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Character Operations Manual

Estimated Release Date: 11/13/2019
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Afflictions - Poisons [4]

Amblaree, Biocide, Hydrofluoric Acid, Turbocurarine

Archetypes [10]

Android Abolitionist, Battleflower, Esotericist, Espionage Specialist, Fixer, Free Trader, Instructor, Medic, Powered Armor Jockey, Starwright

Classes [3]

Biohacker, Vanguard, Witchwarper

Classes - Alternate Class Features [20]

Aesthetic Warrior (Soldier), Cache Augmentation (Technomancer), Cache Hacks (Technomancer), Combat Expertise (Envoy), Epiphanies (Mystic), Experimental Armor Prototype (Mechanic), Experimental Weapon Prototype (Mechanic), Extra Manifestation (Solarian), Feat Boosts (Soldier), Hack Capacitor (Technomancer), Magical Expertise (Envoy), Marked for Death (Operative), Motivation Expertise (Envoy), Operative’s Arsenal (Operative), Polymorphic Disguise (Envoy), Quick Cover (Operative), Quick Trick (Operative), Quick Zero-G Adaptation (Operative), Special Ops Trainings (Soldier), Stunt and Strike (Operative)

Classes - Builds [12]

Agent of Chaos (Witchwarper), Bioperfectionist (Biohacker), Exhibition Fighter (Vanguard), Explorer (Witchwarper), Heavy Infantry (Vanguard), Medical Examiner (Biohacker), Peacekeeper (Vanguard), Renegade (Witchwarper), Shadow Doctor (Biohacker), War Caster (Witchwarper), Warden (Vanguard), Xenomedic (Biohacker)

Classes - Expertise Talents [9]

Effortless Innuendo, Expert Distraction, Gregarious Mien, Improvise Surgery, Maneuver Expertise, Master of Disguise, Miracle Worker, Saving Expertise, Universal Diplomat

Classes - Fields of Study [5]

Genetics, Immunology, Neurochemistry, Pharmacology, Toxicology

Classes - Fighting Styles [7]

Ambusher, Battlemaster, Fourfold Tactician, Hunter, Qi Adept, Squad, Wrathful Warrior

Classes - Gear Boosts [3]

Finesse Striker, Nimble Juggernaut, Unburdened Shield

Classes - Improvisations [12]

Coordinated Barrage, Coordinated Charge, Coordinated Flankers, Coordinated Maneuvers, Fusion Resonance, Inspiring Oration, Martyr’s Improvisation, Phalanx Fighting, Seize the Advantage, Spell Gem Understanding, Sudden Shift, Superior Covering Fire

Classes - Magic Hacks [14]

Adaptable Spell Knowledge, Brain Hacker, Cache Concentration, Calculate Trajectory, Diminish Spell Runtime, Direct Denial of Shapechanging, Drone Summoner, Energy Alteration, Extend Runtime, Glitch Step, Magic Trajectories, Reactive Counter, Shadow Grenade, Translocational Recall

Classes - Mechanic Tricks [8]

Bolster Armor, Inventive Engineer, Portable Charging Station, Protective Programming, Prototype Tinkerer, Shocking Overload, Superior Science Officer, Technological Medic

Classes - Mystic Connections [3]

Crusader, Melophile, Warmonger

Classes - Operative Exploits [13]

Audacity, Death Strike, Disrupting Shot, Dual Specialization, Feign Death, Intelligence Network, Kick It Up, Psychokinetic Skills, Shadow Slide, Shuriken Assassin, Soft Movement, Spider Climber, Without a Trace

Classes - Paradigm Shifts [21]

Dart Aside, Disrupt Attack, Disrupt Creature, Eldritch Secret, Flash Teleport, Hobble Creature, Inhibit, Magic Deletion, Optimize, Overlapping Forms, Prevent Wounds, Push Grenade, Resist Elements, Shaped Infinities, Shift Resistance, Shifting Immunity, Shifting Offensive, Substitute Mind, Swapping Step, Thwart Ability, Unveil Reality

Classes - Stellar Revelations [24]

Agile Wavelengths, Binary Shield System, Blade in the Night, Constellation Blast, Crushing Force, Curving Flare, Distant Burst, Distracting Glare, Draining Agony, Forceful Shield, Gallant Rebuttal, Gravitic Calling, Gravitic Reinforcement, Gravity Pulse, Gravity Well, Luminescent Inquisition, Nebula Storm, Solar Incursion, Solar Inferno, Stalwart Shield, Superlative Constellation, Superlative Nebula, Ultraviolet Pulse, Vital Reinforcement

Classes - Theorems [19]

Arms Expert, Energetic Booster, Far Injection, Field Dressing, Greater Field Dressing, Greater Treat Condition, Hampering Inhibitor, Improved Treat Condition, Liquid Bravery, Medication Mastery, Painful Injection, Powerful Biohacks, Speedy Serums, Stable Biohacks, Strange Anatomy, Toxic Skin, Tranq Dart, Treat Condition, Treatment Mastery

Classes - Vanguard Aspects [6]

