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Heavy Weapons

Heavy weapons are military-grade, high-damage weapons that require specialized training to use. Heavy weapons are difficult to hold steadily and aim accurately, and they thus require a minimum Strength score to use to their full potential. Heavy weapons must be held and operated with two hands, and they require a battery or ammunition of the proper size and type to function.

Minimum Strength: The minimum Strength score is 12 for 1st- through 10th-level heavy weapons and 14 for 11th-level and higher heavy weapons. A character using a heavy weapon without the appropriate minimum Strength takes a –2 penalty to attack rolls with that weapon.

Two-Handed Weapons

NIL Grenade Launcher, Merc1280by grenade 60 ft.6 grenades12analog
Psychic-Wave Cannon, I21,1001d6 30 ft.demoralize20 charges42blast, living, mind-affecting, unwieldy
Minelayer, Merc31,470 8 grenades12mine
Acid Lancer, Corroder-Class42,0002d4 A30 ft.corrode 1d420 caustrol42analog, boost 1d4, line, unwieldy
Psychic-Wave Cannon, II53,5201d12 40 ft.demoralize20 charges42blast, living, mind-affecting, unwieldy
Cluster Launcher, Tactical64,150 8 grenades12cluster (5 ft.)
Minelayer, Squad76,930 12 grenades12mine
Dissolver, Macrergate810,0002d8 A & F40 ft.corrode 2d440 charges4LBlast, living, Swarm, unwieldy
NIL Grenade Launcher, Squad89,400by grenade 70 ft.12 grenades13analog
Acid Lancer, Melter-Class913,0003d4 A30 ft.corrode 2d420 caustrol52analog, boost 1d6, line, unwieldy
IMDS Missile Launcher1018,20080 ft.1 missile12
Psychic-Wave Cannon, III1128,2002d12 50 ft.demoralize20 charges42blast, living, mind-affecting, unwieldy
Cluster Launcher, Advanced1235,800 10 grenades13cluster (10 ft.)
Dissolver, Dinergate1350,0004d8 A & F40 ft.corrode 4d440 charges5LBlast, living, Swarm, unwieldy
Minelayer, Platoon1351,400 16 grenades12mine
Acid Lancer, Liquefier-Class1475,0008d4 A50 ft.corrode 4d440 caustrol82analog, boost 1d8, line, unwieldy
Cluster Launcher, Elite15105,000 12 grenades13cluster (10 ft.)
Psychic-Wave Cannon, IV16198,0004d12 50 ft.demoralize20 charges42blast, living, mind-affecting, unwieldy
Minelayer, Command17243,000 20 grenades12mine
Cluster Launcher, Paragon18360,000 16 grenades13cluster (15 ft.)
Dissolver, Ergatoid18380,0009d8 A & F40 ft.corrode 9d440 charges5LBlast, living, Swarm, unwieldy
Acid Lancer, Disintegrator-Class19550,0008d8 A50 ft.corrode 6d440 caustrol102analog, boost 1d10, line, unwieldy
Psychic-Wave Cannon, V20990,0007d12 60 ft.demoralize20 charges42blast, living, mind-affecting, unwieldy
Hailcannon, SubzeroCryo12751d8 C & P60 ft.staggered20 charges22automatic
Ice Launcher, AufeisCryo27601d12 B & C60 ft.knockdown20 charges43unwieldy
Coolant Sprayer, HiemalCryo31,6001d4 C20 ft.staggered40 charges43blast, entangle (1d4 rounds), unwieldy
Energy Converter, TacticalCryo42,4001d6 C90 ft.staggered20 charges13explode (10 ft.), unwieldy
