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Galaxy Exploration Manual

Estimated Release Date: 6/2/2021
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Classes - Fighting Styles [1]


Classes - Gear Boosts [15]

Automatic Expert, Bleeding Injection, Disarming Critical, Double Shot, Fast Hands, Forceful Trip, One Bullet Left, Perfect Puncture, Second Chance Boost, Serum Super-User, Skilled Blocker, Stumbling Strike, Stunning Decision, Technology Smasher, Unstoppable Line

Classes - Improvisations [15]

Changing Circumstances, Early Warning, Expert Guide, Fast Camouflage, Just Like That!, Natural Spectacle, Perfect Insult, Quick Perfect Insult, Quick Shoo!, Quick Study, Shocking Weakness, Shoo!, Spectacle, Take ’Em Alive, You’ve Got This

Classes - Magic Hacks [12]

Adaptive Defenses, Augment Vehicle, Expanded Cache, Extend Protections, Holographic Camouflage, Instant Upgrade, Proximity Alert, Rebounding Spell, Reroute Trap, Rewire Synapses, Spell Coupling, Toxic Spell

Classes - Mechanic Tricks [12]

Artificial Pilot, Broadcast Telemetry, Calibrate Speed, Divided Uplink, Experimental Cortex Design, Exploration Routine, Rapid Scanner, Sample Scanner, Stranded Innovations, Stranded Inventions, Terminal Uplink, Tool Module

Classes - Mystic Connections [2]

Trailblazer, Xenoambassador

Classes - Operative Exploits [14]

All-Terrain Pilot, Beguiling Outsider, Daring Explorer, Efficient Forager, Explorer’s Lash, Extreme Movement, Ghost Step, High-Ground Sniper, Lash Snare, Signature Stunt, Teleport Trace, Terrain Concealment, Virulent Shot, Xenolinguist

Classes - Paradigm Shifts [12]

Borrowed Excellence, Dimensional Extraction, Dimensional Medic, Disrupt Lethality, Eldritch Siphon, Endure Lifetimes, Shifting Adaptation, Shred Defenses, Shroud, Swap Ammunition, Swap Paradigms, Transfer Affliction

Classes - Stellar Revelations [14]

Adaptive Graviton, Adaptive Photon, Gamma Distortion, Glowing Influence, Gravity Grappler, Heavy Landing, Hunter’s Gloom, Impossible Gravity, Lightspeed Tread, Orbital Awareness, Shining Survival, Visionary View, Warp Perception, Weighty Influence

Classes - Theorems [11]

Advanced Locomotive Adaptation, Cushion the Blow, Enhanced Senses, Grounding Inhibitor, Iron Gut, Locomotive Adaptation, Mobility Enhancement, Ooze Form, Prickly Booster, Sure-Step Booster, Treat Radiation

Classes - Vanguard Disciplines [14]

Blast Through, Blaze a Trail, Chronal Pause, Dastard’s Distraction, Deflective Deterioration, Distortion Dreamer, Hold on Tight, Intuitive Deconstruction, Push Off, Reactor’s Recollection, Ruinous Rush, Unknown Knowns, Wasting Resilience, Weather-Inured

Creature Companions [6]

Bhanda, Chostolichi, Ilskitt, Iridian Echo, Izhash, Tetlotolan

Downtime Rules [8]

Celestial Analysis, Delegate Work, Executive Decisions, Locate Galactic Destination, Map Star System, Membership Drive, World Analysis, World Mapping

Equipment - Armor [9]

Moraine Mantle (Bedrock), Moraine Mantle (Gneiss), ThermSkin (I), ThermSkin (II), ThermSkin (III), ThermSkin (IV), Moraine Mantle (Orogen), Ursikka Carapace (Synthetic), Ursikka Carapace (Traditional)

Equipment - Armor Upgrades [2]

Aligned Buffer, Sacred Seal

Equipment - Artifacts [3]

