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Starfinder Armory

Estimated Release Date: 7/15/2018
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Afflictions - Drugs [6]

Brawn, Corpseflower Pollen, Peace of the Void, Rapture Dust, Twinkle, Zero

Afflictions - Poisons [7]

Arsenic, Circuit Melter, Cyanide, Docilant, Mindhaze, Radium, Strychnine

Archetypes [1]


Classes - Drone Mods [4]

Barricade, Cybernetic Bridge, Grease, Heuristic Programming

Classes - Expertise Talents [7]

Battlefield Medic, Borrowed Guise, Computer Whiz, Create Diversion, Demolition Expert, Expert Advice, Tech Familiarity

Classes - Fighting Styles [1]

Shock and Awe

Classes - Gear Boosts [10]

Blazing Strike, Caustic Burns, Deflecting Smash, Massive Momentum, Raw Lethality, Steady Sniper, Twinned Threat, Unarmed Mauler, Unstoppable Strike, Unyielding Bulwark

Classes - Improvisations [9]

Bedside Manner, Brace Yourselves, Coordinated Reload, Fire Support, Improved Brace Yourselves, Improved Terrifying Blast, Quick Quaff, Terrifying Blast, Trust Your Gear

Classes - Magic Hacks [5]

Enchanted Fusion, Fabricate Explosive, Phasing Spellshot, Recode Gem, Summon Cache

Classes - Mechanic Tricks [9]

Combat Maintenance, Melded Mod, Mobile Armory, Provisional Repair, Recalibrate Engine, Recalibrate Weapon, Scoutbot Mod, Tech Tinkerer, Technological Innovator

Classes - Mystic Connections [1]


Classes - Operative Specializations [1]


Classes - Operative Exploits [15]

Blinding Shot, Concealed Weaponry, Disarming Attack, Elite Saboteur, Extended Debilitation, Fast Aim, Knee Shot, Lightning Reload, Operative's Pounce, Optical Optimization, Pistol Whip, Ricochet Shot, Surveillance Wraith, Trap Spotter, Utility Belt

Classes - Stellar Revelations [10]

Attactive Force, Burn Enchantment, Constructive Interference, Debris Field, Particle Field, Particle Wave, Quantum Entrapment, Solar Fortification, Stellar Equilibrium, Subduing Beams

Equipment - Armor [51]

Dendron Armor (Ash), Shobhad Harness (Chieftain), Grave Mantle (Enlisted), Regimental Dress (I), Clearweave (I), Preserver's Mantle (I), Vesk Brigandine (I), Mining Jack (I), Kalo Encounter Suit (I), Lashunta Mind Mail (I), Shiftskin (I), Reinforced EVA Suit (I), Enforcer Armor (I), Night Plate (I), Inheritor's Grace (I), Inheritor's Grace (II), Night Plate (II), Enforcer Armor (II), Reinforced EVA Suit (II), Shiftskin (II), Lashunta Mind Mail (II), Kalo Encounter Suit (II), Mining Jack (II), Vesk Brigandine (II), Preserver's Mantle (II), Clearweave (II), Regimental Dress (II), Regimental Dress (III), Preserver's Mantle (III), Vesk Brigandine (III), Mining Jack (III), Kalo Encounter Suit (III), Lashunta Mind Mail (III), Shiftskin (III), Reinforced EVA Suit (III), Enforcer Armor (III), Night Plate (III), Inheritor's Grace (III), Night Plate (IV), Lashunta Mind Mail (IV), Kalo Encounter Suit (IV), Vesk Brigandine (IV), Dendron Armor (Oak), Grave Mantle (Officer), Shobhad Harness (Recruit), Dendron Armor (Sequoia), Grave Mantle (Specialist), Vesk Brigandine (V), Shobhad Harness (Veteran), Shobhad Harness (Warleader), Dendron Armor (Yew)

Equipment - Armor Upgrades [57]

Absorption Shield, Adaptive Energy Shield, Attractor Field, Auto-CPR Unit, Auto-Injector, Battery Unit, Bodyguard Module, Brightlight Projector, Computer Interface, Concealed Compartments, Courage Module, Displacement Field, Easy Access Kit, Endurance Module, Explosive Defense Unit, Ghost Armor, Glamer Projector, Holodouble Module, Hover Field, Hydrojet, Indomitability Module, Invisibility Detector, Juggernaut Boosters, Leapers, Life Shield, Light Projector, Lingual Scrambler, Longstrider Module, Mobility Enhancer (Mk 1), Agility Enhancer (Mk 1), Medical Interface (Mk 1), Magic Resistor (Mk 1), Fortified Plates (Mk 1), Fortified Plates (Mk 2), Magic Resistor (Mk 2), Medical Interface (Mk 2), Agility Enhancer (Mk 2), Mobility Enhancer (Mk 2), Agility Enhancer (Mk 3), Medical Interface (Mk 3), Magic Resistor (Mk 3), Fortified Plates (Mk 3), Fortified Plates (Mk 4), Magic Resistor (Mk 4), Agility Enhancer (Mk 4), Agility Enhancer (Mk 5), Fortified Plates (Mk 5), Privacy Shield, Quicksuit, Rampart Plates, Reaction Accelerator, Slickskin, Stabilizer Springs, Tactical Scaffold, Teleportation Unit, Thrower Arms, Vibration Sensors

Equipment - Artifacts [3]

Atrocite Sphere, Book of Unwritten Truths, Trafodi Paradox

Equipment - Biotech [27]

