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Galactic Magic

Estimated Release Date: 1/26/2022
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Archetypes [1]

School Specialist

Classes [1]


Classes - Alternate Class Features [13]

Broken Cycle (Solarian), Eldritch Nanites (Nanocyte), Experimental Apparatus (Mechanic), Immortal Tutor (Technomancer), Infinity Lash (Witchwarper), Ley Line Hacker (Biohacker), Magical Assassin (Operative), Mutual Destruction (Vanguard), Projected (Witchwarper), Psychic Expertise (Envoy), Spell Speaker (Envoy), Spell Thief (Operative), Stellar Sage (Solarian)

Classes - Anchors [6]

Chronomancy, Dimension of Time, Doomed Future, Fragmented Past, The Gap, Timewarped

Classes - Builds [4]

Apocalypse Seer (Precog), Chronomancer (Precog), Time Traveler (Precog), Time-worn Warrior (Precog)

Classes - Epiphanies [2]

Mystic Step, Spell Transference

Classes - Expertise Talents [1]

Expert Artificer

Classes - Faculties [1]


Classes - Fields of Study [1]


Classes - Fighting Styles [2]

Archer, Spellbrawler

Classes - Gear Boosts [3]

Disrupting Strike, Hampering Strike, Overload Fusion

Classes - Improvisations [3]

Borrowed Arcana, Reprimand Spell, Spell Scoot

Classes - Knacks [4]

Instant Ward, Nanomagical Font, Ninefold Ward, Otherworldly Nanites

Classes - Magic Hacks [3]

Critical Spells, Long-lasting Spell, Technomantic Shield

Classes - Mechanic Tricks [6]

Debug Curse, Fusion Specialist, Magic Scanner, Magitech Officer, Program Spell Chip, Spell Chip Understanding

Classes - Mystic Connections [2]

Arcane, First World

Classes - Operative Specializations [1]

Memory Weaver

Classes - Operative Exploits [5]

Daring Leap, Expeditious Amp, False Friend, Sense Magic, Spell Sniper

Classes - Paradigm Shifts [7]

Alternate Form, Eldritch Reflection, Extensive Worlds, Hijack Portal, Illuminating Light, Planar Intrusion, Safe Passage

Classes - Stellar Revelations [4]

Awakened Flames, Back Blast, Implosion Shock, Unpredictable Gravity

Classes - Temporal Anomalies [28]

Advanced Preparation, Butterfly Effect, Desperate Rewrite, Ephemeral Confidant, Forewarned, Future Training, Greater Shunt Condition, I Knew You’d Say That, Improved Shunt Condition, Instance Analysis, Looped Existence, Masterful Preparation, Momentary Stutter, Multifocal, Offensive Rewrite, Outcome Adjustment, Paradoxical Genius, Prescient Casting, Preternatural Strikes, Safeguard, Shunt Condition, Skillful Rewrite, Spell Rewind, Tactical Oracle, Tactical Timing, Time Walk, Time’s Champion, Time-Hardened

Classes - Theorems [4]

Ampoule Expertise, Ampoule Mastery, Elongation Mutation, Morphing Hack

Classes - Vanguard Aspects [2]

Apocalypse, Rebound

Classes - Vanguard Disciplines [4]

Applied Entropy, Entropic Veil, Infectious Entropy, Spatial Destruction

Equipment - Armor Upgrades [6]

Arcane Vision, Drift Escape Module, Gravity Pulse Unit, Shadow Skip Unit, Shadow Sprint Unit, Stalwart

Equipment - Artifacts [3]

Honorbringer, Metamorphosis Torc, Tytarian’s Anvil

Equipment - Hybrid Items [36]

Instant Vehicle (All-Terrain Transport), Autopsic Scanner, Instant Vehicle (Basic Enercycle), Everlatch Rope, Everlength Rope, Instant Vehicle (Exploration Buggy), Extra Seat, Face Replicator, Fearmonger (Mk 1), Earrings of Dampening (Mk 1), Absolute Compass (Mk 1), Mask of Scrambling (Mk 1), Mind Memory Chip (Mk 1), Null-space Kennel (Mk 1), Wetware Bug (Mk 1), Wetware Bug (Mk 2), Null-space Kennel (Mk 2), Mind Memory Chip (Mk 2), Mask of Scrambling (Mk 2), Absolute Compass (Mk 2), Earrings of Dampening (Mk 2), Fearmonger (Mk 2), Fearmonger (Mk 3), Earrings of Dampening (Mk 3), Mask of Scrambling (Mk 3), Mind Memory Chip (Mk 3), Null-space Kennel (Mk 3), Wetware Bug (Mk 3), Null-space Kennel (Mk 4), Mind Memory Chip (Mk 4), Mask of Scrambling (Mk 4), Phaserod, Instant Vehicle (Pump-Jet Sub), Sweet Dreambot, Instant Vehicle (Torpedo Minisub), Instant Vehicle (Ultralight Turboglider)

Equipment - Magic Items [50]

