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Tech Revolution

Estimated Release Date: 8/25/2021
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Classes [1]


Classes - Alternate Class Features [13]

Auto-Injector (Biohacker), Drone Technomancy (Technomancer), Electrical Attunement (Solarian), Entropic Shot (Vanguard), Experimental Explosives (Mechanic), Experimental Vehicle (Mechanic), Improvisor (Operative), Infinite Tech (Witchwarper), Junk Technomancy (Technomancer), Mystic Smith (Mystic), Signature Item (Envoy), Sniper (Operative), Tech Whisperer (Envoy)

Classes - Builds [2]

Battle Host (Nanocyte), Living Plague (Nanocyte)

Classes - Drone Chassis [3]

Artillery Drone, Protocol Drone, Sage Drone

Classes - Drone Mods [12]

Defensive Fade, Internal Database, Linguistic Module, Multitool Mastery, Negotiator Protocol, Noqual Reinforcement, Rangefinder Protocol, Reactive Command, Reinforced Chassis, Sonar Pulse, Sonic Blast, Uncanny Sense

Classes - Expertise Talents [4]

Enhance!, Power User, Security Audit, Steady Hands

Classes - Faculties [5]

Discorporation, Infestation, Obliteration, Redirection, Regeneration

Classes - Fields of Study [2]

Anesthesiology, Cybermedicine

Classes - Fighting Styles [2]

Bullet Rain, Powerhouse Style

Classes - Gear Boosts [9]

Alkali Conversion, Bright Flames, Double Grenade Toss, Dual Augmentation, Forceful Throw, Penetrating Fire, Selective Explosion, Swarm Shooter, Technological Disruption

Classes - Knacks [31]

Abundant Nanites, Adaptable Weaponry, Agile Host, Alacritous Form, All-Seeing Nanites, Become Legion, Biometric Theft, Charge Vampire, Deconstructor, Defensive Doppelganger, Enhanced Immunities, Esoteric Edge, Facial Reconfiguration, Feasting Nanites, Group Dispersal, Heavy Armor Edge, Heavy Weapon Edge, Hungry Nanites, Instant Architect, Menacing Pall, Myriad Forms, Omnipresent Form, Omniscient Nanites, Rapid Reshape, Sensory Nanites, Split Manifestation, Sudden Transformation, Surgical Host, Swarm Strike, Thousand Stitches, Versatile Nanites

Classes - Magic Hacks [6]

Gremlin Companion, Junk Arsenal, Personal Firewall, Soul Backup, Usurp Code, Vital Conversion

Classes - Mechanic Tricks [4]

Engine Plasma, Explosive Artist, Remote Pilot, Vehicular Miracle

Classes - Mystic Connections [1]


Classes - Operative Specializations [2]

Bandit, Driver

Classes - Operative Exploits [5]

Disarming Command, Dramatic Dive, Invigorating Strike, Professional Trick, Trick Stunt

Classes - Paradigm Shifts [6]

Alternate Transport, Bolster Illumination, Devastating Overload, Parallel Modifications, Replace Tech, Transmute Material

Classes - Stellar Revelations [10]

Destructive Discharge, Energy Sink, Fear Horizon, Gravitational Lock, Grounding Sink, Paralyzing Storm, Photon Circuits, Solar Battery, Stellar Rebirth, Weapon Orbit

Classes - Theorems [7]

Bleeding Biohacks, Culinary Expert, First Aid Expert, Microlab Jack, Poison Extraction, Technological Biohacks, Telepathic Boost

Classes - Vanguard Aspects [2]

Obsolescence, Regression

Classes - Vanguard Disciplines [5]

Charged Shot, Curve Shot, Entropy at the Wheel, High-Speed Juggernaut, Infuse Grenade

Creature Companions [1]

Glitch Gremlin

Equipment - Armor [19]

Mageplate (Apprentice), Mageplate (Archmage), Scrapchain (Behemoth), Devourer’s Skin (Chewing), Exochitin (Decapitator), AbadarCorp CelPro (Elite), AbadarCorp CelPro (Galactic), Scrapchain (Giant), Devourer’s Skin (Gnashing), Devourer’s Skin (Gnawing), AbadarCorp CelPro (Idol), Mageplate (Journeyman), AbadarCorp CelPro (Local), Mageplate (Master), Devourer’s Skin (Masticating), Exochitin (Slicer), AbadarCorp CelPro (Stellar), Scrapchain (Titan), Exochitin (Vivisector)