Ultralight Wings (Angel), Shock Fist (Aurora), Backup Lobe, Cleansing Breath, Clinging Hands, Ultralight Wings (Dragon), Eagle Eyes, Mighty Vocal Cords, Regenerative Blood (Mk 1), Resistant Hide (Mk 1), Resistant Hide (Mk 2), Regenerative Blood (Mk 2), Regenerative Blood (Mk 3), Resistant Hide (Mk 3), Resistant Hide (Mk 4), Regenerative Blood (Mk 4), Regenerative Blood (Mk 5), Resistant Hide (Mk 5), Resistant Hide (Mk 6), Prehensile Tail, Pressurized Lungs, Restraining Spinneret, Shock Fist (Static), Shock Fist (Storm), Ultralight Wings (Strix), Swimming Fins, Shock Fist (Tempest)

Equipment - Cybernetics [23]

Echolocators (Active), Optical Laser (Aphelion), Optical Laser (Azimuth), X-Legs (Basic), X-Legs (Climbing), Optical Laser (Corona), Echolocators (Enhanced), Fortified Feet, Spinal Struts (Minimal), Weaponized Prosthesis (Mk 1), Force Matrix (Mk 1), Threshold Buffer (Mk 1), Threshold Buffer (Mk 2), Force Matrix (Mk 2), Weaponized Prosthesis (Mk 2), Force Matrix (Mk 3), Threshold Buffer (Mk 3), Optical Laser (Parallax), Echolocators (Reactive), Recoil Stabilizer, Spinal Struts (Reinforced), Spinal Struts (Standard), Optical Laser (Zenith)

Equipment - Hybrid Items [54]

Universal Solvent (Basic), Vital Seed (Beast), Universal Solvent (Concentrated), Earthbound Anklets, Energy-Matter Gateway, Entropy Gloves, Universal Solvent (Forte), Metal Nitro (Gold), Infiltration Assistant, Captive-Star Amulet (Magnetar), Memory Crypt, Kinetic Converter (Mk 1), Animistic Tools (Mk 1), Computer Idol (Mk 1), Creator Capsule (Mk 1), Holding Gloves (Mk 1), Scrambler Gloves (Mk 1), Retrieval Charms (Mk 1), Retrieval Charms (Mk 2), Scrambler Gloves (Mk 2), Holding Gloves (Mk 2), Creator Capsule (Mk 2), Computer Idol (Mk 2), Animistic Tools (Mk 2), Kinetic Converter (Mk 2), Kinetic Converter (Mk 3), Animistic Tools (Mk 3), Computer Idol (Mk 3), Creator Capsule (Mk 3), Scrambler Gloves (Mk 3), Retrieval Charms (Mk 3), Retrieval Charms (Mk 4), Phase Detector, Metal Nitro (Platinum), Captive-Star Amulet (Pulsar), Captive-Star Amulet (Red Dwarf), Universal Solvent (Regia), Vital Seed (Regrower), Metal Nitro (Silver), Metal Nitro (Star), Telekinetic Gloves, Software Imp (Tier 1), Software Imp (Tier 10), Software Imp (Tier 2), Software Imp (Tier 3), Software Imp (Tier 4), Software Imp (Tier 5), Software Imp (Tier 6), Software Imp (Tier 7), Software Imp (Tier 8), Software Imp (Tier 9), Vampiric Charger, Void Dust, Vital Seed (Zeolite)

Equipment - Magic Items [68]

Aeon Stone (Alabaster Helix), Aeon Stone (Amber Hyperboloid), Atrocite Sphere, Figurine of Wondrous Power (Bloodstone Bloodbrother), Figurine of Wondrous Power (Bone Crest-Eater), Book of Unwritten Truths, Brooch of Shielding, Calcification Rod, Serum (Close-Quarters), Conspirator's Emblem, Containment Tesseract, Cover Seed, Darksight Goggles, Serum (Daywalker ), Dented Kasa, Energy-Relay Gloves, Ferocity Blazon, Furtive Garment, Hat of Disguise, Inspiration Blazon, Aeon Stone (Kaleidoscopic Icosahedron), Serum (Lingo), Mantle of Willpower, Plasma Beads (Mk 1), Travel Treads (Mk 1), Fiery Runeplates (Mk 1), Elemental Gem (Mk 1), Improvisation Adornment (Mk 1), Diffraction Cloak (Mk 1), Planar Runeplates (Mk 1), Planar Runeplates (Mk 2), Diffraction Cloak (Mk 2), Improvisation Adornment (Mk 2), Elemental Gem (Mk 2), Fiery Runeplates (Mk 2), Travel Treads (Mk 2), Plasma Beads (Mk 2), Plasma Beads (Mk 3), Travel Treads (Mk 3), Fiery Runeplates (Mk 3), Elemental Gem (Mk 3), Improvisation Adornment (Mk 3), Diffraction Cloak (Mk 3), Planar Runeplates (Mk 3), Elemental Gem (Mk 4), Elemental Gem (Mk 5), Elemental Gem (Mk 6), Obfuscated Journal, Aeon Stone (Obsidian Annulus), Figurine of Wondrous Power (Obsidian Electrovore), Pathing Telescope, Figurine of Wondrous Power (Plastic Sharpwing), Recovery Aegis, Restoring Rod, Ring of Counterspells, Aeon Stone (Sapphire Cone), Serum (Shadowblend), Aeon Stone (Silver Lemniscate), Skyfire Saddle, Starfinder Backpack, Storage Goo, Tangleburst Seed, Techbane Rod, Teleportation Puck, Trafodi Paradox, Serum (Veracity), Aeon Stone (Viridian Balbis), Serum (X-Ray)

Equipment - Magitech [40]

