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Mood Goo Emitter

Source Drift Crisis pg. 51
Level 4; Price 2,500
Hands 1; Proficiency Small Arms
Damage —; Range 30 ft.; Critical Knockdown
Capacity 10 mood goo ; Usage 1
Bulk 1; Special Analog, line, unwieldy


Immediately after the Crash, deep in the warrens of Absalom Station, space goblins discovered a tiny rupture to the Drift emitting a strange, purplish slime. Physical contact with this slime was found to cause a pleasant, calming euphoria. While this “mood goo” dries after a minute, it can be stored under pressure. The goblins immediately packed this self-replicating substance into insulation foam sprayers and started selling them as riot control gear. These mood goo emitters can fire the mood goo in a line up to 30 feet, allowing their user to select up to 4 squares in that line to become difficult terrain for 1 minute. Any creature hit by the goo gains the fascinated condition for 1d6 rounds, (DC 14 Will save negates). Being sprayed with additional goo doesn’t count as a threat for the fascinated condition and adds to the duration of the original effect, up to 10 rounds maximum. A creature that succeeds at this save is immune to the effects of mood goo for 24 hours.