Ice Launcher, IcebergCryo53,1002d8 B & C60 ft.knockdown40 charges43unwieldy
Hailcannon, GelidCryo64,3502d8 C & P60 ft.staggered40 charges42automatic
Coolant Sprayer, AlgidCryo77,4001d6 C30 ft.staggered40 charges43blast, entangle (1d4 rounds), unwieldy
Ice Launcher, FloeCryo89,4303d12 B & C60 ft.knockdown40 charges83unwieldy
Hailcannon, UltracoldCryo914,3004d8 C & P80 ft.staggered40 charges42automatic
Energy Converter, AdvancedCryo1020,9002d8 C90 ft.staggered20 charges13explode (15 ft.), unwieldy
Frailty Cannon, Murder-ClassCryo1020,9003d6 C60 ft.40 charges42line, necrotic
Zero Cannon, TacticalCryo1123,0003d8 C60 ft.staggered80 charges42line, unwieldy
Coolant Sprayer, GlacialCryo1241,0002d6 C40 ft.staggered40 charges43blast, entangle (2d4 rounds), unwieldy
Hailcannon, Absolute-ZeroCryo1350,8006d8 C & P80 ft.staggered80 charges52automatic
Zero Cannon, AdvancedCryo1481,4005d8 C60 ft.staggered100 charges52line, unwieldy
Frailty Cannon, Massacre-ClassCryo15132,0006d6 C60 ft.50 charges52line, necrotic
Ice Launcher, GlacierCryo15108,0008d12 B & C60 ft.knockdown80 charges83unwieldy
Energy Converter, EliteCryo16198,0003d10 C100 ft.staggered20 charges13explode (20 ft.), unwieldy
Coolant Sprayer, IsothermalCryo17290,0003d6 C40 ft.staggered40 charges43blast, entangle (2d4 rounds), unwieldy
Zero Cannon, EliteCryo18412,8008d8 C80 ft.staggered100 charges52line, unwieldy
Frailty Cannon, Extinction-ClassCryo19660,0009d6 C80 ft.50 charges52line, necrotic
Hailcannon, ClathrateCryo19565,00014d8 C & P100 ft.staggered80 charges82automatic
Ice Launcher, IcecapCryo20892,00014d12 B & C60 ft.knockdown80 charges83unwieldy
Disintegrator Cannon, LiquidatorDisintegrator64,8001d20 A40 ft.corrode 1d640 charges43line, unwieldy
Nanite Decoupler, CausticDisintegrator915,0002d6 A60 ft.corrode 1d610 nanites23explode (10 ft.), unwieldy
Disintegrator Cannon, DecimatorDisintegrator1129,5003d10 A40 ft.corrode 2d640 charges43line, unwieldy
Disintegrator Cannon, ExecutionerDisintegrator16220,0005d10 A40 ft.corrode 3d680 charges83line, unwieldy
Nanite Decoupler, VitriolicDisintegrator19650,0002d20 A80 ft.corrode 3d610 nanites53explode (20 ft.), unwieldy
Disintegrator Cannon, EradicatorDisintegrator20765,0005d20 A40 ft.corrode 4d680 charges83line, unwieldy
Agitator, EmberFlame13301d8 F60 ft.burn 1d420 charges12boost 1d4
Flamethrower, Ifrit-ClassFlame27801d6 F15 ft.burn 1d620 petrol42analog, blast, unwieldy
Burner, Ifrit-ClassFlame31,3001d10 F30 ft.burn 1d640 petrol42line, unwieldy
Radcannon, ElectromagneticFlame42,1501d8 F30 ft.irradiate40 charges22blast, radioactive, unwieldy
Flame Launcher, FireballFlame53,2501d8 F60 ft.burn 1d620 petrol22explode (10 ft.), unwieldy
Agitator, BlazeFlame64,3002d6 F80 ft.burn 2d440 charges12boost 1d6
Flamethrower, Pyre-ClassFlame64,2001d10 F30 ft.burn 1d820 petrol42analog, blast, unwieldy
Burner, Salamander-ClassFlame76,0502d10 F40 ft.burn 2d640 petrol42line, unwieldy