Morphic Skin (Advanced), Arcane Lenses, Morphic Skin (Basic), Charged Skin, Psychoactive Eyes (Charming), Control Mirror Neurons, Dimensional Braces, Dispelling Hand, Divining Mirror Neurons, Morphic Skin (Doppelganger), Enchanting Vocal Modulator (Duofrequency), Psychoactive Eyes (Fascinating), Fluttering Heart, Force Palms, Cloaking Skin (Greater), Holographic Eyes (Mk 1), Intercepting Ears (Mk 1), Force Soles (Mk 1), Gravitational Harness (Mk 1), Antimagic Skin (Mk 1), Antimagic Skin (Mk 2), Gravitational Harness (Mk 2), Force Soles (Mk 2), Intercepting Ears (Mk 2), Holographic Eyes (Mk 2), Holographic Eyes (Mk 3), Gravitational Harness (Mk 3), Antimagic Skin (Mk 3), Antimagic Skin (Mk 4), Holographic Eyes (Mk 4), Antimagic Skin (Mk 5), Antimagic Skin (Mk 6), Enchanting Vocal Modulator (Monofrequency), Psychokinetic Sleeve, Enchanting Vocal Modulator (Quadfrequency), Restless Pineal Gland, Selective Ears, Cloaking Skin (Standard), Synchronous Heart, Technopathy Node

Equipment - Necrografts [18]

Black Heart, Bone Blade, Corpseskin, Crypt Marrow, Enervating Hand, Ghoul Glands, Grave Wind, Keening Larynx, Moonlight Fibers, Necrocortex, Phantom Basal Ganglia, Shadow Nerves, Squirming Entrails, Stench Glands, Undead Adrenal Gland, Vampire Voice, Whispering Gyrus, Wraith Motes

Equipment - Other Items [80]

Aerosol Spray, Altar, Portable, Clothing (Athletic), Umbrella (Autoshade), Bedroll, Blanket, Canteen, Clothing (Ceremonial), Ladder (Collapsible (10 feet)), Ladder (Collapsible (20 feet)), Ladder (Collapsible (40 feet)), Biological Transport (Colossal Creature (Rent)), Biological Transport (Colossal Creature (Ride)), Dining (Common Chain), Dining (Common Independent Venue), Cot, Grooming (Exotic), Biological Transport (Gargantuan Creature (Rent)), Biological Transport (Garganutan Creature (Ride)), Gear Maintenance Kit, Dining (Good Chain), Dining (Good Independent Venue), Hammock, Book (Holy Text), Biological Transport (Huge Creature (Rent)), Biological Transport (Huge Creature (Ride)), Biological Transport (Large Creature (Ride)), Biological Transport (LargeCreature (Rent)), Lighter, Medical Treatment (Long-Term Care), Medical Treatment (Long-Term Stability), Laundry (Magical), Magnetic Jack, Biological Transport (Medium Creature (Rent)), Biological Transport (Medium Creature (Ride)), Mess Kit, Glass Cutter (Mk 1), Culinary Synthesizer (Mk 1), Culinary Synthesizer (Mk 2), Glass Cutter (Mk 2), Culinary Synthesizer (Mk 3), Map (Navigational), Starship Crew (Officer), Clothing (Party), Perfume (Pheromonal), Dining (Poor Chain), Pot, Self-Heating, Clothing (Reconfigurable), Religious Symbol, Rope, Scuba Gear, Sleeping Bag, Perfume (Standard), Umbrella (Standard), Book (Standard), Starship Crew (Standard), Grooming (Standard), Laundry (Standard), Map (Survey), Antiemetic (Tier 1), Coagulant (Tier 1), Excitant (Tier 1), Stimulant (Tier 1), Stimulant (Tier 2), Excitant (Tier 2), Coagulant (Tier 2), Antiemetic (Tier 2), Antiemetic (Tier 3), Coagulant (Tier 3), Excitant (Tier 3), Stimulant (Tier 3), Stimulant (Tier 4), Excitant (Tier 4), Coagulant (Tier 4), Antiemetic (Tier 4), Tool, Manual, Medical Treatment (Treat Deadly Wounds), Medical Treatment (Treat Disease), Medical Treatment (Treat Drugs or Poison), Clothing (Uniform)

Equipment - Powered Armor [18]

Absorptive Shell, Brawler Frame, Celerity Rigging, Commander's Harness, Explorer's Cradle, Extradimensional Armor, Ironclad Bulwark, Kyton Bloodsuit, Personal Submersible, Reactor Guard, Scrapper's Rig, Spacer Carapace, Spellcaster's Aegis, Stag-Step Suit, Starguard, Surnoch Suit, Warmaster's Harness, Winter Walker

Equipment - Special Materials [20]

Abysium (Ammunition (1 piece)), Abysium (Weapon), Abysium (Raw Material (1 bulk)), Adamantine Alloy (Armor), Adamantine Alloy (Raw Material (1 bulk)), Cold Iron (Raw Material (1 bulk)), Djezet (Armor, Item or Weapon), Djezet (Raw Material (1 bulk)), Horacalcum (Ammunition (1 piece)), Horacalcum (Armor or Weapon), Horacalcum (Raw Material (1 bulk)), Inubrix (Ammunition (1 piece)), Inubrix (Armor or Weapon), Inubrix (Raw Material (1 bulk)), Noqual (Ammunition (1 piece)), Noqual (Armor), Noqual (Raw Material (1 bulk)), Siccatite (Armor or Weapon), Siccatite (Raw Material (1 bulk)), Silver (Raw Material (1 bulk))

Equipment - Technological Items [80]