Equipment - Armor Upgrades [5]

MedObserve Interface (Advanced), MedObserve Interface (Basic), Broadband Noise Generator (Mk 1), Broadband Noise Generator (Mk 2), Broadband Noise Generator (Mk 3)

Equipment - Biotech [22]

Bone Spines (Bristling), Flametongue (Firedrake), Flametongue (Hellhound), Intensification Antennae, Rending Talons (Microserrated), Protean Response (Mk 1), Protean Response (Mk 2), Protean Response (Mk 3), Protean Response (Mk 4), Protean Response (Mk 5), Protean Response (Mk 6), Neutralizer Lobe, Flametongue (Phoenix), Bone Spines (Punishing), Bone Spines (Rebuking), Flametongue (Salamander), Rending Talons (Sintered), Rending Talons (Standard), Stridulation Legs, Vengeful Ventricles, Bone Spines (Warding), Rending Talons (Zero-edge)

Equipment - Cybernetics [6]

Conductive Carrier, Inner Gyros, Lightvision Shades, Refraction Shell, Thruster Heels, Tremor Soles

Equipment - Magitech [9]

Ley Veins (Adept), Ley Veins (Apprentice), Ley Veins (Archmage), Dimensional Gland (Experimental), Galeforce Lungs (Gust), Galeforce Lungs (Hurricane), Dimensional Gland (Immersive ), Galeforce Lungs (Standard), Galeforce Lungs (Storm )

Equipment - Powered Armor [9]

Devaplate, Feral Frame, Geistwork Hunter, Infiltration Skin, Kashcomm Scout, Living Tree, Obsidian Mask, Sci-shield Unit, Swarm Carapace

Equipment - Technological Items [48]

Autograppler (Advanced), Infaux Sphere (Advanced), Imaginarium Projector (Advanced), Tool Kit (Akinzi Resources), All-Purpose Accessory, Hoverchairs (Athletic), Imaginarium Projector (Basic), Autograppler (Basic), Infaux Sphere (Basic), Hoverchairs (Basic), Domestic Drone (Carousing), Chrono Jumper Suit, Combat Controller, Composter Slime, Delectator, Drift Gauntlet, Dusk Shades, Infaux Sphere (Elite), Hoverchairs (Elite), Emotiquest, Empathy Engine, Explosion Inhibitor, Fashion Infosite Subscription, Feelings Lockbox, Fitting Jacket, Flushbuster, Hushing Wire, Imposter Drone, Jammer Charge, Mechaflora, Micro Tap (Mk 1), Proximity Switch (Mk 1), Proximity Switch (Mk 2), Micro Tap (Mk 2), Micro Tap (Mk 3), Proximity Switch (Mk 3), Proximity Switch (Mk 4), Passthrough Cloak, Portable Antrigravity Field, Portable Gravity Field, Tent (Portaledge), Programmer’s Plushie, Relaxu, Seeker Slime, Soul Camera, Stickyfinger Gloves, Domectic Drone (Thief Drone), Time-pit Boots

Equipment - Weapons [75]

Blaze Scimitar (Acolyte), Uppercut SMG (Advanced), Ring Fire (Advanced), Rocket Bracer (Advanced), Shield Rifle (Advanced), Rocket Pauldron (Advanced), Parapet Rifle (Advanced), Nanite Pistol (Artificer-class), Crisis Wrench (Artificer-class), Polarity Wire (Aurora), Boomknuckles (Banshee), Chordpocalypse (Banshee), Net Gun (Bolt), Blaze Scimitar (Cleric), Apocalypse Beam (Corona), Tagtech Rifle (Coruscator), Tagtech Rifle (Dazzler), Disintegration SMG (Decimator), Barrier Cannon (Defender), Blaze Scimitar (Disciple), Blaze Scimitar (Divine), Fractal Hook (Dynamic), Parapet Rifle (Elite), Rocket Pauldron (Elite), Uppercut SMG (Elite), Ring Fire (Elite), Shield Rifle (Elite), Rocket Bracer (Elite), Nanite Pistol (Engineer-class), Crisis Wrench (Engineer-class), Disintegration SMG (Eradicator), Disintegration SMG (Executioner), Digitizer Pistol (Gold ), Digitizer Rifle (Gold ), Barrier Cannon (Guardian), Boomknuckles (HFD), Digitizer Rifle (Holofoil ), Digitizer Pistol (Holofoil ), Boomknuckles (LFD), Disintegration SMG (Liquidator), Tagtech Rifle (Nova), Novus missile launcher , Rocket Bracer (Paragon), Parapet Rifle (Paragon), Rocket Pauldron (Paragon), Shield Rifle (Paragon), Ring Fire (Paragon), Uppercut SMG (Paragon), Apocalypse Beam (Perihelion), Chordpocalypse (Psychedelic), Nanite Pistol (Scrapper-class), Crisis Wrench (Scrapper-class), Barrier Cannon (Sentry), Chordpocalypse (Shattering), Digitizer Rifle (Silver ), Digitizer Pistol (Silver ), Fractal Hook (Static), Polarity Wire (Static), Polarity Wire (Storm), Rocket Bracer (Tactical), Uppercut SMG (Tactical), Ring Fire (Tactical), Parapet Rifle (Tactical), Shield Rifle (Tactical), Rocket Pauldron (Tactical), Polarity Wire (Tempest), Chordpocalypse (Thunderstrike), Boomknuckles (Thunderstrike), Crisis Wrench (Tinker-class), Nanite Pistol (Tinker-class), Chordpocalypse (Transcendent), Tagtech Rifle (Vivifier), Barrier Cannon (Warden), Net Gun (Wireframe), Apocalypse Beam (Zenith)

