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Critical Hit Effects

If your attack roll is a natural 20 and your attack total is equal to or greater than your target’s AC, your attack is a critical hit. A critical hit means that you roll your damage twice (adding to each roll all your usual bonuses, including any additional damage from special abilities) and then add the rolls together to determine the damage dealt.

Some weapons have an additional critical effect that applies when you score a critical hit. These effects are as follows.


Source Tech Revolution pg. 64
Weapons with the digitize special property convert targets into raw data. A target hit by a weapon with this property must succeed at a Will save (DC = 10 + 1/2 the item’s level + your Intelligence modifier) or begin breaking down with blips of sound, taking the listed amount of sonic damage every round until the target succeeds at a Will save to end the damage. This functions as the burning condition, except as noted. The ongoing damage also ends if the target succeeds at a Computers check (same DC as the Will save) as a standard action.