Emotion Regulator (Advanced), Swarmproof Bangles (Advanced), Alert Redirector, Autocartographer, Domestic Drone (Basic), Emotion Regulator (Basic), Swarmproof Bangles (Basic), Strategy Game (Basic), Emergency Raft (Basic), Musical Instrument (Basic), Nanite Hypopen (Black), Nanite Hypopen (Brown), Bypass Subroutine, Carter's Baton, Chemalyzer, Phrenic Scrambler (Clear), Clearsight Goggles, Datapad, Dermal Stapler, Diagnostic Lozenge, Disintegration Hoop, Electroviscous Cloak, Domestic Drone (Elite), Emergency Beacon, Engineer's Puzzle Box, Scanner (Enhanced Camera), Envoy's Mouthpiece, Musical Instrument (Euphonic), Evenfire Unit, Flash Shield Generator, Nanite Hypopen (Gray), Nanite Hypopen (Green), Grounding Boots, Habitat Box, Mimic Imager (Helmet-Mounted), Holographic Sashimono, Holoshroud, Emergency Raft (Hovercraft), Mimic Imager (Hovering), Hoverskates, Strategy Game (Imperial Conquest), Inductive Bandolier, Inertial-Reinforcement Belt, Ion Tape, Laser Drill, Magnegloves, Microgoggles, Grenade Scrambler (Mk 1), Warning Wire (Mk 1), Warning Wire (Mk 2), Grenade Scrambler (Mk 2), Grenade Scrambler (Mk 3), Warning Wire (Mk 3), Grenade Scrambler (Mk 4), Grenade Scrambler (Mk 5), Grenade Scrambler (Mk 6), Personal Phase Shifter, Portable Gangway, Proximity Helmet, Nanite Hypopen (Purple), Quantum Boxes, Radiation Sweeper, Nanite Hypopen (Red), Scanner (Shotgun Microphone), Smart Cable, Solar Sheeting, Tool Kit (Starfinder Armory), Subdermal Extractor, Survival Straw, Synaptic Link, Traction Holster, Scanner (True-Frame Camera), Scanner (Video Camera), Phrenic Scrambler (Violet), Phrenic Scrambler (Viridian), Weightless Footlocker, Whisper Comm, Nanite Hypopen (White), White-Noise Generator, Zipstick

Equipment - Weapon Accessories [27]

Grip (Blur), Scope (Clarity), Stock (Collapsing), Collapsing Weapon, Flash Suppressor, Grip (Folding), Grenadier Bracket, Bayonet Bracket (Heavy), Bipod (Heavy), Gunner Harness (Heavy), Inertial Dampener, Sight (Laser), Scope (Laser), Gunner Harness (Light), Bayonet Bracket (Light), Bipod (Light), Sight (Manual), Grip (Nanofiber), Scope (Nightvision), Grip (Null-Space), Stock (Null-Space), Gunner Harness (Null-Space), Rangefinder, Scope (Revealing), Silencer, Scope (Sniper), Uniclamp

Equipment - Weapon Fusions [31]

Accurate, Advancing, Beneficent, Bombarding, Charge Disrupting, Conserving, Continuous, Cruel, Defending, Energetic, Ensnaring, Guarded, Inspiring, Invigorating, Limning, Malediction, Menacing, Mind Reading, Nullifying, Obscuring, Opportunistic, Potent, Punishing, Rebounding, Secured, Selective, Soulfire, Stabilizing, Throwing, Tracking, Vanishing

Equipment - Weapons [757]