Flamethrower, Salamander-ClassFlame88,6002d6 F30 ft.burn 2d620 petrol52analog, blast, unwieldy
Flame Launcher, ImmolationFlame914,2002d8 F80 ft.burn 2d640 petrol42explode (10 ft.), unwieldy
Radcannon, NeutronFlame1018,7003d6 F50 ft.irradiate40 charges22blast, radioactive, unwieldy
Burner, Hellhound-ClassFlame1123,8003d10 F50 ft.burn 3d640 petrol42line, unwieldy
Flamethrower, Hellhound-ClassFlame1235,1004d6 F30 ft.burn 4d640 petrol82analog, blast, unwieldy
Agitator, InfernoFlame1350,8006d6 F80 ft.burn 3d440 charges22boost 2d6
Flame Launcher, SupernovaFlame1479,8005d8 F120 ft.burn 3d640 petrol52explode (10 ft.), unwieldy
Flamethrower, Firedrake-ClassFlame15128,0006d6 F30 ft.burn 6d640 petrol102analog, blast, unwieldy
Burner, Firedrake-ClassFlame16158,0006d10 F60 ft.burn 4d640 petrol42line, unwieldy
Radcannon, Rapid-DecayFlame17264,0007d8 F60 ft.irradiate40 charges22blast, radioactive, unwieldy
Flamethrower, Phoenix-ClassFlame18367,5009d6 F30 ft.burn 9d640 petrol102analog, blast, unwieldy
Agitator, Solar FlareFlame19580,00012d6 F100 ft.burn 4d440 charges22boost 5d6
Burner, Pheonic-ClassFlame20795,00010d10 F75 ft.burn 5d640 petrol42line, unwieldy
Artillery Laser, AzimuthLaser14251d10 F120 ft.burn 1d620 charges23penetrating
Rotolaser, TacticalLaser27201d8 F100 ft.burn 1d420 charges12Automatic
Dazzler, FlashLaser31,4201d10 F120 ft.blind20 charges22nonlethal
Convergent Laser, Single-WaveLaser42,1001d12 F100 ft.burn 1d640 charges42unwieldy
Divergent Laser, Single-WaveLaser53,4301d8 F60 ft.burn 1d640 charges22blast, unwieldy
Artillery Laser, CoronaLaser64,6502d8 F120 ft.burn 1d640 charges43penetrating
Rotolaser, AdvancedLaser76,0402d8 F120 ft.burn 1d620 charges12Automatic
Dazzler, StrobeLaser89,4202d12 F150 ft.blind20 charges22nonlethal
Artillery Laser, AphelionLaser914,3003d8 F120 ft.burn 1d640 charges43penetrating
Autobeam Artillery, TacticalLaser1019,4002d8 F120 ft.burn 1d840 charges12automatic
Convergent Laser, MultiwaveLaser1124,5004d10 F120 ft.burn 3d640 charges42unwieldy
Divergent Laser, MultiwaveLaser1241,2004d8 F80 ft.burn 2d640 charges22blast, unwieldy
Artillery Laser, PerihelionLaser1353,8004d8 F130 ft.burn 2d6100 charges53penetrating
Dazzler, SunspotLaser1471,5004d12 F150 ft.blind20 charges22nonlethal
Convergent Laser, Wide-SpectrumLaser15118,0007d10 F120 ft.burn 4d640 charges42unwieldy
Autobeam Artillery, AdvancedLaser16145,7004d8 F120 ft.burn 2d840 charges12automatic
Artillery Laser, ParallaxLaser17248,0007d8 F150 ft.burn 4d6100 charges53penetrating
Divergent Laser, Wide-SpectrumLaser18414,0007d8 F90 ft.burn 3d640 charges22blast, unwieldy
Autobeam Artillery, EliteLaser19543,3006d8 F120 ft.burn 2d1040 charges12automatic
Artillery Laser, ZenithLaser20722,0009d8 F150 ft.burn 5d6100 charges53penetrating
Conqueror, Red StarPlasma14301d10 E & F60 ft.wound20 charges43unwieldy
Hydra Cannon, Python-SeriesPlasma21,0701d6 E & F20 ft.20 charges22blast, shape 1, unwieldy
