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A bulky weapon favored by scrappy fighters with limited resources, this oversized pistol uses scattergun shells as ammunition but creates a short-range tongue of flame. Thought to be inspired by the longer gulchgun, the shellgun is also a favorite of ysoki. Available models include the bombard shellgun, the blaze shellgun, and the fury shellgun.

Flame Weapons

Flame weapons deal fire damage without using lasers or plasma. This flame damage usually comes via superheated metal coils or gas ignition, but weapon manufacturers may devise other methods as well. Flame weapons often have the ability to set targets on fire, dealing burn damage in addition to their initial fire damage when they land especially effective hits.

Most flame weapons rely on a reactive blend of hydrocarbons called petrol for ammunition, rather than batteries.

Shellgun, Bombard

Source Starfinder Armory pg. 39
Level 3; Price 1,150
Damage 1d6 F; Range 10 ft.; Critical burn 1d4
Capacity 1 shell; Usage 1
Bulk L; Special

Shellgun, Blaze

Source Starfinder Armory pg. 39
Level 9; Price 11,500
Damage 2d6 F; Range 20 ft.; Critical burn 1d6
Capacity 2 shells; Usage 2
Bulk L; Special

Shellgun, Fury

Source Starfinder Armory pg. 39
Level 12; Price 30,500
Damage 3d6 F; Range 20 ft.; Critical burn 2d6
Capacity 8 shells; Usage 8
Bulk L; Special