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Interstellar Species

Estimated Release Date: 11/16/2022
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Aliens [72]

Battleflower Master (Sports Figures), Bounty Hunter (Bounty Hunters), Brutaris Lock-back (Sports Figures), Captains Club Guide (Guides), Career Ranger (Survivalists), Champion (Religious Figures), Colveare Hierarch (Tyrants), Combat Medic (Former Military), Con Artist (Charlatans), Conspiracist (Investigators), Constable (Stewards), Courier (Guides), Data Analyst (Stewards), Deadeye (Assassins), Detective (Investigators), Divine Avatar (Religious Figures), Double Agent (Infiltrators), Elite Rescuer (Emergency Workers), Emissary (Diplomats), Emt (Medical Staff), Enercopter Pilot (Emergency Workers), Excommunicant (Religious Figures), False Prophet (Charlatans), Field Biologist (Scholars), Fortunate Warlord (Tyrants), Grifter (Charlatans), Hacker (Infiltrators), Hazard Professional (Emergency Workers), Hazard Response Crew (Emergency Workers), Impostor (Charlatans), Influencer (Celebrities), Magical Duelist (Sports Figures), Masked Assassin (Assassins), Mugger (Thieves), Mysterious Hermit (Survivalists), Notorious Bounty Hunter (Bounty Hunters), Off-gridder (Survivalists), Officer (Former Military), Ops Infiltrator (Stewards), Overwatch Captain (Stewards), Pact Worlds Delegate (Diplomats), Parabolas Revivalist (Sports Figures), Paranormal Investigator (Investigators), Performer (Celebrities), Personal Concierge (Guides), Phantom Thief (Thieves), Physician (Medical Staff), Pickpocket (Thieves), Plenipotentiary (Diplomats), Postgrad Student (Scholars), Prophet (Religious Figures), Psychic Healer (Medical Staff), Psychic Seer (Investigators), Quartermaster (Former Military), Recovery Agent (Bounty Hunters), Religious Peacekeeper (Diplomats), Safecracker (Thieves), Scholar Of Magic (Scholars), Shapeshifter (Infiltrators), Singularity Accelerationist (Tyrants), Skip Tracer (Bounty Hunters), Special Forces Medic (Medical Staff), Spec-ops Veteran (Former Military), Specter (Assassins), Spy (Infiltrators), Stowalong (Guides), Streamer (Celebrities), Subject Expert (Scholars), Trophy Hunter (Survivalists), Underworld Mastermind (Tyrants), Vidgamer (Celebrities), Viper (Assassins)

Classes [1]


Classes - Adaptations [20]

Area Strike, Augmented Potential, Controlled Transformation, Dazzling Outburst, Distant Strikes, Enhanced Mobility, Enhanced Resistance, Explosive Strike, Extraordinary Sense, Extreme Mobility, Fearsome Outburst, Fission Form, Forceful Outburst, Invert Form, Ocular Advantage, Pinpoint Sense, Regenerative Form, Resistant Form, Versatile Strike, Violent Outburst

Classes - Alternate Class Features [3]

Heavyweight Skirmisher (Operative), Resonating Biohack (Biohacker), Robotic Improvements (Mechanic)

Classes - Anchors [1]

Memory Echoes

Classes - Builds [4]

Broadleaf Battler (Evolutionist), Crypt Custodian (Evolutionist), Eldritch Champion (Evolutionist), Scrapper (Evolutionist)

Classes - Drone Chassis [2]

Stormscout Drone, Tunnel Drone

Classes - Drone Mods [4]

Arc Strike, Conductive Plating, Grenadier, Retaliatory Shock

Classes - Expertise Talents [6]

Bad Idea, Empathic Tracker, One Of Us, Read the Room, Scent of Danger, You Don’t Say

Classes - Fields of Study [2]

Efficiency, Thermoregulation

Classes - Fighting Styles [2]

Farshot, Mine Menace

Classes - Gear Boosts [4]

Armor-Piercing Stab, Devastating Throw, Draining Finisher, Rebounding Bludgeon

Classes - Improvisations [4]

A Few More Steps!, Got Your Back, On My Mark, Take The Hit

Classes - Knacks [15]

Adaptive Telepathy, Anchored Cloud, Beguiling Array, Camouflaging Sheath, Cushioning Form, Drifting Host, Exhausting Nanites, Extensive Reach, Glimmering Nanites, Insulating Nanites, Luminous Nanites, Neutralizing Nanites, Shock Absorption, Telepathic Cloud, Violent Dispersal

Classes - Mechanic Tricks [6]

Energy Reflection, Energy Transference, Hunk of Junk, Manifold Shield, Projected Shield, Spell Chip Array

Classes - Niches [4]

Eldritch, Mechanized, Sepulchral, Vital

Classes - Operative Specializations [2]

Bully, Diplomat

Classes - Operative Exploits [7]

Collaborative Specialist, Coming Through, Fearsome Presence, Infectious Charm, Powerful Flier, Setup Strike, Springboard

Classes - Temporal Anomalies [11]

Desperate Measures, Final Convergence, Forensic Acumen, Help Another, Impeccable Timing, Improved Impeccable Timing, Improved Paradoxical Studies, Paradoxical Studies, Recycled Preparation, See Weaknesses, Something’s Not Right Here…

Classes - Theorems [5]

Electrostatic Sense, Energized Assault, Improved Instant Recalibration, Instant Recalibration, Thickened Bones

Creature Companions [3]

Linnormling, Localized Water Elemental, Mahoi Manta

Equipment - Biotech [12]