Plasma Array, Red StarPlasma31,3801d10 E & F80 ft.burn 1d420 charges12automatic
Starheart Cannon, Red StarPlasma31,3001d6 E & F100 ft.blind40 charges52bright, explode (5 ft.), unwieldy
Conqueror, Yellow StarPlasma42,4001d12 E & F80 ft.wound40 charges43unwieldy
Aurora Cannon, HydrogenPlasma53,1002d4 E & F100 ft.blind40 charges22aurora
Plasma Flare, LuminousPlasma52,9502d6 E & F80 ft.20 charges12bright, unwieldy
Hydra Cannon, Viper-SeriesPlasma64,8002d6 E & F25 ft.20 charges22blast, shape 2, unwieldy
Plasma Array, Yellow StarPlasma76,3002d10 E & F80 ft.burn 2d420 charges22automatic
Plasma Cannon, Red StarPlasma88,6502d10 E & F100 ft.burn 1d840 charges52explode (5 ft.), unwieldy
Starheart Cannon, Yellow StarPlasma89,0503d6 E & F100 ft.blind100 charges52bright, explode (10 ft.), unwieldy
Conqueror, White StarPlasma915,2003d12 E & F80 ft.wound40 charges43unwieldy
Plasma Flare, RadiantPlasma913,2755d6 E & F100 ft.wound40 charges22bright, unwieldy
Aurora Cannon, ElectronPlasma1018,2006d4 E & F120 ft.blind40 charges22aurora
Plasma Array, White StarPlasma1126,4003d10 E & F100 ft.burn 3d420 charges12automatic
Hydra Cannon, Asp-SeriesPlasma1241,0004d6 E & F30 ft.20 charges22blast, shape 3, unwieldy
Conqueror, Blue StarPlasma1352,0005d10 E & F100 ft.wound80 charges43unwieldy
Plasma Flare, BrilliantPlasma1353,1008d6 E & F100 ft.wound80 charges42bright, unwieldy
Starheart Cannon, White StarPlasma1348,1005d6 E & F100 ft.blind100 charges52bright, explode (10 ft.), unwieldy
Plasma Cannon, Yellow StarPlasma1462,8004d10 E & F100 ft.burn 2d8100 charges52explode (5 ft.), unwieldy
Plasma Array, Blue StarPlasma15109,0005d10 E & F100 ft.burn 4d420 charges12automatic
Plasma Cannon, White StarPlasma16189,2006d10 E & F100 ft.burn 3d8100 charges52explode (5 ft.), unwieldy
Aurora Cannon, ProtonPlasma17258,00015d4 E & F120 ft.blind40 charges22aurora
Plasma Flare, IncandescentPlasma17265,50013d6 E & F100 ft.wound100 charges52bright, unwieldy
Conqueror, Violet StarPlasma18590,00010d10 E & F100 ft.wound80 charges83unwieldy
Starheart Cannon, Blue StarPlasma18360,0009d6 E & F100 ft.blind100 charges102bright, explode (15 ft.), unwieldy
Hydra Cannon, Cobra-SeriesPlasma19642,00010d6 E & F40 ft.20 charges22blast, shape 4, unwieldy
Plasma Cannon, Blue StarPlasma20950,0008d10 E & F100 ft.burn 4d8100 charges102explode (10 ft.), unwieldy
Reaction Cannon, LightProjectile12501d10 P90 ft.6 rounds13penetrating
Dart Cannon, LightProjectile26901d8 P120 ft.embed 1d650 darts102unwieldy
Rail Cannon, TacticalProjectile31,4101d10 P60 ft.bleed 1d420 rounds52line, unwieldy
Machine Gun, SquadProjectile42,0601d10 P60 ft.40 rounds22analog, automatic
Dart Cannon, TacticalProjectile52,8001d12 P130 ft.embed 1d850 darts102unwieldy
X-Gen Gun, TacticalProjectile64,2401d12 P120 ft.80 rounds22automatic
Reaction Cannon, TacticalProjectile76,1002d10 P90 ft.6 rounds13penetrating