Forked Pistol (10-Notch), Plasma Fork (12-Notch), Plasma Fork (15-Notch), Plasma Fork (19-Notch), Plasma Fork (22-Notch), Forked Pistol (6-Notch), Forked Pistol (8-Notch), Forked Pistol (9-Notch), Ice Carbine (Absolute-Zero), Hailcannon (Absolute-Zero), Hail Pistol (Absolute-Zero), Shadow Chains (Acolyte), Meteor Glaive (Advanced), Core Hammer (Advanced), Electroflail (Advanced), Retractable Spike (Advanced), Shell Knuckles (Advanced), Lance (Advanced), Living Staff (Advanced), Maul (Advanced), Nanite Thrower (Advanced), Energy Converter (Advanced), Rotolaser (Advanced), Infinity Rifle (Advanced), Plasma Bolter (Advanced), Petrol Converter (Advanced), Rail Gun (Advanced), Surgecaster (Advanced), Tetrad Rings (Advanced), Numbing Beam (Advanced), Rotating Pistol (Advanced), Dart Cannon (Advanced), Rail Cannon (Advanced), Cathode Cannon (Advanced), Cluster Launcher (Advanced), Nanite Rifle (Advanced), Freeze Ray (Algid), Coolant Sprayer (Algid), Singing Disk (Alto), Singing Spear (Alto), Neural Lash (Amperometric), Magma Blade (Andesite), Dirge Pistol (Anharmonic), Dirge Cannon (Anharmonic), Sting Pistol (Ant), Storm Hammer (Antiferromagnetic), Shoulder Laser (Aphelion), Serpent Laser (Aphelion), Burning Chains (Archdevil-Class), Explosive (Arrow), Ice Needle (Artifice), Hydra Cannon (Asp-Series), Coil Rifle (Assassin), Sonic Bolter (Assault), Angel Wing (Astral), Resonant Gauntlet (Atomic), Frost Maul (Aufeis), Ice Launcher (Aufeis), Polarity Rifle (Aurora), Polarity Gauntlets (Aurora), Stun Staff (Aurora), Shock Pad (Aurora), Arc Caster (Aurora), Zero Knife (Avalanche-Class), Spined Iceblade (Avalanche-Class), Serpent Laser (Azimuth), Shoulder Laser (Azimuth), Blindmark Rifle (Banshee), Void Rifle (Barrow-Class), Void Staff (Barrow-Class), Magma Blade (Basalt), Spined Blade (Basic), Handaxe (Basic), Vibrogarrote (Basic), Singing Disk (Bass), Pyrod (Beacon), Plasma Claw (Biodynamic), Flame Pistol (Blaze), Igniter (Blaze), Agitator (Blaze), Shellgun (Blaze), Spined Iceblade (Blizzard-Class), Zero Knife (Blizzard-Class), Frost Projector (Blizzard-Class), Conqueror (Blue Star), Plasma Array (Blue Star), Solar Brand (Blue Star), Plasma Lash (Blue Star), Flare Axe (Blue Star), Nova Lance (Blue Star), Shellgun (Bombard), Handcannon (Bombast), Spark Knife (Boss), Handcannon (Braggadocio), Handcannon (Bravado), Decoupler (Bruiser), Colossus Coil (Brush), Spined Blade (Buzzblade), Bone Scepter (Cadaver), Shadow Pistol (Caliginous), Handcoil (Capital), Nanite Decoupler (Caustic), Scorchgun (C-Band), Resonant Gauntlet (Cellular), Plasma Ribbon (Champion), Bone Scepter (Chill), Graviton Pistol (Chiral), Ionizer (Chromic), Hailcannon (Clathrate), Hydra Cannon (Cobra-Series), Minelayer (Command), Plasma Ribbon (Competitor), Focus Rifle (Compound), Boomer Rifle (Concussive), Containment Grenade, Puzzleblade (Conviction), Serpent Laser (Corona), Shoulder Laser (Corona), Colossus Coil (Corona), Flare Rifle (Coruscator), Shout Projector (Crackdown), Spark Knife (Crew), Void Staff (Crypt-Class), Bone Pistol (Crypt-Class), Void Rifle (Crypt-Class), Ionizer (Cupric), Polarity Gauntlets (Current), Gale Baton (Cyclone), Lens Pistol (Cylindrical), Shout Projector (Damper), Explosive (Darts), Flare Rifle (Dazzler), Disintegrator Rifle (Decimator), Disintegrator Cannon (Decimator), Disintegration Lash (Decimator), Disintegration Pistol (Decimator), Puzzleblade (Dedication), Icestar Staff (Defender), Shield Projector (Defender), Seismic Pick (Demolition), Sonic Bolter (Devastator), Shadow Chains (Devotional), Storm Hammer (Diamagnetic), Arrow (Diamond-Edge), Resonator (Diffraction), Perforator Pistol (Diffraction), Mirage Dagger (Distortion), Dragon Pistol (Drake), Dragon Rifle (Drake), Icestar Staff (Drifter), Seismic Pick (Driver), Talon (Drone), Staccato Rifle (Drum), Focus Rifle (Dual), Multistage Rifle (Dual), Multistage Rifle (Dual-Plus), Plasma Ring (Dual-Valve), Shuriken (Dynamo), Shadow Chains (Ecclesiastic), Plasma Claw (Electocellular), Radshot (Electromagnetic), Radcannon (Electromagnetic), Aurora Cannon (Electron), Lens Pistol (Electron), Neural Lash (Electroplax), Meteor Glaive (Elite), Electroflail (Elite), Lance (Elite), Maul (Elite), Living Staff (Elite), Shell Knuckles (Elite), Retractable Spike (Elite), Injector Pistol (Elite), Rotating Pistol (Elite), Numbing Beam (Elite), Tetrad Rings (Elite), Energy Converter (Elite), Nanite Thrower (Elite), Petrol Converter (Elite), Plasma Bolter (Elite), Infinity Rifle (Elite), Nanite Rifle (Elite), Cluster Launcher (Elite), Cathode Cannon (Elite), Rail Cannon (Elite), Dart Cannon (Elite), Igniter (Ember), Agitator (Ember), Anchor Pistol (Emergent), Disintegrator Rifle (Eradicator), Disintegrator Cannon (Eradicator), Disintegration Lash (Eradicator), Disintegration Pistol (Eradicator), Ice Needle (Espionage), Wailing Blade (Euphonic), Disintegration Lash (Executioner), Disintegration Pistol (Executioner), Disintegrator Cannon (Executioner), Disintegrator Rifle (Executioner), Shout Projector (Exhorter), Handcoil (Explorer), Ionizer (Feric), Storm Hammer (Ferromagnetic), Burning Chains (Fiend-Class), Handcoil (Fighter), Flame Launcher (Fireball), Flame Spinner (Fireball), Burner (Firedrake-Class), Blaze Rifle (Firedrake-Class), Flame Spinner (Fission), Compliance Ray (Flare), Compliance Ray (Flash), Dazzler (Flash), Shuriken (Flash), Ice Launcher (Floe), Frost Maul (Floe), Anchor Pistol (Flux), Dross Gun (Flux), Shadow Chains (Follower), Subduer (Frost), Spined Iceblade (Frostbite-Class), Zero Knife (Frostbite-Class), Frost Projector (Frostbite-Class), Ice Needle (Furitive), Shellgun (Fury), Core Hammer (Fusion), Gamma Rifle (Fusion), Neural Lash (Galvanic), Handcannon (Gasconade), Ice Carbine (Gelid), Hailcannon (Gelid), Hail Pistol (Gelid), Coolant Sprayer (Glacial), Freeze Ray (Glacial), Ice Launcher (Glacier), Subduer (Glacier), Frost Maul (Glacier), Talon (God), Breaching Gun (Grapeshot), Void Rifle (Grave-Class), Void Staff (Grave-Class), Bone Pistol (Grave-Class), Spined Blade (Gravity), Electron (Greater), Z-Boson (Greater), Muon (Greater), T-Quark (Greater), Shuriken (Grooved), Shield Projector (Guardian), Gulchgun, Frost Projector (Hailstorm-Class), Zero Knife (Hailstorm-Class), Spined Iceblade (Hailstorm-Class), Mirage Dagger (Hallucination), Staccato Rifle (Hammer), Dirge Pistol (Harmonic), Shrieking Knife (Harmonic), Vibrogarrote (Harmonic), Interference Blade (Harmonic), Dirge Cannon (Harmonic), Dart Cannon (Heavy), Sonic Bolter (Heavy), Seismic Pick (Heavy), Sap (Heavy), Microfusion Rifle (Heavy), Excavation Laser (Heavy), Plasma Missile (HED), Blaze Rifle (Hellhound-Class), Burner (Hellhound-Class), Blindmark Rifle (HFD), Coolant Sprayer (Hiemal), Freeze Ray (Hiemal), Searing Grip (High-Heat), Hook Knife, Hook Sword, Sting Pistol (Hornet), Wraith-Sting Rifle (Hornet), Gale Baton (Hurrican), Sonic Suppressor (Hush), Cavitation Pistol (Hydrodynamic), Aurora Cannon (Hydrogen), Freeze Ray (Hypothermic), Wave Modulator (I), Psychic-Wave Cannon (I), Phasing (I Longarm and Sniper Rounds), Frost Maul (Iceberg), Ice Launcher (Iceberg), Ice Launcher (Icecap), Zero Knife (Icequake-Class), Burner (Ifrit-Class), Blaze Rifle (Ifrit-Class), Wave Modulator (II), Psychic-Wave Cannon (II), Phasing (II Longarm and Sniper Rounds), Psychic-Wave Cannon (III), Wave Modulator (III), Mirage Dagger (Illusion), Flame Spinner (Immolation), Flame Launcher (Immolation), Breaching Gun (Impact), Storm Coil (Impulse), Charge Emitter (Impulse), Glass Blade (Impulse), Resistance Rod (Induction), Anchor Pistol (Inductive), Welder (Industrial), Cryospike (Industrial), Cavitation Pistol (Inertial), Flame Pistol (Inferno), Igniter (Inferno), Agitator (Inferno), Shrieking Knife (Infrasonic), Vibrogarrote (Infrasonic), Vibrogarrote (Interference), Shrieking Knife (Interference), Plasma Missile (Ionized), Gamma Rifle (Ionizing), Coolant Sprayer (Isothermal), Freeze Ray (Isothermal), Wave Modulator (IV), Psychic-Wave Cannon (IV), Glass Blade (Jolt), Charge Emitter (Jolt), Storm Coil (Jolt), Junk Censer, Junkbot Grenade, Scorchgun (K-Band), Talon (Knight), Resonant Pistol (Lattice), Icestar Staff (Leader), Electron (Least), Z-Boson (Least), Positron (Least), T-Quark (Least), Muon (Least), Lens Pistol (Lenticular), Muon (Lesser), Z-Boson (Lesser), T-Quark (Lesser), Electron (Lesser), Positron (Lesser), Blindmark Rifle (LFD), Petrol Converter (Light), Microfusion Rifle (Light), Excavation Laser (Light), Seismic Pick (Light), Sap (Light), Sonic Bolter (Light), Dart Cannon (Light), Resonator (Linear), Graviton Pistol (Linear), Perforator Pistol (Linear), Disintegrator Rifle (Liquidator), Disintegrator Cannon (Liquidator), Disintegration Lash (Liquidator), Disintegration Pistol (Liquidator), Glass Blade (Live), Storm Coil (Live), Living Lash, Searing Grip (Low-Heat), Pyrod (Luminous), Burning Chains (Malebranche-Class), Resonant Pistol (Matrix), Injector Pistol (Medic), Excavation Laser (Medium), Microfusion Rifle (Medium), Sap (Medium), Minelayer (Merc), Storm Hammer (Metamagnetic), Battle Ribbon (Micro-Edge), Garrote (Microfilament), Chitinblade (Microserrated), Shuriken (Microserrated), Scorchgun (Microwave), Explosive (Mini-Rockets), Electron (Minor), Z-Boson (Minor), T-Quark (Minor), Positron (Minor), Muon (Minor), Holy Water Grenade (Mk 1), Riot Grenade (Mk 1), Web Grenade (Mk 1), Pulse Grenade (Mk 1), Foam Grenade (Mk 1), Holo Grenade (Mk 1), Diminisher Grenade (Mk 1), Summoning Grenade (Mk 1), Microbot Grenade (Mk 1), Summoning Grenade (Mk 2), Holo Grenade (Mk 2), Diminisher Grenade (Mk 2), Foam Grenade (Mk 2), Microbot Grenade (Mk 2), Pulse Grenade (Mk 2), Web Grenade (Mk 2), Riot Grenade (Mk 