Boundary, Cascade, Exergy, Inversion, Momentum, Reaction

Classes - Vanguard Disciplines [32]

Absolute Zero, Accelerate, Antagonize, Arrest, Attracting Shield, Blindsense, Blindsight, Break Fall, Clothesline, Curative Deconstruction, Dampen, Draw Fire, Energize, Entropic Charge, Entropy Shield, Evasion, Exclusion Zone, Flatten Bullets, Friendly Fire, Guarded Combatant, Improved Evasion, Interfere, Internal Reservoir, Intervene, Living Effigy, Metabolic Stability, Poison-Inured, Quick Boost, Road Hazard, Shimmer Guard, Swift Antagonize, Zero-Gravity Scuffler

Downtime Rules [25]

Analyze Sample, Build Shelter, Carouse, Convalesce, Coordinate, Crack Technology, Drill, Entertain, Explore Futures, Gather Supplies, Hunt Bargains, Inoculate, Lounge, Maintain Equipment, Maintain Readiness, Manage Course, Plan Route, Practice Profession, Provide Long-term Care, Rebuild Drone, Refit Starship, Research, Retrain, Secure Area, Work Out

Equipment - Magic Items [9]

Polymorphic Serum (Mk 1), Polymorphic Serum (Mk 2), Polymorphic Serum (Mk 3), Polymorphic Serum (Mk 4), Polymorphic Serum (Mk 5), Polymorphic Serum (Mk 6), Rad-Out Serum, Regeneration Serum, Xenowarden’s Boots

Equipment - Other Items [16]

Antibiotic (Tier 1), Counteractant (Tier 1), Sal Volatile (Tier 1), Vaccine (Tier 1), Vaccine (Tier 2), Sal Volatile (Tier 2), Counteractant (Tier 2), Antibiotic (Tier 2), Antibiotic (Tier 3), Counteractant (Tier 3), Sal Volatile (Tier 3), Vaccine (Tier 3), Vaccine (Tier 4), Sal Volatile (Tier 4), Counteractant (Tier 4), Antibiotic (Tier 4)

Equipment - Shields [14]

Knight’s Shield (Basic), Knight’s Shield (Field), Knight’s Shield (Advanced), Knight’s Shield (Elite), Riot Shield (Basic), Riot Shield (Field), Riot Shield (Advanced), Riot Shield (Elite), Riot Shield (Paragon), Tactical Shield (Basic), Tactical Shield (Field), Tactical Shield (Advanced), Tactical Shield (Elite), Tactical Shield (Paragon)

Equipment - Technological Items [2]

Voice Distorter, Xenobiologist’s Field Kit

Equipment - Weapons [46]

Glove Needler (Advanced), Cestus Pistol (Advanced), Needler Pistol (Advanced), Needler Rifle (Advanced), Syringe Spear (Advanced), Capture Pole (Apprehension-class), Caustoject (Decimator), Caustolance (Decimator), Capture Pole (Domination-class), Glove Needler (Elite), Needler Rifle (Elite), Needler Pistol (Elite), Cestus Pistol (Elite), Syringe Spear (Elite), Capture Pole (Enforcement-class), Caustolance (Eradicator), Caustoject (Eradicator), Caustoject (Executioner), Caustolance (Executioner), Needler Estoc (Hyper-pointed), Syringe Stick (Hyper-pointed), Capture Pole (Imprisonment-class), Caustoject (Liquidator), Caustolance (Liquidator), Needler Estoc (Master-pointed), Capture Pole (Overlord-class), Glove Needler (Paragon), Cestus Pistol (Paragon), Needler Pistol (Paragon), Needler Rifle (Paragon), Syringe Spear (Paragon), Syringe Stick (Sharp-pointed), Needler Estoc (Sharp-pointed), Needler Estoc (Standard), Syringe Stick (Standard), Needler Rifle (Supreme), Needler Pistol (Supreme), Needler Estoc (Supreme-pointed), Syringe Stick (Supreme-pointed), Needler Pistol (Tactical), Needler Rifle (Tactical), Syringe Spear (Tactical), Cestus Pistol (Tactical), Glove Needler (Tactical), Needler Estoc (Ultra-pointed), Syringe Stick (Ultra-pointed)

Feats [89]

