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Weapon Fusions

A weapon fusion is a small, prepackaged add-on that can be attached to any weapon to infuse it with magic. Adventurers use weapon fusions to customize their weapons for a specific enemy or to increase a weapon’s overall effectiveness. Weapon fusions are magic unless stated otherwise. While this causes the weapons they are installed in to be considered hybrid items, in truth the weapon and the fusion still operate separately. An ability that affects a magic item could affect the fusion installed in a weapon, but that would not prevent the weapon’s core function from operating normally unless the weapon was also independently a magic device. The hybridized fusion (see page 194) is an exception to this rule, as noted in its description. Weapons with fusions are considered magic for the purpose of overcoming damage reduction.
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Dimensional Disruption

Source Starfinder Dead Suns Adventure Path pg. 259, Starfinder #5: The Thirteenth Gate pg. 39
Item Level 6
This fusion infuses the disruption of kishalee weapons into the weapon’s output. Half of the weapon’s damage type is replaced with sonic damage, and it gains the staggered critical hit effect. You can activate or deactivate the dimensional disruption fusion as a swift action. If the weapon already deals two types of damage, replace one of them with sonic (you decide which damage type is replaced each time you activate the dimensional disruption fusion). If the weapon already has a critical effect, when you score a critical hit, you can apply either the weapon’s normal critical hit effect or the staggered effect, though you can apply the staggered effect only if the target takes sonic damage from this fusion. This fusion can never cause a weapon that normally targets KAC to target EAC.