Mechs - Auxiliary Systems [15]

Ammo Reserve, Autotarget, Cargo Catapult, Cargo Hold, Cloaker, EMP Cannon, Entry Hatch, Haste Cicruit, Plasma-Shock Circuits, Plow Plating, Systems Jammer, Teleporter, Thrusters, Weapon Core, Weapon Rack

Mechs - Examples [16]

Azlanti Mechs (Aeon Striker), Daimalkan Mechs (Aeropa), Corpsefleet Mechs (Crypt Behemoth), Corpsefleet Mechs (Fated Ossuary), Hellknight Mechs (Flayer), Hellknight Mechs (Hellhound), Idaran Mechs (IAU “tangler”), Idaran Mechs (IBU “breacher”), Azlanti Mechs (Imperator Pinion), Veskarium Mechs (Ripclaw), Skyfire Legion Mechs (Skyfire Quickwing), Skyfire Legion Mechs (Skyfire Wyrm), Daimalkan Mechs (Valkor), Veskarium Mechs (Warmander), Xenowarden Mechs (Xenowarden Canopy), Xenowarden Mechs (Xenowarden Seedling)

Mechs - Frames [18]

Blinkstriker, Bogripper, Charger, Dropship, Furyjumper, Heavenspiercer, Juggernaut, Legionnaire, Leviathan, Marshghost, Phantom, Seahellion, Sharpwing, Skirmisher, Skyspy, Swampstalker, Trooptank, Wavecrasher

Mechs - Lower Limbs [7]

Biped, Agile, Biped, Basic, Biped, Fast, Biped, Heavy, Hoverpad, Quadruped, Tracked

Mechs - Power Cores [4]

Aeon Core Template, Battle Core Template, Corpsegnawer Core Template, Scrapper Core Template

Mechs - Upgrades [6]

Ehanced Shields, Fleet, Rapid Reflexes, Reinforced Frame, Superior Computer, Unbreakable Armor

Mechs - Upper Limbs [5]

Assault Arms, Basic Arms, Powerful Arms, Precision Arms, Tough Arms

Mechs - Weapons [26]

Acid Dart Rifle, Alloyed Sword, Autospear, Battlestaff, Buzzblade, Chainwhip, Flame Doshko, Flamethrower, Frost Rifle, Frostspear, Grenade Launcher, Hammerfist, Laser Rifle, Missile Battery, Plasma Rifle, Plasma Sword, Rocket Launcher, Rotary Cannon, Scythe, Shears, Sonic Shotgun, Spear, Spiked Shield, Swordwhip, Technosling, Thundergauntlet

Rules [136]

