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Ammunition includes standard items (such as batteries that can replenish charged weapons), small arm and longarm rounds, and special units such as grenade arrows and missiles.

Arrows (20)150L
Darts (25)120L
Flare (1)15
Flechette (25)175L
Mood goo tank (10 mood goo )12501
Scattergun Shells (25)155L
Thasphalt canister (20 thasphalt )175L
Battery, Standard (20)160
Petrol Tank, Standard (20)1601
Rounds, Longarm and Sniper (25)175L
Rounds, Small Arm (30)140L
Rounds, Heavy (20)290L
Thasteron pellets (50 thasteron pellets )3200L
Petrol Tank, High-Capacity (40)32802
Mini-Rockets (10)4300L
Battery, High-Capacity (40)4330
Battery, Super-Capacity (80)4390
Battery, Ultra-Capacity (100)5445L
Nanite Canisters (10 nanites)92,150L
Locus Crystal, Harmonic ()Locus5190
Locus Crystal, Interference ()Locus91,000
Locus Crystal, Infrasonic ()Locus135,600
Locus Crystal, Ultrasonic ()Locus1711,300
Explosive, Arrow (20)Special275Lfiery
Explosive, Darts (25)Special250Lfiery
Explosive, Rounds, Longarm and Sniper (25)Special2150Lfiery
Explosive, Rounds, Small Arms (30)Special260Lfiery
Explosive, Scattergun Shells (25)Special2110Lfiery
Explosive, Rounds, Heavy (20)Special3180Lfiery
Explosive, Mini-Rockets (10)Special5450Lfiery
Grenade Arrow, I (1)Special6875as any 1st-level grenade
Phasing, I Longarm and Sniper Rounds (25)Special7820L
Grenade Arrow, II (1)Special105,450as any 5th- or lower-level grenade
Missile, Tactical (1)Special105,7001explode (6d8 B & P; 30 ft.)
Plasma Missile, Ionized (1)Special116,70018d8 e&f
Arrow, Diamond-Edge (20)Special125,200L3d6 p
Missile, Advanced (1)Special1314,600113d8 b & f
Phasing, II Longarm and Sniper Rounds (25)Special149,420L
Warpshot, Heavy Rounds (20)Special149,750LForce
Warpshot, Mini-rockets (10)Special149,750LForce
Warpshot, Scattergun Shells (25)Special149,750LForce
Grenade Arrow, III (1)Special1532,050as any 10th- or lower-level grenade
Plasma Missile, Stellar (1)Special1653,200112d10 e&f
Arrow, Molecular Rift (20)Special1853,700L10d6 p
Plasma Missile, HED (1)Special19175,000117d12 e&f
Grenade Arrow, IV (1)Special20245,000as any 15th- or lower-level grenade