Canu’s Cache, Evomorpher, Titan’s Gate

Equipment - Biotech [5]

Angler’s Light, Flip Glands, Jump Lobes, Ripcord Siphon, Slimelashes

Equipment - Magic Items [9]

Aquanaut Elixir, Canu’s Cache, Evomorpher, Regenerative Philter (Mk 1), Regenerative Philter (Mk 2), Regenerative Philter (Mk 3), Nectar of Flame’s Glory, Titan’s Gate, Xeroform Jelly

Equipment - Other Items [23]

Arcanascopic lenses, Buoyant pack, Chemical cold pack, Chemical heat pack, Energel food pellets (1 pack), Frosthiker Soles, Hazmat Synthsleeves, Helping Hand, Meteorological Reader, Pocket Linguist, Portable Condenser, Portable Power Hub, Stabilizer Bracelets, Emetic (Tier 1), Narco-Imitator (Tier 1), Narco-Imitator (Tier 2), Emetic (Tier 2), Emetic (Tier 3), Narco-Imitator (Tier 3), Narco-Imitator (Tier 4), Emetic (Tier 4), Treadsetter’s Guide, Waymarker Ribbon

Equipment - Technological Items [9]

Vidgame (Advanced), Altitude Bead, Smart Lock (Average), Vidgame (Basic), Smart Lock (Good), Hardlight Netting, Medical Inhaler, Mnemonic Scanner, Smart Lock (Superior)

Equipment - Weapon Accessories [1]

Fireburst Chamber

Equipment - Weapon Fusions [7]

Climbing, Dimming, Echoing, Glowing, Launching, Mining, Tunneling

Equipment - Weapons [49]

Extrusion Rifle (12-atm), Extrusion Rifle (24-atm), Extrusion Rifle (48-atm), Extrusion Rifle (96-atm), Lumenstaff (Advanced), Rift Rifle (Borehole), Vortex Rifle (Drum), Lumenstaff (Elite), Philosopher’s Sting (Gold), Vortex Rifle (Hammer), Philosopher’s Sting (Iron), Rift Rifle (Keyhole), Philosopher’s Sting (Lead), Philosopher’s Sting (Mercury), Toothblade (Microserrated), Concussion Grenade (Mk 1), Defoliant Grenade (Mk 1), Antigravity Grenade (Mk 1), Mindspike Grenade (Mk 1), Barbed Shrapnel Grenade (Mk 1), Concussion Grenade (Mk 2), Defoliant Grenade (Mk 2), Mindspike Grenade (Mk 2), Antigravity Grenade (Mk 2), Barbed Shrapnel Grenade (Mk 2), Concussion Grenade (Mk 3), Defoliant Grenade (Mk 3), Mindspike Grenade (Mk 3), Antigravity Grenade (Mk 3), Barbed Shrapnel Grenade (Mk 3), Concussion Grenade (Mk 4), Defoliant Grenade (Mk 4), Mindspike Grenade (Mk 4), Antigravity Grenade (Mk 4), Barbed Shrapnel Grenade (Mk 4), Mindspike Grenade (Mk 5), Antigravity Grenade (Mk 5), Concussion Grenade (Mk 5), Toothblade (Nanoserrated), Rift Rifle (Pinhole), Vortex Rifle (Pulse), Crystal Spear (Sentinel), Vortex Rifle (Surge), Lumenstaff (Tactical), Toothblade (Tactical), Crystal Spear (Tactical), Toothblade (Ultraserrated ), Rift Rifle (Wormhole), Crystal Spear (Zero-edge)

Feats [16]

Alien Herbalism, Bird’s Eye View, Borrowed Vitality, Cultural Chameleon, Dive Bomb, Effortless Aerobatics, Free Runner, Friends in Low Places, Improved Dive Bomb, Silt Shield, Steady Flier, Strafe, Street Racer, Street Smarts, Urbanist, Wind Shield

Rules [165]