Airjet, Sonic Vocalizer (Anharmonic), Aqua-Empathic Lobe, Bioluminescent Skin, Electrostatic Spines, Sonic Vocalizer (Harmonic), Ink Gland, Sonic Vocalizer (Parametric), Pressure Filter, Sonic Vocalizer (Radial), Sonic Vocalizer (Resonant), Thermal-Sensitive Eyes

Equipment - Cybernetics [3]

Pheromap (Advanced), Pheromap (Basic), Haptic Database

Equipment - Hybrid Items [4]

Ancestor Drone, Kvashbark Cartography Kit, Starlight Flute, Vali Water

Equipment - Magic Items [6]

Spell Amulet (1st), Spell Amulet (2nd), Spell Amulet (3rd), Spell Amulet (4th), Spell Amulet (5th), Spell Amulet (6th)

Equipment - Magitech [5]

Psychic Strike Node (Advanced), Psychic Strike Node (Basic), Deception Node, Psychic Strike Node (Elite), Psychic Strike Node (Standard)

Equipment - Other Items [10]

Mineral Dye, Crystalline Codex (Mk 1), Crystalline Codex (Mk 2), Crystalline Codex (Mk 3), Crystalline Codex (Mk 4), Crystalline Codex (Mk 5), Attentive Guidebook (Pact Worlds), Researcher’s Helper, Speech Encoder, Sure Collector

Equipment - Technological Items [1]

Valai Band

Equipment - Weapons [36]

Meduza Rifle (Assault ), Meduza Rifle (Blitz ), Nematocyst Spear (Ceremonial ), Nematocyst Spear (Champion ), Meduza Rifle (Commander ), Nematocyst Spear (Dueling ), Meduza Rifle (Gorgon ), Iceflame Crystals (Greater), Pyrespike Crystals (Greater), Vivara Rifle (High-Flux), Nematocyst Spear (Hunter ), Meduza Grenade (I), Meduza Grenade (II), Meduza Grenade (III), Meduza Grenade (IV), Iceflame Crystals (Least), Pyrespike Crystals (Least), Iceflame Crystals (Lesser), Pyrespike Crystals (Lesser), Vivara Rifle (Low-Flux), Vivara Rifle (Mid-Flux), Iceflame Crystals (Minor), Pyrespike Crystals (Minor), Panic Grenade (Mk 1), Panic Grenade (Mk 2), Panic Grenade (Mk 3), Panic Grenade (Mk 4), Iceflame Crystals (Shard), Pyrespike Crystals (Shard), Singing Stinger, Iceflame Crystals (Standard), Pyrespike Crystals (Standard), Meduza Rifle (Stinger ), Iceflame Crystals (True), Pyrespike Crystals (True), Nematocyst Spear (Warlord )

Feats [43]

Amplified Outgoing Signals, Bear Hug, Brutal Slash, Chemical Trail, Chitinous Wall, Crescendo of Victory, Crescendo of Violence, Discordant Din, Double Trouble, Draconic Senses, Draconic Shot, Efficient Engineering, Escaped Experimental Subject, Flashmorph, Grasping LFAN, Harmony of Bullets, Hibernate, Hurl Ally, Jinx, Lucky Guess, Major Draconic Form, Masterful Imitation, Minor Draconic Form, Morphing Feint, Multitudinous LFAN, Operatic Shatter, Perpetual Polymorph, Pincered LFAN, Pinpoint Hearing, Polymorphic Titan, Psychic Stalking, Rallying Roar, Rending Slash, Righteous Frenzy, Shifter’s Eye, Soothing Focus, Startling Charge, Terrifying Presence (IS), Toxic Strike, Trading Places, True Dragon Form, Tunneling Vanguard, Vestigial Vigor

Races [25]

Astrazoan, Astriapi, Bear (Uplifted), Cephalume, Contemplative, Dragonkin, Formian, Hadrogaan, Hanakan, Kalo, Kobold, Maraquoi, Nuar, Pahtra, Psacynoid, Quorlu, Raxilite, Ryphorian, Scyphozoan, Shimreen, SRO, Trox, Urog, Vlaka, Worlanisi

Races - Alternate Racial Traits [2]

Compact Form (Dragonkin), Variant Breath Weapon (Dragonkin)

Rules [35]

A Nonlinear Approach, Ability Score Adjustments, Adding Class Grafts, Adjusting CR, An Example Species, Changing Species, Creature Type, Cultural Attributes, Culture, Custom Species Builder, Customizing NPCs, Final Details, Hit Points, Home World, Introduction, Mechanics, NPC Gallery, NPCs as Allies, NPCs as Enemies, NPCs as... NPCs, Other Abilities, Physiology, Size, Speed, and Senses, Special Abilities, Special Abilities and Weaknesses, Species Versus Individual, Table 2-1: Combat Options, Table 2-2: Noncombat Options, Table 2-3: Body Shape and Exterior, Table 2-4: Limbs, Table 2-5: Creature Type, Table 2-6: Weaknesses, Table 2-7: Biomes, Using the NPC Gallery, Values

Spells [15]

Artificial Geyser, Biomechanical Symbiosis, Change of Seasons, Crystal Eruption, Crystal Mine, Change of Seasons (Greater), Mental Muscle (Greater), Memory Prism, Mental Muscle, Phantasmal Maze, Preserved Path, Psychic Sonar, Spell Redirection, Storm-Deflecting Sphere, Volcanic Wrath

Template Grafts [1]

Evolutionist (Class)