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Weapon Fusions

A weapon fusion is a small, prepackaged add-on that can be attached to any weapon to infuse it with magic. Adventurers use weapon fusions to customize their weapons for a specific enemy or to increase a weapon’s overall effectiveness. Weapon fusions are magic unless stated otherwise. While this causes the weapons they are installed in to be considered hybrid items, in truth the weapon and the fusion still operate separately. An ability that affects a magic item could affect the fusion installed in a weapon, but that would not prevent the weapon’s core function from operating normally unless the weapon was also independently a magic device. The hybridized fusion (see page 194) is an exception to this rule, as noted in its description. Weapons with fusions are considered magic for the purpose of overcoming damage reduction.
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Anchoring1A weapon with the anchoring fusion has a chance to immobilize its targets.
Called1A weapon with the called fusion can be teleported to its owner’s hand as a swift action, even if the weapon is in the possession of another creature.
Climbing1The climbing weapon fusion allows a weapon to grip onto most surfaces, allowing its wielder to climb while holding the weapon.
Cunning1When you strike a creature with a cunning weapon and deal damage, you can attempt an Engineering, Life Science, or Mysticism check to identify the creature as appropriate (this takes no action).
Defiant1A weapon with the defiant fusion resists efforts to be removed from its wielder.
Durable1The durable fusion uses magical runes and reinforcements to significantly increase a weapon’s toughness.
Familial1A familial weapon aims itself around all other creatures the wielder considers their family, and is usually decorated with a crest or other distinguishing mark.
Glamered1As a standard action, a weapon with the glamered fusion can be commanded to change its appearance to assume the form of another object of similar size.
Harmonic1A harmonic weapon reverberates with a constant, almost distracting hum or makes pleasant twanging noises when moved around.
Hindering1A hindering fusion turns a melee weapon into a device suitable for making your foes less capable of escaping and fighting back.
Hybridized1A weapon with the hybridized fusion replaces much of its technological functions with magic counterparts.
Illuminating1The illuminating fusion causes a weapon to gain the bright weapon special property (see page 181).
Invigorating1The invigorating fusion fills its wielder with vigor when defeating foes.
Mining1The mining weapon fusion allows a weapon to become a tool for digging through rock and dirt, carving through such materials easily.
Ominous1A weapon with the ominous fusion trails a shadowy haze behind it and moans a menacing dirge in battle.
Returning1You can add this fusion only to a weapon that has the thrown weapon special property.
Secured1The secured fusion ties the weapon to a single owner.
Soulfire1The soulfire fusion (and soulfire fusion seals) can only be applied to solarian weapon crystals.
Stabilizing1The stabilizing fusion helps you keep your orientation in zero gravity.
Trailblazer1A weapon with the trailblazer fusion manages to alter the nature of its attacks to overcome the penalties of some natural environmental effects.
Anarchic2The anarchic fusion imbues a weapon with divine energy from a chaotic deity.
Axiomatic2The axiomatic fusion imbues a weapon with divine energy from a lawful deity.
Blasting2The blasting fusion allows a weapon to make a single attack as a blast (see the blast weapon special property on page 180) once per day as a full action.
Burst2With the burst fusion, a weapon’s energy damage can form a small explosion that spills onto a second target.
Dimming2The dimming weapon fusion douses any technological lights carried by the targets of its attacks.
Entangling2A weapon with the entangling fusion gains the entangle weapon special property (see page 181).
Glowing2The glowing weapon fusion casts a target in a glowing sheen, allowing others to discern it even in the darkness.
Holy2A weapon with the holy fusion becomes blessed with divine energy from a good deity.
Inspiring2The inspiring fusion imbues a weapon with hope.
Kindred2A kindred weapon bears the colors, iconography, and other designs of a specific culture.
Merciful2A weapon with the merciful fusion often hums pleasantly when at rest and makes soft, airy musical noises when it is used to make an attack.
Opportunistic2The opportunistic fusion guides your accuracy when making attacks of opportunity and leaves your foes vulnerable to your attack.
Spellthrower2A weapon with the spellthrower fusion is able to have a single spell gem loaded into it at a time.
Throwing2The throwing fusion makes even the most cumbersome melee weapon usable as a thrown weapon.
Ulrikka Duster2Dwarven asteroid miners favor the Ulrikka duster fusion, which causes any weapon with it to take on an armored, stocky appearance.
Unholy2The unholy fusion imbues a weapon with divine energy from an evil deity.
Venomous2A weapon with the venomous fusion gains the injection weapon special property (see page 181).
Astute3The fusion causes a weapon to become etched with glowing circuitry and ringed with faint blue-black flames.
Binding3Weapons with the binding fusion often feature decorative images of bars, gates, and manacles.
Conserving3Weapons with the conserving fusion preserve their ammunition and charges after a miss.