2), Holy Water Grenade (Mk 2), Holy Water Grenade (Mk 3), Riot Grenade (Mk 3), Web Grenade (Mk 3), Pulse Grenade (Mk 3), Summoning Grenade (Mk 3), Foam Grenade (Mk 3), Holo Grenade (Mk 3), Diminisher Grenade (Mk 3), Microbot Grenade (Mk 3), Summoning Grenade (Mk 4), Microbot Grenade (Mk 4), Diminisher Grenade (Mk 4), Pulse Grenade (Mk 4), Web Grenade (Mk 4), Riot Grenade (Mk 4), Holy Water Grenade (Mk 4), Riot Grenade (Mk 5), Summoning Grenade (Mk 5), Diminisher Grenade (Mk 5), Microbot Grenade (Mk 5), Summoning Grenade (Mk 6), Diminisher Grenade (Mk 6), Riot Grenade (Mk 6), Riot Grenade (Mk 7), Puzzleblade (Moderation), Resonant Gauntlet (Molecular), Greataxe (Molecular Rift), Switchblade (Molecular Rift), Handaxe (Molecular Rift), Arrow (Molecular Rift), Angel Wing (Monadic), Interference Blade (Monophonic), Garrote (Monowire), Angel Wing (Movanic), Plasma Ring (Multichannel), Interference Blade (Multiphonic), Colossus Coil (Multistream), Convergent Laser (Multiwave), Divergent Laser (Multiwave), Sonic Suppressor (Murmur), Nanite Canisters, Garrote (Nanofiber), Chitinblade (Nanoserrated), Radshot (Neutron), Radcannon (Neutron), Flare Rifle (Nova), Welder (Offensive), Plasma Claw (Organic), Void Rifle (Ossuary-Class), Void Staff (Ossuary-Class), Shout Projector (Pacifier), Cathode Cannon (Paragon), Dart Cannon (Paragon), Rail Cannon (Paragon), Cluster Launcher (Paragon), Meteor Glaive (Paragon), Electroflail (Paragon), Lance (Paragon), Living Staff (Paragon), Maul (Paragon), Shell Knuckles (Paragon), Retractable Spike (Paragon), Numbing Beam (Paragon), Nanite Thrower (Paragon), Infinity Rifle (Paragon), Plasma Bolter (Paragon), Petrol Converter (Paragon), Storm Hammer (Paramagnetic), Dirge Pistol (Parametric), Dirge Cannon (Parametric), Shadow Chains (Penitent), Shoulder Laser (Perihelion), Serpent Laser (Perihelion), Cryospike (Personal), Persuader, Assassin Rifle (Phantom), Resonator (Phased), Perforator Pistol (Phased), Burner (Pheonic-Class), Blaze Rifle (Pheonix-Class), Resistance Rod (Piezoresistor), Handcoil (Pilot), Magma Blade (Plagioclase), Minelayer (Platoon), Injector Pistol (Poacher), Interference Blade (Polyphonic), Coil Rifle (Precision), Plasma Ribbon (Professional), Aurora Cannon (Proton), Staccato Rifle (Pulse), Decoupler (Pusher), Hydra Cannon (Python-Series), Focus Rifle (Quad), Multistage Rifle (Quad), Resonant Gauntlet (Quantum), Talon (Queen), Dirge Pistol (Radial), Coil Rifle (Rangefinder), Radshot (Rapid-Decay), Radcannon (Rapid-Decay), Core Hammer (Reactor), Spark Knife (Recruit), Solar Brand (Red Star), Plasma Lash (Red Star), Flare Axe (Red Star), Nova Lance (Red Star), Plasma Array (Red Star), Conqueror (Red Star), Nova Rifle (Red Star), Perforator Pistol (Refraction), Resonator (Refraction), Sonic Suppressor (Repose), Cryospike (Residential), Dirge Pistol (Resonant), Dirge Cannon (Resonant), Resonant Staff (Reverberant), Magma Blade (Rhyolite), Lightning Pistol (Ribbon), Stormcaller (Ribbon), Bone Scepter (Rigor), Subduer (Rime), Shout Projector (Riot), Spined Blade (Ripper), Spined Blade (Rivener), Lightning Pistol (Rocket), Stormcaller (Rocket), Rocket Rifle, Explosive (Rounds, Heavy), Explosive (Rounds, Longarm and Sniper), Explosive (Rounds, Small Arms), Boomer Rifle (Rumbler), Spark Knife (Runner), Shadow Pistol (Sable), Coil Rifle (Saboteur), Burner (Salamander-Class), Blaze Rifle (Salamander-Class), Scorchgun (S-Band), Explosive (Scattergun Shells), Flare Rifle (Scorcher), Dross Gun (Scoring), Dross Gun (Scrapper), Decoupler (Screamer), Icestar Staff (Seeker), Shield Projector (Sentry), Bone Pistol (Sepulcher-Class), Plasma Guide (Series-21), Plasma Guide (Series-28), Plasma Guide (Series-37), Plasma Guide (Series-42), Plasma Guide (Series-62), Plasma Guide (Series-73), Assassin Rifle (Shadow), Electron (Shard), Photon (Shard), W-Boson (Shard), Z-Boson (Shard), Gluon (Shard), Stormcaller (Sheet), Lightning Pistol (Sheet), Cathode Cannon (Shockstorm), Boomer Rifle (Shockwave), Shout Rifle, Shrieking Larva, Shuriken (Singing), Plasma Ring (Single-Valve), Convergent Laser (Single-Wave), Divergent Laser (Single-Wave), Greataxe (Sintered), Handaxe (Sintered), Scythe (Sintered), Sledge, Subduer (Sleet), Lightning Pistol (Smooth-Channel), Stormcaller (Smooth-Channel), Breaching Gun (Snub), Igniter (Solar Flare), Agitator (Solar Flare), Flame Pistol (Solar Flare), Resonant Staff (Sonorous), Singing Spear (Sopranino), Singing Disk (Sopranino), Singing Disk (Soprano), Singing Spear (Soprano), Polarity Gauntlets (Spark), Coil Rifle (Specialist), Assassin Rifle (Spectre), Minelayer (Squad), Assassin Rifle (Stalker), Electron (Standard), Muon (Standard), Z-Boson (Standard), T-Quark (Standard), Surgecaster (Standard), Ionizer (Stannic), Compliance Ray (Starburst), Welder (Starship), Shock Pad (Static), Polarity Gauntlets (Static), Stun Staff (Static), Polarity Rifle (Static), Arc Caster (Static), Plasma Missile (Stellar), Resonant Staff (Stentorian), Stun Staff (Storm), Polarity Gauntlets (Storm), Shock Pad (Storm), Polarity Rifle (Storm), Arc Caster (Storm), Resistance Rod (Strain-Gauge), Colossus Coil (Streamer Arc), Wailing Blade (Strident), Dazzler (Strobe), Compliance Ray (Strobe), Plasma Ribbon (Student), Injector Pistol (Subjugation), Ice Needle (Subterfuge), Hail Pistol (Subzero), Ice Carbine (Subzero), Hailcannon (Subzero), Lens Pistol (Sunglass), Compliance Ray (Sunspot), Dazzler (Sunspot), Flame Launcher (Supernova), Flame Spinner (Supernova), Glass Blade (Surge), Storm Coil (Surge), Charge Emitter (Surge), Staccato Rifle (Surge), Handcannon (Swagger), Gamma Rifle (Synchrotron), Plasma Claw (Synthecite), Rotating Pistol (Tactical), Tetrad Rings (Tactical), Numbing Beam (Tactical), Nanite Thrower (Tactical), Rail Gun (Tactical), Infinity Rifle (Tactical), Petrol Converter (Tactical), Plasma Bolter (Tactical), Rotolaser (Tactical), Energy Converter (Tactical), Living Staff (Tactical), Scythe (Tactical), Maul (Tactical), Chitinblade (Tactical), Switchblade (Tactical), Handaxe (Tactical), Retractable Spike (Tactical), Lance (Tactical), Greataxe (Tactical), Shell Knuckles (Tactical), Meteor Glaive (Tactical), Core Hammer (Tactical), Stun Staff (Tactical), Electroflail (Tactical), Cluster Launcher (Tactical), Cathode Cannon (Tactical), Dart Cannon (Tactical), Rail Cannon (Tactical), Nanite Rifle (Tactical), Tailblade, Shock Pad (Tempest), Gale Baton (Tempest), Stun Staff (Tempest), Polarity Gauntlets (Tempest), Polarity Rifle (Tempest), Arc Caster (Tempest), Shadow Pistol (Tenebrous), Singing Spear (Tenor), Singing Disk (Tenor), Graviton Pistol (Tensor), Gamma Rifle (Terrestrial), Resistance Rod (Thermistor), Cavitation Pistol (Thermodynamic), Blindmark Rifle (Thunderstrike), Void Rifle (Tomb-Class), Void Staff (Tomb-Class), Pyrod (Torch), Puzzleblade (Tradition), Battle Ribbon (Traditional), Boomer Rifle (Tremor), Focus Rifle (Triple), Multistage Rifle (Triple), Multistage Rifle (Triple-Plus), T-Quark (True), Z-Boson (True), Electron (True), Dragon Rifle (True ), Dragon Pistol (True), Wailing Blade (Tymbal), Hail Pistol (Ultracold), Ice Carbine (Ultracold), Hailcannon (Ultracold), Chitinblade (Ultraserrated), Shuriken (Ultraserrated), Shrieking Knife (Ultrasonic), Vibrogarrote (Ultrasonic), Scythe (Ultrathin), Handaxe (Ultrathin), Switchblade (Ultrathin), Greataxe (Ultrathin), Shadow Pistol (Umbral), Ice Needle (Undercover), Welder (Utility), Breaching Gun (Utility), Wave Modulator (V), Psychic-Wave Cannon (V), Cavitation Pistol (Vapor), Bone Pistol (Vault-Class), Graviton Pistol (Vector), Wave Modulator (VI), Wave Modulator (VII), Conqueror (Violet Star), Hydra Cannon (Viper-Series), Nanite Decoupler (Vitriolic), Flare Rifle (Vivifier), Bone Scepter (Void), Neural Lash (Voltaic), Anchor Pistol (Voltaic), Breaching Gun (Vortex), Wailing Blade (Warbler), Warclub, Shield Projector (Warden), Warfan, Talon (Warrior), Icestar Staff (Warrior), Sting Pistol (Wasp), Wraith-Sting Rifle (Wasp), Searing Grip (Weaponized), Sonic Suppressor (Whisper), Nova Rifle (White Star), Conqueror (White Star), Plasma Array (White Star), Solar Brand (White Star), Plasma Lash (White Star), Nova Lance (White Star), Flare Axe (White Star), Divergent Laser (Wide-Spectrum), Convergent Laser (Wide-Spectrum), Garrote (Wire), Wonder Grenade, Assassin Rifle (Wraith), Dragon Rifle (Wyrmling), Dragon Pistol (Wyrmling), Dragon Pistol (Wyvern), Dragon Rifle (Wyvern), Scorchgun (X-Band), Sting Pistol (Yellow Jacket), Wraith-Sting Rifle (Yellow Jacket), Nova Rifle (Yellow Star), Conqueror (Yellow Star), Plasma Array (Yellow Star), Plasma Lash (Yellow Star), Solar Brand (Yellow Star), Nova Lance (Yellow Star), Flare Axe (Yellow Star), Battle Ribbon (Zero-Edge), Switchblade (Zero-Edge), Injector Pistol (Zoologist)

Manufacturers (Weapons) [14]

AbadarCorp, Arabani Arms, Ltd., Brortrav Ordnance Factories, Ereus Teletech, Ichihara Holdings, Iratha Incorporated, Karbide-Machines, Lethal Innovations, Magnari Pieceworks, Multifold Industries, Ringworks Arsenal Group, Snowgarden Productions, VitariTech Industries, Zeizerer Munitions

Rules [6]

Additional Vehicle Rules, Artifacts, Chapter 1: Equipment, Magitech, Necrografts, Weapon Accessories

Spells [5]

Animate Armor, Detect Augmentation, Electroplating, Incompetence, Reject Augmentation

Vehicles [21]

Acid Auger, Aerial Mining Rig, Armored Null-Space Transport, Armored Transport, Assault Enercopter, Asteroid Borer, Hover Artillery, Hover Tank, Hover Truck, Motorcycle, Quantum Pod, Recon Enercopter, Spy Cruiser, Stealth Enercopter, Stealth Sub, Survey Walker, Tactical Underminer, Tactical Walker, Transport Walker, Ultimatum Hover Carrier, Ultralight Turboglider