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Solarian Weapon Crystals

A solarian weapon crystal adds damage to a solarian’s solar weapon. The solarian can place the crystal inside his mote as a standard action. While within a mote, a crystal applies its effects any time that mote is in a solar weapon form. A crystal within a mote can’t be interacted with in any way other than via abilities that specifically target a mote. The solarian can remove the crystal from his mote as a standard action, and the crystal falls loose if the mote is deactivated in any way. A solarian can’t have more than one crystal in his mote at a given time.

A solarian weapon crystal doesn’t give a solarian the option to create a solar weapon if he did not choose that option for his solar manifestation. Most weapon crystals increase the amount of damage attacks with the solar weapon deal. This increased damage is normally the same type of damage the solarian weapon deals (typically bludgeoning, piercing, or slashing). If a solarian crystal’s damage entry lists an abbreviation after the damage, however, the additional damage the solar weapon deals is of the indicated type.

Even if a solarian weapon crystal’s extra damage is a type of energy damage, attacks with the solar weapon still target KAC, not EAC. If a solarian crystal lists a critical effect, that critical effect applies to any critical hit the solar weapon makes while the solarian crystal is within the solarian’s mote.

For example, a solarian with a minor photon crystal and a base solar weapon damage of 2d6 deals 2d6 bludgeoning, piercing, or slashing damage, plus 1d6 fire damage, on a hit with his solar weapon.

A solarian weapon crystal is a hybrid item that blends magic and technology. When a weapon crystal is within a mote and the solarian uses the mote in solar weapon form, the solar weapon is considered magic for the purpose of overcoming damage reduction.

Broken Solarian Crystals: If a solarian weapon crystal with the broken condition is inside a solarian’s solar mote, the solarian takes a –2 penalty to attack and damage rolls with the solar weapon, and the solar weapon can’t deal extra critical effects. Both effects last until the crystal is repaired. As hybrid items, solarian crystals can be repaired using the make whole or mending spells, or with the Engineering or Mysticism skills, as described in the Skills chapter.

Apocalypse Crystal, Shard1150+1 corrode 1d4
Electron, Shard1280+1 Estun
Photino Crystals, Shard1110+1 F
Photon, Shard1145+1 Fburn 1d4
Tauon, Least1235+1 EstaggeredStun
W-Boson, Shard1215+1 burn 1d4
Z-Boson, Shard1115+1 push (5 ft.)
Gluon, Shard2770+1 wound
Iceflame Crystals, Shard2780+1 Cfrostbite 1aurora
Muon, Least2760+1 penetrating
T-Quark, Least2750+1 variant boost 1d3 (2/day)
Electron, Least31,430+1d2 Estun
Positron, Least31,310+1d2 Firradiate
Pyrespike Crystals, Shard31,400+1 Fsicken
Muon, Minor42,200+1d2 penetrating
Photino Crystals, Least41,850+1d2 Fburn 1
Tauon, Minor41,850+1d3 EstaggeredStun
Z-Boson, Least41,950+1d2 push (5 ft.)
Apocalypse Crystal, Least53,050+1d4 corrode 1d6
Graviton, Least52,900+1d3 knockdown
Iceflame Crystals, Least53,100+1d3 Cfrostbite 1d4aurora
Photon, Least52,950+1d3 Fburn 1d6
T-Quark, Minor53,000+1d3 variant boost 1d4 (3/day)
W-Boson, Least53,050+1d4 bleed 1d6
Electron, Minor63,850+1d4 Estun
Gluon, Least63,900+1d4 wound
Pyrespike Crystals, Least64,255+1d3 Fsicken
Photino Crystals, Minor75,500+1d4 Fburn 1d4
Tauon, Lesser76,000+1d4 EstaggeredStun
T-Quark, Lesser76,950+1d4 variant boost 2d4 (3/day)
Z-Boson, Minor77,000+1d4 push (10 ft.)
Apocalypse Crystal, Minor89,500+1d6 corrode 1d6
Graviton, Minor89,200+1d6 knockdown
Iceflame Crystals, Minor89,600+1d6 Cfrostbite 1d6aurora
Photon, Minor89,300+1d6 Fburn 1d6
W-Boson, Minor89,800+1d6 bleed 2d6
Electron, Lesser912,100+1d6 Estun
Gluon, Minor911,500+1d6 severe wound
Pyrespike Crystals, Minor913,280+1d6 Fsicken
Muon, Lesser1018,100+2d4 penetrating
Photino Crystals, Lesser1017,000+2d4 Fburn 1d6
Tauon, Standard1017,500+2d4 EstaggeredStun
Z-Boson, Lesser1017,500+1d8 push (10 ft.)
Apocalypse Crystal, Lesser1124,900+2d6 corrode 1d6
Graviton, Lesser1124,000+2d6 knockdown
Iceflame Crystals, Lesser1125,200+2d6 Cfrostbite 1d6aurora
Photon, Lesser1125,100+2d6 Fburn 1d6
W-Boson, Lesser1126,200+2d6 bleed 2d6
Electron, Standard1230,500+3d4 Estun
Gluon, Lesser1230,800+2d6 severe wound
Pyrespike Crystals, Lesser1235,500+2d6 Fsicken
Photino Crystals, Standard1346,000+3d4 Fburn 2d6
Positron, Minor1347,000+2d8 Firradiate
Tauon, Greater1348,400+3d4 EstaggeredStun
T-Quark, Standard1345,000+1d12 variant boost 2d6 (4/day)
Z-Boson, Standard1347,500+2d8 push (20 ft.)
Apocalypse Crystal, Standard1474,000+3d6 corrode 2d6
Graviton, Standard1469,800+3d6 knockdown
Iceflame Crystals, Standard1475,000+3d6 Cfrostbite 2d6aurora
Photon, Standard1471,200+3d6 Fburn 2d6
W-Boson, Standard1481,300+3d6 bleed 3d6
Electron, Greater1593,000+4d4 Estun
Gluon, Standard1594,200+3d6 severe wound
Pyrespike Crystals, Standard15109,000+3d6 Fsicken
Muon, Standard16166,000+6d4 penetrating
Photino Crystals, Greater16145,000+4d4 Fburn 3d6
Tauon, True16161,000+3d8 EstaggeredStun
T-Quark, Greater16175,000+3d6 variant boost 3d6 (5/day)
Z-Boson, Greater16177,500+3d8 push (25 ft.)
Apocalypse Crystal, Greater17265,000+4d6 corrode 2d6
Graviton, Greater17251,000+4d6 knockdown
Iceflame Crystals, Greater17255,000+4d6 Cfrostbite 3d6aurora
Photon, Greater17246,200+4d6 Fburn 3d6
W-Boson, Greater17274,100+4d6 bleed 4d6
Electron, True18332,000+6d4 Estun
Gluon, Greater18330,300+4d6 severe wound
Pyrespike Crystals, Greater18369,000+4d6 Fsicken
Photino Crystals, True19495,000+6d4 Fburn 4d6
Positron, Lesser19528,000+5d6 Firradiate
Z-Boson, True19561,000+4d8 push (30 ft.)
Apocalypse Crystal, True20776,000+6d6 corrode 2d6
Gluon, True20916,200+6d6 severe wound
Graviton, True20727,100+6d6 knockdown
Iceflame Crystals, True20825,000+6d6 Cfrostbite 4d6aurora
Muon, Greater20760,000+10d4 penetrating
Photon, True20729,500+6d6 Fburn 5d6
Pyrespike Crystals, True20856,000+6d6 Fsicken
T-Quark, True20750,000+6d6 variant boost 6d6 (5/day)
W-Boson, True20806,000+6d6 bleed 6d6