Accelerated Recovery, Adaptive Casting, Adaptive Upgrade, Add Leverage, Advance Warning, All Hands on Deck, Ambuscade, Ambush Awareness, Arm Extensions, Blood in Their Eyes, Constant Alert, Cook Grenade, Cosmic Truth, Deadly Boast, Defensive Roll, Dire Straits, Disease Adaptation, Disease Rejection, Dispelling Strike, Diverse Conditioning, Double Draw, Double Tap, Echolocation Attack, Eldritch Lore, Enhanced Communalism, Environmental Adaptation, Focused Sense, Fouling Reposition, Four-Handed Hacker, Frightening Injection, Frightful Display, Grab Attention, Grappler Pull, Greater Eldritch Lore, Grenade Mastery, Ground Fighting, Hauler, Helpful Telepath, Improved Energy Resistance, Improved Kip-Up, Instant Crater, Jet Charge, Laugh at Danger, Lesser Eldritch Lore, Living Ladder, Lung Puncture, Major Eldritch Lore, Many-Handed Master, Masked Visage, Melt Defenses, Memory Access, Minor Eldritch Lore, Momentous Attack, Multifaceted Nature, Nanite Integration, Oracular Gift, Percussive Maintenance, Pinpoint Hurler, Poison Adaptation, Poison Rejection (COM), Positive Conduit, Profession Mastery, Protective Fur, Quicker Trickler, Reality Glimmer, Reject Chains, Ricochet Grenade, Sacred Strike, Scurry, Shelter Ally, Shield Block, Shield Proficiency, Slam Down, Solid Stance, Soothing Telepathy, Spell Feint, Spellguard, Spot of Luck, Survivalist, Tactful Advisor, Tailored Serum, Telepathic Scream, Terrifying Presence, Three-Point Stance, Through the Lines, Tight Fit, Tripping Rush, Underfoot, Versatile Fighting

Races - Alternate Racial Traits [74]

Adamant Mage (Dwarf), Adopted (Human), Akitonian Settler (Kasatha), Anthropomorphic (Ysoki), Armor Ease (Half-Orc), Asanan Elf (Elf), Blindsense (Ysoki), Companion (Android), Courtier (Shirren), Crew Member (Kasatha), Cultural Assimilation (Shirren), Cultural Chameleon (Half-Elf), Cunning (Halfling), Darkvision (Half-Elf), Darkvision (Elf), Driftborn (Gnome), Duck and Cover (Halfling), Dusk Sight (Human), Easily Augmented (Android), Ecstatic Joy (Gnome), Elven Skeptic (Elf), Expanded Lung Capacity (Vesk), Featherlight (Human), Forlorn Connection (Elf), Fortified (Human), Gravity Dweller (Human), Half-Ryphorian (Half-Elf), Hive Defense (Shirren), Hunter Legacy (Lashunta), Impersonation Matrix (Android), Individual Obsession (Shirren), Infosphere Integration (Android), Kasath Native (Kasatha), Laborer (Android), Linguistic Acculturation (Shirren), Low Gravity (Vesk), Memory Gap (Elf), Mind Forward (Lashunta), Mining Expert (Dwarf), Multilingual (Android), Nanite Upgrade (Android), Natural Weapons (Ysoki), Needler (Halfling), Nograv (Ysoki), Nomad (Kasatha), Observant (Vesk), Opposite Reaction (Dwarf), Personal Traditions (Kasatha), Prehensile Tail (Vesk), Professional Focus (Half-Orc), Psychically Resistant (Lashunta), Rugged (Lashunta), Scout (Shirren), Scrappy (Ysoki), Ship Dwarf (Dwarf), Skilled (Ysoki), Skittish (Halfling), Social Intuition (Gnome), Spacefarer (Halfling), Steelskin (Half-Orc), Survivor (Ysoki), Swarmer (Ysoki), Talespinner (Halfling), Tradition Mender (Dwarf), Venomthought (Vesk), Vesk Venom (Vesk), Warblood (Vesk), Wastelander (Ysoki), Wilderness Runner (Elf), Winsome (Halfling), Worker (Shirren), Working Relations (Gnome), Xenometric Android (Android), Zero-G Dwarf (Dwarf)

Rules [6]

Chapter 6: Other Rules, Chief Mate Actions, Downtime, Magic Officer Actions, Minor Crew Actions 2, Open Crew Actions

Spells [68]

Acid Rain, Antiradiation, Awaken Computer, Blast Door, Charming Veneer, Churn Fluid, Commune With Planet, Comprehend Customs, Create Ammunition, Dazzling Flares, Delay Countermeasures, Displace Memory, Divine Aspect, Enduring Worlds, Gravity Well, Groundling, Hateful Visage, Haunted Armor, Haunted Combatant, Hazard, Hoverdisk, Hoverdisk, Mass, Illusory Star Field, Infect Blood, Instant Upgrade, Invisibility To Technology, Know Coordinates, Laser Net, Lifting Frame, Manipulate Tech, Megavitamin, Mental Silence, Miasma, Nanite Form, Optimize Technology, Parallel Form, Patch Tech, Perfect Recall, Phantom Cycle, Pinpoint Navigation, Predict Foe, Prescience, Preserve Specimen, Puncture Veil, Reality Bend, Reality Leap, Recall, Remote Operation, Resist Radiation, Scan Environment, Security Protocol, Share Memory, Shifting Surge, Shrink Object, Slice Reality, Smog Bank, Song Of The Cosmos, Song Of The Cosmos, Greater, Spirit-bound Armor, Spirit-bound Computer, Star Storm, Transfer Consciousness, Transport Passengers, Unspeakable Presences, Usher Apocalypse, Venomous Weapon, Vigilant Junkbot, Warp Reality

Themes [7]

Athlete, Grifter, Guard, Law Officer, Noble Scion, Sensate, Street Rat