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A bipod is a set of sturdy legs attached to a railed weapon’s bottom rail. You can extend or collapse a bipod as a move action. Also as a move action, you can stabilize your weapon by resting an extended bipod on a solid surface or using the bipod as a forward grip. When you fire the stabilized weapon, reduce the total penalty you take for making a full attack and due to range according to the bipod’s type. You can’t benefit from a bipod if your weapon is mounted to a gunner harness (see page 60) or powered armor.

Bipod, Heavy

Source Starfinder Armory pg. 58
Level 2; Price 700; Bulk
Weapon Types railed weapon


Reduce your total penalty by 2, or by 1 with a heavy weapon. In addition, a stabilized heavy bipod reduces the minimum Strength score required to fire a heavy weapon without penalty by 2.

Bipod, Light

Source Starfinder Armory pg. 58
Level 1; Price 350; Bulk L
Weapon Types railed weapon


A light bipod can be added only to a longarm or sniper weapon. Reduce your total penalty by 1.