Accord, Accord And Skill Checks, Add Secrets To The Setting, Adventure And Encounter Design, Airborne, Airborne Adventurers, Airborne Rules And Reference, Airborne Toolbox, Airborne Worlds, Alignment, Alignment Entries, Analyzing System Data, Aquatic, Aquatic Adventurers, Aquatic Rules And References, Aquatic Toolbox, Aquatic Worlds, Arctic, Arctic Adventurers, Arctic Rules And Reference, Arctic Toolbox, Arctic Worlds, Backgrounds, Biome Subsections, Building Worlds, Campaign Design, Chaotic Evil, Chaotic Good, Chaotic Neutral, Create The Pcs’ Home Base, Cyberpunk, Deeper Secrets, Desert, Desert Adventurers, Desert Rules And Reference, Desert Toolbox, Desert Worlds, Downtime Activities, Drift Encounters Toolbox, Enhanced or Impeded Magic, Example: Alqet Adventures, Example: Alqet Campaigns, Example: Alqet Encounters, Example: Back to Alqet, Example: The Alqet Setting, Expand Your Setting, Exploration From Orbit, Exploration System, Exploring the Galaxy, Finding Gravity Wells, Forest, Forest Adventurers, Forest Rules And Reference, Forest Toolbox, Forest Worlds, Galaxy Exploration, Good and Evil, Hard Science Fiction, Hexploration Activities, Hexploration Map, High Accord, High Magic, High Religion, High Science Fantasy, High Technology, Infinite Worlds, Law and Chaos, Lawful Evil, Lawful Good, Lawful Neutral, Leadership System, Low Accord, Low Magic, Low Religion, Low Technology, Magic, Marsh, Marsh Adventurers, Marsh Rules And Reference, Marsh Toolbox, Marsh Worlds, Medium Accord, Medium Magic, Medium Religion, Medium Technology, Military, Modify Existing Material, Mountain, Mountain Adventurers, Mountain Rules And Reference, Mountain Toolbox, Mountain Worlds, Neutral, Neutral Evil, Neutral Good, Npc Toolbox, Npcs In Sandbox Campaigns, Organization Npcs, Organizations, Parallel Worlds, Perform Recon, Plains, Plains Adventurers, Plains Rules And Reference, Plains Toolbox, Plains Worlds, Planetary Anomalies, Planetary Survival, Postapocalyptic, Random Encounters, Religion, Religion And Skill Checks, Sandbox Adventures, Science And Fantasy In Your Setting, Sensor Modifiers, Setting Design, Settlement Toolbox, Space, Space Adventurers, Space Rules And Reference, Space Toolbox, Space Western, Space Worlds, Starship Systems, Starship Toolbox, Step 1: Home World, Step 1: World Type, Step 2: Gravity And Atmosphere, Step 2: Major Event, Step 3: Biomes, Step 3: Influential Associate, Step 4: Cultural Attributes, Step 4: Party Relationships, Step 5: Finishing Touches, Subgenres, Subterranean, Subterranean Adventurers, Subterranean Rules And Reference, Subterranean Toolbox, Subterranean Worlds, Survival, Switching out of Hexploration, System Exploration, Tech Categories, Technology, The Alignment System, The Deck Of Many Worlds, Time Travel, Toolboxs, Travel, Treasure Toolbox, Urban, Urban Adventurers, Urban Rules And Reference, Urban Toolbox, Urban Worlds, Using Alignment, Using Organizations, Weird, Weird Adventurers, Weird Inhabitants, Weird Rules And Reference, Weird Toolbox, Weird Worlds, World Exploration

Spells [8]

Cairn Form, Control Winds, Extra Sense, Starwalk, Tectonic Shift, Uncanny Eruption, Void Whispers, Wonder Warp

Starship - Sensors [2]

Sensor Drones, System-Wide Sensors

Vehicles [3]

Combat Sandrail, Hogback, Rally Jammer