Adapting Hacking Abilities, Aid (Minor), All-Terrain, Amphibious, Armored, Assemble!, Assess (Minor), Assess Stability (Engineering), Auxiliary Systems, Avoiding Encounters, Basic Counterhacker (Countermeasure), Beginning And Ending The Encounter, Blend (Major), Boat (Water Vehicle), Breaching Charge, Building A Mech, Building A Vehicle, Building And Using Mechs, Building Mechs, Building NPC Mechs, Charges, Chase Combat, Choosing the Right Vehicle, Colossal, Computer-Assisted Controls, Computers Subskills, Cruiser (Land Vehicle), Custom Vehicles, Cycle (Land Vehicle), Decoy (Major), Demolitions, Demolitions, Designing Mech Encounters, Digital Persona, Dynamic Hacking, Dynamic Hacking Encounters, Equipment, Experimental, Explosive Charges, Factory-Made, Fast Flyer (Air Vehicle), Frame, Gargantuan, Hacking Actions, Hacking Objectives, Hacking Phases, Havoc Charge, Hover, Hovering Flyer (Air Vehicle), Huge, Hybrid Aircraft, Improving Vehicles, Infiltration Charge, Junk, Large, Lower Limbs, Luxury, Mech Actions, Mech Combat, Mech Operators, Mech Overview, Mech Statistics, Mech Upgrades, Mechs, Mechs Aren’t Objects, Medium, Modification Slots, Modify (Major), Node, Basic (Node), Node, Fake Shell (Node), Objective Statistics, Other Mech Features, Other Statistics, Pacing, Party Vehicles, Power Core, Power Level, Power Points, Prototype, Quirks, Racer, Recalibrate (Major), Refitting And Upgrading Mechs, Relics Overview, Repair (Major), Repairing Damage, Resolve (Major), Root Access (Module), Sample Mechs, Sample Objectives, Scale, Secure Data (Module), Special Mech Actions, Statistics and Modifiers, Step 0: Vehicle Concept, Step 1: Array, Step 1: Array, Step 1: Conceptualize, Step 2: Allocate Mech Points, Step 2: Vehicle Type Graft, Step 2: Vehicle Type Graft, Step 3: Select Frame, Step 3: Vehicle Size Graft, Step 3: Vehicle Size Graft, Step 4 (Optional): Vehicle Origin Graft, Step 4 (Optional): Vehicle Origin Graft, Step 4: Select Limbs, Step 5 (Optional): Special Grafts, Step 5 (Optional): Special Grafts, Step 5: Select Power Core, Step 6: Select Weapons, Step 7: Select Auxiliary Systems, Step 8: Select Upgrades, Step 9: Add Details, Submersible (Water Vehicle), System Failure, Taking Damage, Tank, Tech Relics, Terrain and Obstacles, Transform!, Transport, Truck (Land Vehicle), Understanding Mechs, Understanding Vehicle Modifications, Upper Limbs, Usage, Vehicle Campaigns, Vehicle Encounters, Vehicle Modifications, Vehicles, Vehicles In Tactical Combat, Walker, Weapon Relics, Weapons, Wipe (Countermeasure)

Spells [1]

Spiritual Consultation

Starship - Expansion Bays [1]

Quick-skip Module

Starship - Weapons [3]

Crushing gears, Grinding gears, Heavy rotary cannon

Template Grafts [1]

Nanocyte (Class)

Vehicles [15]

Combat Hospital, Dioxide Wingship, Harvester Dirigible, Heavy Launch Crawlers, Luxury Evacuation Yacht, Mobile Command Center, Mobile Launch Vehicle, Phentomite Autobridger, Pirate Enercopter, Prospecting Buggy, Racing Catamaran, Ravine Crawler, Rescue Enercopter, Smuggling Cruiser, Submersible Assault Carrier

Vehicle Modifications [36]

Additional Seating, Autopilot, Blip-Drive, Boarding Clamp, Collision Dampeners, Electrified Hull, Extradimensional Storage, Holohull, Nanite Node (Mk 1), Grav-Nav (Mk 1), Pilot Assist (Mk 1), Enhanced Sensors (Mk 1), Adamantine Plating (Mk 1), Deflective Field (Mk 1), Smuggler’s Compartment (Mk 1), Ramming Prow (Mk 1), Ramming Prow (Mk 2), Smuggler’s Compartment (Mk 2), Deflective Field (Mk 2), Adamantine Plating (Mk 2), Enhanced Sensors (Mk 2), Pilot Assist (Mk 2), Grav-Nav (Mk 2), Nanite Node (Mk 2), Nanite Node (Mk 3), Adamantine Plating (Mk 3), Smuggler’s Compartment (Mk 3), Ramming Prow (Mk 3), Smuggler’s Compartment (Mk 4), Personnel Enclosure, Smoke Screen, Stealth Module, Terrain Adaptation, Turbo Boost, Weapon Mount, Wheel Scythes