, ParagonProjectile20723,5008d12 B120 ft.knockdown12 mini-rockets12analog
Seeker Rifle, ParagonProjectile20809,20012d8 P100 ft.24 rounds11analog
Pulsecaster RifleShock11001d6 E50 ft.20 charges11nonlethal
Arc Emitter, TacticalShock27501d4 E15 ft.20 charges41blast, stun, unwieldy
Storm Coil, LiveShock31,4801d6 E40 ft.20 charges52line, unwieldy
Polarity Rifle, StaticShock42,4001d8 E60 ft.40 charges21polarize 1d4
Surgecaster, StandardShock53,3001d10 E40 ft.arc 1d1020 charges21boost 1d6, living
Arc Rifle, StaticShock64,2001d12 E70 ft.arc 1d640 charges12stun
Storm Coil, JoltShock76,9002d6 E60 ft.40 charges82line, unwieldy
Charge Emitter, ImpulseShock810,9003d4 E20 ft.staggered20 charges21integrated (1 slot), stun
Arc Emitter, AdvancedShock913,2002d4 E30 ft.40 charges101blast, stun, unwieldy
Polarity Rifle, AuroraShock1021,0002d8 E80 ft.40 charges21polarize 1d10
Arc Rifle, AuroraShock1124,5002d12 E70 ft.arc 2d640 charges12stun
Storm Coil, ImpulseShock1235,2004d6 E80 ft.80 charges102line, unwieldy
Charge Emitter, JoltShock1357,0003d10 E30 ft.staggered20 charges21integrated (1 slot), stun
Surgecaster, AdvancedShock1483,0003d10 E60 ft.arc 2d1040 charges21boost 1d10, living
Polarity Rifle, StormShock15137,0004d8 E80 ft.40 charges21polarize 2d8
Arc Rifle, StormShock16190,3004d12 E80 ft.arc 4d680 charges22stun
Storm Coil, SurgeShock17261,0007d6 E120 ft.100 charges102line, unwieldy
Charge Emitter, SurgeShock18435,0005d10 E40 ft.staggered80 charges51integrated (1 slot), stun
Arc Rifle, TempestShock19622,0006d12 E80 ft.arc 6d6100 charges22stun
Polarity Rifle, TempestShock201,000,0008d8 E80 ft.80 charges21polarize 3d8
Scrambler Rifle, TermiteShock 31,5201d6 E90 ft.Confuse20 charges 21Scramble
Trenarii Singing Coil, SoloShock 42,2001d4 E60 ft.20 charges 52Line, unwieldy, profession
Scrambler Rifle, CockroachShock 89,8502d6 E90 ft.Confuse20 charges 21Scramble
Trenarii Singing Coil, DuetShock 89,7002d4 E90 ft.40 charges 82Line, unwieldy, profession
Scrambler Rifle, DragonflyShock 1124,9003d6 E90 ft.Confuse20 charges 21Scramble
Trenarii Singing Coil, QuartetShock 1350,0004d4 E120 ft.Deafen 80 charges 102Line, unwieldy, profession
Scrambler Rifle, LocustShock 1482,6004d6 E90 ft.Confuse20 charges 21Scramble
Trenarii Singing Coil, OrchestraShock 18380,0007d4 E200 ft.Deafen 100 charges 102Line, unwieldy, profession
Shout RifleSonic14501d4 So30 ft.demoralize20 charges41blast, nonlethal, unwieldy
Boomer Rifle, TremorSonic25201d8 So40 ft.deafen12 shells31analog
Chordpocalypse, ThunderstrikeSonic27651d6 So30 ft.Deafen 20 charges 11Boost (1d4), polarize (1d4), professional (musician)
Blindmark Rifle, ThunderstrikeSonic31,4002d4 So60 ft.20 charges21echo, stun
Vortex Rifle, PulseSonic31,4002d4 So60 ft.Nauseate 20 charges 11Breach, underwater
Staccato Rifle, PulseSonic42,0001d10 So40 ft.deafen40 charges12automatic
Sonic Rifle, ThunderstrikeSonic53,4001d10 So50 ft.deafen40 charges21
Boomer Rifle, RumblerSonic64,1002d6 So40 ft.deafen12 shells41analog
Chordpocalypse, ShatteringSonic64,2801d8 So30 ft.Deafen 20 charges 11Boost (1d6), polarize (1d6), professional (musician)
Vortex Rifle, SurgeSonic64,1502d6 So60 ft.Nauseate 20 charges 11Breach, underwater
Streetsweeper, ThunderstrikeSonic77,1501d10 So50 ft.knockdown40 charges52boost 1d6
Blindmark Rifle, LFDSonic89,8002d8 So80 ft.40 charges51echo, stun
Staccato Rifle, SurgeSonic913,0002d10 So60 ft.deafen40 charges22automatic
Chordpocalypse, PsychedelicSonic1018,4002d8 So30 ft.Deafen 40 charges 21Boost (1d8), polarize (1d8), professional (musician)
Sonic Rifle, LFDSonic1017,0002d10 So50 ft.deafen40 charges22
Boomer Rifle, ConcussiveSonic1124,0004d6 So40 ft.knockdown15 shells51analog
Streetsweeper, LFDSonic1239,3003d10 So50 ft.knockdown40 charges52boost 1d8
Vortex Rifle, DrumSonic1238,0004d6 So60 ft.Nauseate 20 charges 11Breach, underwater
Blindmark Rifle, HFDSonic1351,0004d8 So100 ft.sicken40 charges81echo, stun
Chordpocalypse, BansheeSonic1472,0004d8 So30 ft.Deafen 40 charges 21Boost (2d6), polarize (2d6), professional (musician)
Sonic Rifle, HFDSonic1480,2004d10 So50 ft.deafen80 charges42
Staccato Rifle, DrumSonic15107,0004d10 So60 ft.deafen40 charges22automatic
Streetsweeper, HFDSonic16195,0005d10 So50 ft.knockdown40 charges42boost 1d10
Boomer Rifle, ShockwaveSonic17230,0008d6 So40 ft.knockdown20 shells51analog
Vortex Rifle, HammerSonic17250,0008d6 So60 ft.Nauseate 40 charges 21Breach, underwater
Chordpocalypse, TranscendentSonic18372,0007d8 So40 ft.Deafen 80 charges 21Boost (2d8), polarize (2d8), professional (musician)
Sonic Rifle, BansheeSonic18364,5006d10 So50 ft.deafen100 charges52
Blindmark Rifle, BansheeSonic19585,0008d8 So120 ft.sicken80 charges101echo, stun
Staccato Rifle, HammerSonic20810,0008d10 So80 ft.deafen80 charges42automatic