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Collapsible Battle Ladder

SFS Note: The collapsible battle ladder's description was omitted; it is included here.
Favored by smaller species, this pocket-sized ladder is a gnomish invention useful both in and out of combat. A collapsible battle ladder can be extended to its full length of 10 feet or collapsed to its compressed size of 2 feet as a standard action. Once extended, the ladder doubles in bulk and gains the reach and trip weapon special properties. Outside of combat, this collapsible ladder is extremely useful for reaching heights the user couldn't normally access.

Source Starfinder #50: Clockwork Demons pg. 51
Level 4; Price 2,050
Hands 2; Proficiency Advanced Melee
Damage 1d8 B; Critical
Bulk 1; Special analog, see description


Nethys Note: No description was provided for this weapon.