Dart Cannon, HeavyProjectile89,6502d12 P140 ft.embed 1d850 darts102unwieldy
Machine Gun, LightProjectile88,6002d10 P60 ft.60 rounds22analog, automatic
X-Gen Gun, AdvancedProjectile913,1002d12 P120 ft.100 rounds22automatic
Reaction Cannon, HeavyProjectile1016,7503d10 P100 ft.6 rounds13penetrating
Stellar Cannon, LightProjectile1019,2002d12 P30 ft.wound18 shells62blast
Crossbolter, AdvancedProjectile1121,9004d10 P70 ft.12 arrows42unwieldy
Dart Cannon, AdvancedProjectile1122,3003d12 P150 ft.embed 1d1050 darts102unwieldy
Machine Gun, MediumProjectile1123,1003d10 P60 ft.60 rounds22analog, automatic
Rail Cannon, AdvancedProjectile1237,0003d10 P80 ft.bleed 2d440 rounds82line, unwieldy
X-Gen Gun, EliteProjectile1353,7004d12 P120 ft.100 rounds22automatic
Crossbolter, EliteProjectile1471,4006d10 P60 ft.30 arrows62unwieldy
Reaction Cannon, AdvancedProjectile1473,0006d10 P100 ft.6 rounds13penetrating
Dart Cannon, EliteProjectile15118,0006d12 P150 ft.embed 2d1250 darts52unwieldy
Stellar Cannon, HeavyProjectile15122,8004d12 P30 ft.wound32 shells82blast
Rail Cannon, EliteProjectile16176,0008d10 P80 ft.bleed 3d650 rounds102line, unwieldy
Machine Gun, HeavyProjectile17220,3007d10 P120 ft.100 rounds42analog, automatic
Reaction Cannon, EliteProjectile17244,0008d10 P100 ft.6 rounds13penetrating
Crossbolter, ParagonProjectile18327,20010d10 P60 ft.40 arrows82unwieldy
Dart Cannon, ParagonProjectile19584,0009d12 P150 ft.embed 3d1250 darts52unwieldy
Rail Cannon, ParagonProjectile19591,00012d10 P100 ft.bleed 4d660 rounds102line, unwieldy
Reaction Cannon, ParagonProjectile20810,00012d10 P100 ft.6 rounds13penetrating
X-Gen Gun, ParagonProjectile20826,0009d12 P120 ft.100 rounds22automatic
Arc Caster, StaticShock13751d8 E60 ft.second arc 1d620 charges22first arc 1d6, unwieldy
Stormcaller, SheetShock21,1001d8 E30 ft.20 charges52flexible line, living, unwieldy
Anacite Ion Cannon, StaticShock31,5501d10 E20 ft.staggered20 charges22line, lockdown, unwieldy
Colossus Coil, CoronaShock31,4501d8 E80 ft.arc 1d620 charges43boost 1d8
Cathode Cannon, TacticalShock42,0401d10 E40 ft.40 charges42unwieldy, wide line
Arc Caster, AuroraShock53,1602d6 E60 ft.second arc 1d640 charges22first arc 1d6, unwieldy
Shock Caster, StaticShock64,6201d12 E40 ft.40 charges22explode (10 ft.), unwieldy
Stormcaller, RibbonShock77,7002d8 E40 ft.40 charges52flexible line, living, unwieldy
Anacite Ion Cannon, AuroraShock810,9002d10 E45 ft.staggered40 charges42line, lockdown, unwieldy
Cathode Cannon, AdvancedShock89,3002d12 E60 ft.40 charges42unwieldy, wide line
Colossus Coil, BrushShock913,8003d8 E100 ft.arc 2d640 charges83boost 1d8
Shock Caster, AuroraShock1019,1002d12 E40 ft.40 charges42explode (15 ft.), unwieldy
Arc Caster, StormShock1125,6005d6 E80 ft.second arc 2d640 charges42first arc 2d6, unwieldy
Cathode Cannon, EliteShock1235,3003d12 E60 ft.40 charges42unwieldy, wide line
Anacite Ion Cannon, StormShock1352,9004d10 E75 ft.staggered80 charges52line, lockdown, unwieldy