Deafening3With the deafening fusion, a weapon releases a blast of low-frequency sonic energy on impact.
Defending3Weapons with the defending fusion aid their wielder when blocking or fighting defensively.
Dispelling3A weapon with the dispelling fusion gathers spare wisps of latent magic during combat, which it can then unleash in a focused effort to dispel magic.
Disruptive3The disruptive fusion imbues a weapon with powerful positive energy designed to disrupt the magical forces that allow undead to exist.
Launching3The launching weapon fusion allows you to either strike or fire a magically empowered shot into the ground to propel yourself into the air.
Potent3The potent fusion boosts the DC of saving throws associated with the weapon.
Seeking3The seeking fusion causes an attack from a weapon to veer toward its target.
Sentinel3Like most weapon fusions designed for use on AbadarCorp weapons, the sentinel fusion makes a weapon richly ornamented, sometimes even gold-plated, and often adds icons of vault doors.
Sundering3A weapon fitted with a sundering fusion triggers destructive shockwaves in objects it hits, granting glancing blows the forcefulness of direct hits.
Valorous3Your weapon whispers bolstering words into your mind, allowing you to withstand even mighty terrors such as the colossi of Daimalko.
Bonding4A creation of the Brethedan biotech firm Life Innovations, a bonding weapon melds into your limb when you draw it (its coloration changes to match your skin tone).
Burning4Weapons with the burning fusion often take on an appearance that includes numerous flame-like elements.
Echoing4The echoing weapon fusion reflects the sound waves emitted by sonic weapons off nearby surfaces to reveal previously hidden creatures.
Manufacturing4Followers of the Prophecies of Kalistrade use manufacturing weapon fusions to ensure they are never without ammunition (or gouged by isolated traders for ammunition), even on long trade missions.
Radioactive4Once per day before making an attack with a weapon with the radioactive fusion, you can imbue the attack with toxic radioactivity.
Tactical4You can add the tactical fusion only to a ranged weapon.
Vanishing4The vanishing fusion can hide its wielder from the sight of one foe.
Accurate5The accurate fusion bestows exceptional balance and handling on a weapon.
Apprehending5The apprehending fusion causes the weapon to grow spikes and overwrought iron fixtures, as befits its use by the Hellknights.
Bane5The bane fusion enhances the power of critical hits against certain foes.
Bending5When attached to an analog ranged weapon, a bending fusion enables you to adjust the weapon’s projectiles mid-flight.
Bleeding5The bleeding fusion weaves entropic energy into the weapon’s form.
Bombarding5The bombarding fusion allows a weapon to duplicate the effect of a single grenade that is loaded into an extradimensional space within the weapon.
Devastating5You can apply the devastating fusion only to a weapon with two or more critical hit effects.
Energetic5A projectile weapon with the energetic fusion relies on energy rather than physical ammunition to generate kinetic attacks.
Flaming5The flaming fusion imbues a weapon with the fiery power of a star.
Frost5The frost fusion imbues a weapon with the icy cold of a dead world far from its system’s sun.
Ghost Killer5Attacks from a weapon with this fusion deal full damage to incorporeal creatures.
Interposing5You can add the interposing fusion only to a melee weapon.
Limning5Successful attacks with a weapon with the limning fusion surround the target with a glowing aura.
Numbing5Incorporating polar ice from particularly cold planets such as Vesk-7, this fusion causes the attached weapon to deliver a creeping numbness.
Obscuring5A weapon with the obscuring fusion emits mist, smoke, or a similar obscuring vapor when wielded.
Punishing5Subsequent wounds from a weapon with the punishing fusion have greater effect.
Selective5With the selective weapon fusion, you can exclude a single target from a weapon’s area of effect.
Shock5The shock fusion weaves the electrical energy of the universe into the weapon’s form.
Supercharging5A supercharging weapon sometimes crackles with barely contained sparks or glows ominously while operated.
Vicious5Vicious weapons have sinister appearances.
Adaptive6An weapon fitted with an adaptive fusion adjusts to any target it hits repeatedly.
Advancing6When you defeat a foe, a weapon with the advancing fusion draws you further into the fray.
Agonizing6Once per day when you successfully attack a foe with a weapon with the agonizing fusion, you can cast inflict pain on the target as a spell-like ability (using the weapon's item level as the caster level).
Chained6Weapons with the chained fusion gain a short chain that dangles from the haft or handle.
Cruel6The cruel fusion feeds on fear and despair.
Dampening6On a critical hit, a weapon with the dampening fusion can suppress any vibration-based blindsense the target has for 1d4 rounds.
Data Spike6The data spike fusion imbues a weapon with technomagical code that can infect living creatures’ nervous systems, causing them to almost lose control of their limbs.
Dimensional Disruption6This fusion infuses the disruption of kishalee weapons into the weapon’s output.