Spell Putty (0-Level), Spell Putty (1st-Level), Spell Putty (2nd-Level), Spell Putty (3rd-Level), Spell Putty (4th-Level), Spell Putty (5th-Level), Spell Putty (6th-Level), Gimmick (Basic), Bitterflesh Serum, Blender Fist, Chronal Harness, Gimmick (Cutting Apprentice), Gimmick (Cutting Expert), Gimmick (Cutting Master), Dawnflower Ring, Gimmick (Devastating Apprentice), Gimmick (Devastating Expert), Gimmick (Devastating Master), Diadem of Desna, Figurine of Wondrous Power (Diamond Laser Wolf), Driftsauce Serum, Gimmick (Elemental Apprentice), Gimmick (Elemental Expert), Gimmick (Elemental Master), Energy Transference Amulet, Omnicomponent (Flawed), Gimmick (Focused Apprentice), Gimmick (Focused Expert), Glowskin Serum, Gravity Ring, Green Mother’s Final Trick, Hood Ornament of Hovering, Ibra’s Astrolabe, Aeon Stone (Iridium Star), Lantern’s Laughing Lie, Marathon Serum, Figurine of Wondrous Power (Plush Squox), Figurine of Wondrous Power (Polymer Velociraptor), Omnicomponent (Pristine), Rat’s Last Word, Ring of Astrozoology, Scrapper’s Cookpot, Spectacles of the Unseen, Gimmick (Targeting Apprentice), Gimmick (Targeting Expert), Gimmick (Targeting Master), Figurine of Wondrous Power (Titanium Hashukayak), Trench Coat of Utility, Aeon Stone (Turquoise Cube), Valor’s Mantle

Equipment - Weapon Fusions [9]

Agile, Bending, Boosting, Kindred, Meltdown, Sheering, Steady, Sundering, Supercharging

Equipment - Weapons [4]

Apocalypse Bow (Advanced), Apocalypse Bow (Elite), Apocalypse Bow (Paragon), Apocalypse Bow (Tactical)

Feats [1]

Divine Weapon

Rituals [8]

Commune, Consecrate Place, FTL Communication, Gate, Heartbond, Panopticon, Reincarnation, Summon Elemental

Rules [33]

Creature-Creation Rituals, Divine Variants, Faiths, Gather Power (Leader), Harmonize (Assistant), Invoke Entity (Leader or Assistant), Join Ritual (Leader or Assistant), Leave Ritual (Leader or Assistant), Maintain Ritual (Leader or Assistant), Martyr Self (Assistant), Master a Ritual, Open the Way (Leader), Other Summoning Rituals, Prepare the Area (Leader or Assistant), Prepared Spells, Reading Ritual Descriptions, Release Power (Leader), Ritual Actions, Ritual Casting, Ritual Scripts, Rituals, Rituals, Sacrifice (Leader or Assistant), Salvage Ritual (Assistant), Scribe Spell, Shape Power (Leader), Speak the Name (Leader), Spellbook, Spells, Variable-Level Rituals, Variant Spellcasting, Variant: Prepared Spellcasting, Variant: Scaling 0-level Spells

Spells [111]

Accelerate Step, Acid Puddle, Adamantine Shot, Adhere, Akashic Investigation, Anchor, Antimagic Burst, Autopilot, Battle Sonata, Biome Adaptation, Blessing of Youth, Broadcast Message, Bypass Password, Calm the Storm, Channel the Outer Sphere, Cheat Time, Chrono Leap, Climate Adaptation, Command Icon, Communal Bond, Companion Bond, Dampen Spell, Day's Weariness, Death's Door, Dissonance Strike, Distant Speech, Distract, Dream of Home, Duplicate Data, Elemental Convergence, Empathic Communication, Empathic Support, Fist of Damoritosh, Fluid Morphism, Fluidity of Form, Forcecage, Furious Shriek, Glowing Wall, Gravity Tether, Magic Seal (Greater), Mystical Aegis (Greater), Grim Insight, Harness Lightning, Helping Hands, Holographic Interface, Ice Prison, Injury Echo, Locate Hive, Magic Mark, Magic Seal, Helping Hands (Mass), Physical Stability (Mass), Fluidity of Form (Mass), Mystical Aegis (Mass), Time Loop (Mass), Measure, Misfire, Modulate Frequency, Mystical Aegis, Negate Spell, Omnitool, Orient, Osmose, Physical Stability, Plasma Snare, Proximity Alert, Psychokinetic Shove, Quick Change (Galactic Magic), Radiation Ray, Realign, Remembrance, Remote Pilot, Restore Consumable, Rewrite Time, Rhapsodic Aegis, Shared Gravity, Sharpen Senses, Sniper's Edge, Social Reset, Sonic Scream, Soul Surge, Spark, Spiritual Bonds, Star Touch, Star Wall, Stumble, Subzero Clutch, Summon Corpse, Suppressing Field, Swap Initiative, Temporal Bullets, Temporal Flash, Time Crawl, Time Loop, Time's Edge, Tracking Mark, Uncanny Luck, Undo Mistake, Unmask, Unravel Magic, Usurp Spell, Vanishing Trick, Varied Veneer, Void Grasp, Wall of Earth, Wall of Fog, Wall of Ice, Wall of Steam, Wave of Warning, Weight of Ages, X-Ray Vision

Template Grafts [1]

Precog (Class)