Stormcaller, RocketShock1357,0004d8 E60 ft.40 charges52flexible line, living, unwieldy
Colossus Coil, Streamer ArcShock1476,4005d8 E100 ft.arc 3d640 charges83boost 2d8
Cathode Cannon, ParagonShock15109,0006d12 E100 ft.40 charges42unwieldy, wide line
Shock Caster, StormShock16164,8005d12 E40 ft.100 charges102explode (20 ft.), unwieldy
Arc Caster, TempestShock17262,00010d6 E80 ft.second arc 4d640 charges52first arc 4d6, unwieldy
Anacite Ion Cannon, TempestShock18441,0006d10 E100 ft.staggered100 charges102line, lockdown, unwieldy
Cathode Cannon, ShockstormShock18647,0007d12 E120 ft.80 charges42unwieldy, wide line
Stormcaller, Smooth-ChannelShock18440,0008d8 E60 ft.40 charges52flexible line, living, unwieldy
Colossus Coil, MultistreamShock19888,00010d8 E120 ft.arc 4d680 charges103boost 3d8
Shock Caster, TempestShock20735,0007d12 E40 ft.100 charges102explode (20 ft.), unwieldy
Shout Projector, ExhorterSonic14201d6 So30 ft.demoralize20 charges22explode (10 ft.), integrated (2 slots), nonlethal, unwieldy
Dirge Cannon, HarmonicSonic29001d8 So20 ft.deafen20 charges43antibiological, blast, unwieldy
Sonic Bolter, LightSonic31,4801d10 So60 ft.sicken20 charges22antibiological, line, unwieldy
Resonator, DiffractionSonic42,0801d8 So60 ft.deafen40 charges22boost 1d8, penetrating
Screamer, ThunderstrikeSonic53,3501d10 So30 ft.deafen40 charges42blast, unwieldy
Shout Projector, DamperSonic64,7502d6 So40 ft.demoralize20 charges22explode (10 ft.), integrated (2 slots), nonlethal, unwieldy
Dirge Cannon, ResonantSonic74,2702d6 So30 ft.deafen40 charges43antibiological, blast, unwieldy
Sonic Bolter, HeavySonic810,1002d10 So80 ft.sicken20 charges22antibiological, line, unwieldy
Screamer, LFDSonic914,0002d10 So60 ft.deafen80 charges82blast, unwieldy
Resonator, RefractionSonic1018,3002d8 So80 ft.deafen40 charges22boost 2d8, penetrating
Shout Projector, PacifierSonic1122,8003d8 So60 ft.demoralize40 charges42explode (15 ft.), integrated (2 slots), nonlethal, unwieldy
Sonic Bolter, AssaultSonic1238,0003d12 So80 ft.sicken20 charges22antibiological, line, unwieldy
Dirge Cannon, AnharmonicSonic1349,9005d6 So40 ft.deafen80 charges43antibiological, blast, unwieldy
Resonator, LinearSonic1473,8004d8 So100 ft.deafen40 charges22boost 3d8, penetrating
Screamer, HFDSonic15107,5004d10 So60 ft.deafen100 charges102blast, unwieldy
Dirge Cannon, ParametricSonic16172,0007d6 So50 ft.deafen80 charges43antibiological, blast, unwieldy
Shout Projector, RiotSonic17304,0005d8 So60 ft.demoralize40 charges42explode (15 ft.), integrated (2 slots), nonlethal, unwieldy
Sonic Bolter, DevastatorSonic18398,0003d12 So90 ft.sicken20 charges22antibiological, line, unwieldy
Resonator, PhasedSonic19565,0008d8 So110 ft.deafen40 charges22boost 5d8, penetrating
Shout Projector, CrackdownSonic20918,0009d8 So80 ft.demoralize80 charges82explode (20 ft.), integrated (2 slots), nonlethal, unwieldy