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Junkbot Grenade (Hybrid)

Source Starfinder Armory pg. 122
Level 9; Price 2,250
Damage —; Range 20 ft. ft.; Critical
Capacity drawn
Bulk L; Special explode (10 ft.; see text)


When you use a junkbot grenade, you set it to either handy or healing, then throw it into a pile of inert technological equipment of at least 1 bulk. When the grenade lands, it spreads magical nanites over the blast radius. Over the course of the next round, the nanites convert the junk into a handy junkbot or healing junkbot, as those spells except as detailed here. Either spell has a caster level of 9th. You must command the junkbot verbally. The junkbot created from this effect lasts for 1 minute.