EMP6The EMP weapon fusion gives the weapon an electromagnetic pulse critical hit effect.
Ensnaring6The ensnaring fusion binds the target on a critical hit.
Hacked Code6A weapon with the hacked code fusion crackles with disruptive digital energy.
Hive Buster6A weapon with the hive buster fusion can temporarily disrupt the psychic ability of certain creatures on a critical hit.
Knockdown6With the knockdown fusion, a weapon disrupts a target’s center of gravity.
Menacing6A weapon with the menacing fusion aggressively pushes against your foe’s guard, making way for other attackers.
Nanite6The nanite fusion gives a weapon the nanite burst critical effect.
Quantum Storage6A weapon with a quantum storage fusion can be placed into rel-state, erasing it from existence; the weapon remains quantumly entangled with its wielder, and it can be retrieved at any time.
Spellbane6A weapon with the spellbane fusion gains the spellbane critical hit effect.
Tunneling6The tunneling weapon fusion transforms a heavy weapon into a tool that can carve tunnels into stone.
Agile7This delicate fusion provides its weapon exceptional balance and lightweight lethality.
Boosting7A boosting fusion provides its wielder a burst of confidence when delivering powerful blows with the weapon.
Cellular Degenerating7This fusion causes the target’s cells to overheat and rapidly degenerate.
Charge Disrupting7A weapon with the charge disrupting fusion disrupts power sources.
Jinxing7A weapon with the jinxing weapon fusion gains the jinx critical hit effect.
Mind Reading7Scoring a critical hit with a weapon with the mind rending fusion damages the psyche of the creature struck.
Steady7A steady fusion often appears heavily reinforced or bears rocky motifs.
Tattoo7Popular among the Xun of the Golden League, a tattoo weapon can be hidden in the form of a tattoo on your body.
Wounding7The wounding fusion causes a weapon to deal exceptionally traumatic damage.
Annihilator8A weapon with the annihilator fusion looks corroded, worn, and crudely formed.
Continuous8The continuous fusion lets a weapon with the line special property sustain fire continuously by expending additional charges.
Guarded8The guarded fusion guides timing so that ranged attacks don’t leave the wielder vulnerable.
Leeching8The leeching weapon fusion gives a weapon the leech critical hit effect.
Rebounding8The rebounding fusion lets you bounce your attacks off a wall to reach your target.
Synesthetic8A weapon with the synesthetic fusion carries a trace of the Dreamers’ psychic energies.
Temporal Disruption8With this fusion, a weapon’s energy damage can slow down the rate of subatomic movement in the target.
Tritidair8An installed tritidair fusion causes a weapon to show a star field with one bright constellation, similar to the patterns on tritidair wings.
Beneficent9When you score a critical hit against a significant enemy with a weapon that has the beneficent fusion, you gain one charge of beneficence.
Burdening9First commissioned by the wardens of the prison-planet Daegox 4 and now used in prisons throughout Near Space, the burdening weapon fusion often bears chains or manacles.
Corrosive9The corrosive fusion weaves the destructive power of acid into the weapon’s form.
Malediction9Once per day when you successfully attack a foe with a weapon with the malediction fusion, as a reaction you can cast bestow curse on the target as a spell-like ability (using the weapon’s item level as the caster level).
Ratjaw9Famously linked to criminals who worship Lao Shu Po, the ratjaw fusion aids in disarming and robbing foes.
Rel-Entrapment9Scoring a critical hit with a weapon with the rel-entrapment fusion forces the target to attempt a Will save; on a failure, the creature is forced into rel-state, temporarily ceasing to exist.
Thundering9The thundering fusion imbues a weapon with heightened frequency vibrations.
Disentanglement10Scoring a critical hit with a weapon with the disentanglement fusion alters the target at a subatomic level, causing debilitating and horrific mutations.
Lightveiled10The lightveiled fusion renders a weapon invisible in bright light.
Nullifying10Damage from a weapon with the nullifying fusion temporarily reduces spell resistance.
Quantum10Three times per day as a standard action, you can use a quantum weapon to make two ranged attacks, each against a different target.
Tracking10The tracking fusion lets you locate a creature recently damaged by the weapon.
Vorpal10With the vorpal fusion, a weapon can tear between the molecules of a creature.
Sheering12A sheering weapon has impossibly sharp edges, sports jagged serrations, or sharpens its projectiles upon firing for maximum lethality.
Meltdown13A meltdown weapon can trigger brief but painful nuclear fission reactions within its target’s bodies.
Mind-Reading13Developed by telepathic creatures such as the psychic gas oozes inhabiting Preluria, the mind-reading fusion reverberates with psychic feedback.
Kaleidoscopic14The kaleidoscopic fusion augments a weapon’s attacks, causing them to appear unusually bright, colorful, and even mesmerizing.